Top 10 Best Computer Speakers in India 2017

Top 10 Best Computer Speakers in India 2017
Updated on 22-06-2017

Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

“Reh Jayenge Pyaare Tere Bol”

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Why it makes a lot of sense to choose from the Top 10 Best Computer Speakers in India in 2017?

Computer speakers can add a great dimension to your home computer experience. If you choose good speakers with crisp, clear and high fidelity sound, you get a whole lot more out of listening to music, watching movies or playing computer games. It will add a whole new world of audio entertainment to your computer experience.

Have a quick look at a few of the top bestselling computer speakers right now:

Here you will find those computer speakers that have been bought the most in 2017 in India. Just like hit movies, songs and books, these computer speakers too have been selected by the number of times people have bought them. When more and more people buy a computer speaker, it becomes a bestseller. It will not be a bestseller unless it has all the qualities of a hit item – it is high quality, delivers value for money and is long lasting.

When you choose from Top 10 Best Computer Speakers in India in 2017, you get to pick from the very best.

You get all the best computer speakers neatly lined up for you to choose from. All you have to do is check which computer speaker fits into your budget, then you can buy it with the confidence that you are getting a high quality market tested computer speaker.

In this list of Top 10 Best computer speakers in India in 2017, you will find those computer speakers that have been bought online more times than any other computer speakers in the category.

There is a variety of computer speakers because people have different budgets, but within the category, it is these computer speakers that are selling again and again. When it comes to choosing a computer speaker, you should go with what has been trusted and purchased by the most Indians, hundreds and thousands of times.

India’s smartest buyers choose those computer speakers that have been chosen by the most people.

Go ahead and save your time and effort by picking the best from You will definitely get something of value that will bring you hours and hours of pleasure.

Pick one from the list below, and choose a computer speaker that has been endorsed by the world.

How to choose the right computer speakers – Best computer speakers in India

Compatibility with devices, audio input options and Bluetooth

When you buy computer speakers keep in mind that you may want to use your speakers with more than just your computer. You may want to connect the speakers to your smartphone, tablet, iPod, DVD player or even you TV.

Also you may have audio inputs from different sources. Thus it makes sense to see how compatible the speakers are with different audio and video deices. Also check what kind of audio input options it has. An RCA jack and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input will let you connect the speakers to music players, gaming consoles, DVD players and iPods. Some other audio input options are through SD card and USB port.

Bluetooth compatibility is another factor that you should consider. If you want to stream music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly, then Bluetooth is a must.

Too many speakers may not be the right thing for you

A 2.1 speaker system with a subwoofer and a left and right speakers is usually good enough to enjoy most of the things you do on your computer, like watching a movie, playing games or listening to music. The option of a surround sound speaker system with 5 or more speakers works best when you are sure of the room shape and size , where you will put the speakers and are looking to enjoy high quality audio from your computer.

Another point with speakers is that, they get upgraded pretty fast, so you should not go and blindly buy the most expensive speakers. First assess your needs and then make a balanced choice. Also a nice addition would be a remote control for the speakers and separate volume and bass controls. Sometimes reducing the bass becomes important when you are staying in a community where noise can travel and disturb other people.

Wattage of the speakers and portability

Speakers with high wattage will deliver a louder sound but it may not mean a better sound. Read the specifications carefully before going for high wattage computer speakers, as at high volumes and high bass, many speakers distort and spoil the sound.

Another important point to consider is whether you plan to move your computer speakers around a lot or you plan to keep them at the same place for a long period of time. If you like to keep moving your speakers or are likely to change rooms or houses, then get computer speakers that are light and easy to move around and designed to be portable.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Redgear Mini 2.0 USB Speakers (Black)
  • 6W RMS speakers for high quality sound
  • Volume control
  • 4 ohm speakers
  • Input Sensitivity: 400mV
  • Frequency Response: 1.5kHz to 20KHz
SaleBestseller No. 2
iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers, Black
1597 Reviews
iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers, Black
  • Ultra-Portable and elegant design. Compatible with PC, Laptop and Tablet.
  • Good quality stereo speaker with USB power
  • Deliver clear and detailed sound with volume controller
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz - 20kHz, Output RMS Power: 4W RMS max.
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms, Power: USB
SaleBestseller No. 3
Intex IT-850U 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers
639 Reviews
Intex IT-850U 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers
  • 2.1 channel speakers, Power Output 10W + 3W x 2
  • AUX audio input compatible with DVD/PC/TV
  • Rotary type Volume control and Power indicator LED
  • Power Supply USB 5V/DC
  • 1 Year Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 4
Zebronics Prime 2 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black)
112 Reviews
Zebronics Prime 2 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black)
  • 2.0 multimedia speakers with 2W x 2 RMS output power
  • These two speaker cab be connected to your laptop,desktop or smartphone via the 3.5mm audio jack
  • Power input is DC 5V via USB
  • Volume control
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz to 20kHz
Bestseller No. 5
Zebronics ZEB-S300 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speakers
75 Reviews
Zebronics ZEB-S300 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speakers
  • Power input: AC 220V
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAH
  • Output Power: 3W RMS
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz to 20KHz
SaleBestseller No. 6
Creative Multimedia 2.0 Speaker SBS A50
426 Reviews
Creative Multimedia 2.0 Speaker SBS A50
  • The A50 is powered by USB and delivers quality sounding audio for your notebook or desktop PC via its 3.5mm stereo jack that ensures audio connectivity across a wide range of devices.
  • A USB port is all it takes to power up the A50. Simply plug it to your computer - no power adapter needed!
  • Designed with a built-in bass port, the A50 gives you extended bass for your music while taking up minimal space on your desk.
  • The 3.5mm stereo jack gives you audio connectivity to a wide array of audio devices.
  • The ON/OFF button and volume control are conveniently located on the right satellite for easy access.
Bestseller No. 7
iball Decor 9 Computer Multimedia Speaker
53 Reviews
iball Decor 9 Computer Multimedia Speaker
  • Metallic front grill
  • Ultra-Portable and elegant design
  • High quality Stereo speaker with USB Power
  • Delivers clear and detailed sound
  • With Volume Controller
SaleBestseller No. 8
Intex IT-2616SUF-OS 4.1 Computer Multimedia Speakers
613 Reviews
Intex IT-2616SUF-OS 4.1 Computer Multimedia Speakers
  • 4.1 channel multimedia speakers
  • Compatible with USB, SD and FM
  • Aux input compatible with DVDs, PCs and LCD TVs
  • Fully functional remote control
  • Rotary volume and bass control
SaleBestseller No. 9
Intex IT-320w Computer 2.0 Multimedia Speaker
  • Frequency Response : 200Hz - 18KHz.Sensitivity : <500mV
  • Power Supply : AC 220V /50Hz. 2.0 Channel multimedia speaker accompanying for PC, MP3, MP4 and notebook.Rotary type Volume control.Magnetic Shielding speakers do not interfere with monitor display.Attractive LED indicator for power on/off status
  • Small sized design, easy to carry.Possibility to merge into one soundbar.Front Headphone output
  • Excellent stereo audio output.Pure and elegant sound quality with unsurpassed effect
  • Details are available in an user manual. So, please follow the attached manual.
Bestseller No. 10
Quantum Mini Speaker (Red)
  • Electronics

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