Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks in India 2017

"Selfie Le Le Re"

Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks in India 2016

How to choose a Selfie Stick – best selfie sticks in India

Since you are on this page, we are assuming that you know what selfie-sticks are. However, what is important before buying one is checking out and understanding the main features of a selfie stick. That is what will help you to choose the right one for yourself. So here they are:

Compatibility of your phone and the selfie stick mounting mechanism

This is usually not a problem with the common sizes of mobile phones. If your phone is a larger than normal one, then you may need to carefully check whether the mounting mechanism of the selfie stick will be able to clamp on to your phone or not. Most selfie sticks come with a clamp that can be adjusted to hold your phone in a horizontal position. The clamp has rubber around it so that it does not scratch the phone, and holds it quite firmly. Most of the clamps can be swiveled around and have almost a 180 degree rotation capability. You should make sure that the clamp has the option to be rotated and moved around so that you get enough flexibility to take your selfie from different angles.

Actual length of the stick

All selfie sticks collapse to a length of about 8 inches or so for easy portability and to easily pack it into bags. The full length that they extend to is about 30 inches. It is important that you get one which has an appropriate extended length. There are selfie sticks that expand to up to 40 inches or more, and they allow you to take wider more panoramic shots of your background. Just make sure you get one with the right length as per your needs.

How you take the photo – wired selfie or Bluetooth selfie?

There are two ways in which you take a photo or record a video with a selfie-stick. The first and more common option is a wire that runs along the length of the selfie stick ending with a typical headphone jack. You plug the jack into the headphone port of your phone, and on clicking the button on the handle of the selfies stick the camera of the phone takes a photo, or the video recording starts. You also have a Bluetooth option. Here the selfie stick comes with a button sized Bluetooth device or the Bluetooth built-in with a button on the handle and a charging port also there on the handle, which you need to synch with your smartphone and then click to take a photo or start recording in your phone’s camera. Both options are fine, the wired option merely requires you to plug in the jack and you are good to go, while the Bluetooth one requires synching and also changing the battery when the original battery is used up. The wired option is easier but when you record video it will not allow recording of the sound as the headphone port is used by the jack (though you can change the settings and overcome this small issue). The Bluetooth option requires Bluetooth synching, charging and battery changes.

The make and quality of the selfie stick

Though all selfies sticks are built to easily hold a smartphone at the end of a three to four feet stick, you should still make sure that the build is solid. Your selfie stick must be sturdy and steady with a smartphone clamped at one end. Also, you should ideally choose one that is lightweight and sturdy. The quality of the handle and grip is also important. It should have a non-slip comfortable grip, and the button should be conveniently placed. As far as the style and looks go, there are selfies sticks that come in a variety of colours and styles, so see a few before making a choice.

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Go ahead, choose a selfie stick that the world trusts.

Bestseller No. 1
Skyleo Global Selfie Stick with an Universal Phone Holder and Wireless Remote Shutter works via a Free Application auto bluetooth sync via App . Feature to Toggle Between Front & Back Camera with a Click of a Button on the Remote (color may vary )
  • MUST READ BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE: Skyleo Global is our brand and we haven't authorised other sellers to sell under our brand name. All other sellers using Skyleo Global name are doing so without prior permission and we will not be liable for the quality of those products, also our service and quality assurances will not be applicable on those products. TO BE ASSURED OF YOUR PURCHASE SELECT SKYLEO GLOBAL FROM THE SELLER LIST. IT SHOULD BE MENTIONED SOLD & FULFILLED BY SKYLEO GLOBAL .
  • Ideal for group selfies photos, comes along with universal mobile phone attachment
  • Now click excellent selfies, just pack monopod with wireless shutter whenever you travel
  • The perfect extendable selfie stick. This stick is prefect for taking self-portrait and it also includes a remote control for your phone. It is suitable for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and also for Samsung, HTC or other Andriod phones.
  • One person from your Group now Need not Miss being in the Group Photos to click the snaps
SaleBestseller No. 2
iVoltaa Next Gen Compact Selfie Stick Wired for iPhone and Android
  • Selfies are more than just a trend. There may be times you'd find yourself in an amazing place or situation and there's no one else to take a photo of you in it. Take snapshots of these memories with you in it with these Mobile Selfie Accessories.
  • Perfect for those who travel especially on their own, these Mobile Selfie Accessories lets you take these selfie photos with ease.
  • You may also use these accessories in video diaries or blogs, when you're hiking or camping, weddings, parties, the beach, concerts, aerial photos, sports events and so much more.
  • The best part is great handy device for taking photos anywhere without asking another person, you may take group photos with all of your friends-no one really has to miss the shot because he had to be the one to take the photo. You could all be in it with these Mobile Selfie accessories.
  • Compatible with most smartphones, including Android and Apple.
Bestseller No. 3
Photron Wired Cable Selfie Stick Monopod SLF150, Plug & Play, No Battery, No Bluetooth, No Charging
  • Plug and Play Ready to use, no Bluetooth, no charging, no Wifi. Just plug it into the audio port of the phone and snap away.
  • NO App Required & No need to connect Bluetooth, plug into 3.5mm earphone jack and click!
  • 180 Degree Ball head, fully adjustable and extendable upto 40 Inches! Universal Phone Holder suitable for multiple devices upto 3.5" Width
  • Portable, Lightweight, Easy to carry and Use. 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Bestseller No. 5
CLASSYTEK Selfie Stick mini with Aux cable for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, No bluetooth & No charging required (Color may vary)
  • CLASSYTEK Selfie Stick mini with Aux cable for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, No bluetooth & No charging required (Color may vary)
  • Easy to use Easy to carry, adjustable Selfie stick monopod
  • No need to charge, no hassle of connecting through
  • Campiatable with all smartphones & Iphone
  • Disclaimer: Product may slightly change in photography or as per market availability but quality, pattern and purpose are fulfilled 100 percent
SaleBestseller No. 6
Shopizone Mini Selfie Stick Monopod with Aux Cable for Apple iPhone, All Android Smartphones No Bluetooth, No Charging required (Assorted Colors)
  • Universal Extendable Mini Selfie Stick Wired Handheld Self-portrait Monopod Holder
  • Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle 270 degree rotating
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to carry Plug in and play Non-slip handle
  • Compatible with Android 4.2.2 or above and iOS 5.01 or above
  • Quick spin knob for fast and secure mounting
Bestseller No. 7
Unifree Selfie Stick-mini with Aux cable for Iphone, Android, window phone, No bluetooth, No charging required (assorted Colors)
  • Easy to use. This product uses 3.5mm audio cable to connect with photo device. For photo-taking, what you need is just to press button on selfie stick and you do not need Bluetooth.
  • Plug and play. Plug 3.5mm audio cable into earphone hole of your device and press button to take photo. As convenient as you can wildly imagine.
  • No need to wait for battery-charging. You can use this product anywhere anytime. You do not need to wait for battery-charging as there is no battery at all
  • Broadly compatible. This product works perfect with Android system above 4.2.2 ( In case it does not work, please download App "Camera 360" ) and IOS system above 5.0.1 ( No App needed )
  • Strong & Durable. With notch design on each stage of stick, this product is strong and durable. It holds your device firmly when photo-taking.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Unifree Compact Pocket Size Selfie Stick Wired for iPhone and Android Locust Aux Cable Monopod Premium Series buy from unifree enterprise only other are not genuine seller
  • For iphone 4 4s 5 5s 6 6plus , it can use directly. Do need any seting or App.
  • For the following Android smart phone: For Samsung note2/3,S4,S5 ,G7109,G3588 For Coolpad Dazen Series For Xiaomi For Sony Z series For Huawei P6 P7 3X 3C Mate 2 G730 please set volume botton +/- of your phone to take photos.For other Android smart phone which system Above 4.2.2, try to install an APP camera360
  • Length of extension:235-1005mm
  • Color:Black Blue Rose Green Gold
SaleBestseller No. 10
DMG Selfie Stick Wired + Foldable Mini Monopod with Rubber grip for Android Smartphones and iPhones (Multi-colour)
  • Fashion Design: The most popular and fashion selfie stick,utral lightweight and convenient to carry. Only 7.28 inches, put it in your pocket and backpack, take it to anywhere you go travel.
  • Built-in shutter, No need charging, No need external battery,Apply to IOS 5.0 above system,andriod 4.2 above system.
  • Easy to Use: Built-in shutter, just plug connect cable to AUX output of your phone and you can make selfies right away. No need charging, no need external battery. Aply to IOS 5.0 above system,and andriod 4.2 above system. Fit almost all Apple iPhones /Samsung Galaxy cellphones /Most Android 4.2+ smartphones /Compact cameras /iPod Touch and all popular camera apps.
  • Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick: 78 cm maximum length allow you capture more scenery.
  • Please Note :- Random colour will be shipped in accordance to the availability

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