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10 Best Free Kundli Matching By Date Of Birth – Get Online Kundali Matching Done Free

10 best Free Kundli Matching by date of birth – get online kundali matching done free

Kundli matching and the ancient mathematical science of astrology

Matching the kundalis of the boy and the girl by date of birth before marriage is an absolute necessity before going ahead with a marriage. The ancient science of astrology which has been around for thousands of years sees an enormous amount of value in matching kundlis to ensure that there is compatibility between the bride and the groom in their temperament, physicality, spirituality, prosperity, friendship, ancestry, mentality, health, understanding and much more.

Astrology is a field of study that is based on calculations and in kundali matching too there are calculations done, according to certain aspects that need to be matched between the boy and the girl. These aspects of compatibility are called the kootas, and there are eight of them, thus they are called ashtakootas. Within these kootas there are further sub-aspects called guna, and there are a total of 36 gunas.

The 36 gunas that are matched between the bride and the groom

The kundali matching is done to ensure that out of the 36 gunas there is a minimum number of matching points. Each matching aspect is given one point and if there are a minimum of 18 points or gunas, then the marriage is feasible. The astrological basis is kundali matching by date of birth, and the place of birth and other details.

The gunas calculated for a couple are interpreted in this way –

Less than 18 gunas – the couple are incompatible

18-24 gunas – the compatibility of the couple is acceptable though average

25-32 gunas – This means it is a very good match

Above 32 gunas – This means the bride and groom are ideally matched and are very similar in all aspects

The main aspects or the kootas in kundli matching

The main aspects or kootas are eight in number and are Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi.

Let us take a quick look at each of the kootas.

This is the spiritual and ego compatibility of the couple.

This is about the force of personality or who will be the dominant between the two.

This measures the health, well being and longevity of the couple.

This is the aspect of biological compatibility and sexual equation of the couple.

This guna looks into the domestic compatibility of the couple, their friendship and companionship.

This is a measure of the temperaments and mental natures of the couple.

This is a measure of the financial success of the couple.

This is about genetic compatibility and well being of off-springs.

Top 10 Best Free Kundli Matching by dated of birth websites for online kundali matching

There are many kundli matching service available online, and several free online matching websites. The free kundali matching is aimed at giving the bride and the groom a general idea of their compatibility. It is like a step which will aid in getting a overall picture of the compatibility of the couple. These online kundali matching results are very helpful for the first look at the compatibility of the couple.

If it does not bring up anything that indicates a serious problem, then a more detailed kundali matching can be done by going to an actual astrologer or taking a paid service.

Without much ado, here the top 10 best free kundli matching services that you can use. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can try a few of them to see if the results are similar or differ.

The kundali matching that is done online is very easy to do as it only requires the basic information about the boy and the girl. To do online kundali matching you will need the following information about the boy and the girl.

Information needed about the couple for online kundli matching

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

If you have this information ready with you, you can go to any one of the sites listed below to get a free report on the kundali matching of the boy and the girl. Many sites provide kundali matching by name and date of birth too.

However, some websites may ask some more information but in general this is the information you need to do an online kundali matching. Some websites also offer the option of using differing systems of free janam kundali milan for marriage from the Ashtakoota system to Kerala system to Tamil system.

#1 Free Kundli Matching at
Thsi is one of the leading astrology website in India and you can visit the free kundali matching page at

#2 Free Kundli Matching at
Another great resource for astrology, the free kundali matching resource is at

#3 Free Kundli Matching at
Askganesha is one of the better known Indian websites related to astrology, the kundali matching is available at

#4 Free Kundli Matching at
Akashvani is a website dedicated to providing great astrology advise and resources. You can visit the main page at

#5 Free Kundli Matching at
Drikpachang is another useful resource worth visiting, for the kundli matching and more. Find their kundli matching page at

#6 Free Kundli Matching at (
This is one of India’s biggest matrimonial websites and is an enormous repository of profiles of would be brides and grooms. It is only natural for them to provide a kundali matching service. Their free online kundali matching service has the option of just directly feeding in your existing profile or doing it independently.

#7 Free Kundli Matching at
Onlinejyotish as teh name suggest provide online astrology services. Visit this page for the free kundli service

#8 Free Kundli Matching at
Another top astrology website, Birthastro provides a free kundli matching service at

#9 Free Kundli Matching at
The website of a known astrologer Prem astrologer, it also offers free kundali matching at

#10 Free Kundli Matching at
Mukundali is all about kundalis and their minutest details, this website has a free kundali matching page at

These are great website to match kundalis online for free. However if you want to do a more thorough matching and get into the absolute details and take out accurate and detailed calculations in Kundli matching and all astrological tasks, then you need to take a look at the best astrology software in India. This list of India's est astrology software also include the best kundali software.

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