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Top 10 Best Adult Diapers In India 2019

Top 10 Best Adult Diapers in India 2019

  • Updated on August 13, 2018
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India's Best Adult Diapers and how to choose them

Updated on September 17, 2019

Adult diapers are a necessity for many. They solve a problem that many might face for reasons ranging from age to disease to injury. There is no need to hesitate about using them, as they can hugely improve the quality of life.

When you get on in age or due to any other problems you may have, you may need adult diapers, and that is nothing unusual or embarrassing. It is life and you have to get the best solution for it, and adult diapers are a discreet and effective solution.

Adult diapers can make your daily life, social outings and in fact everything, much better. Whether it is for a loved one who is a senior or someone who needs extra care, you will agree that one of the most important considerations with adult diapers is comfort and discretion. Good adult diapers will give protection and should be wearable for many hours at a stretch.

Top 10 Best Adult Diapers in India

These adult diapers featured in the list below are the best selling in India and have been ranked according to their popularity. If you choose from the top 10 best Adult Diapers in India, you will get a great brand and a very good prize.

You can now buy a high quality, value for money and long lasting adult diaper online, by choosing from the list below. 

Go ahead make a smart choice now, and save your time and money.

India's best sellers - Top 10 Best Adult Diapers



Friends Underpads Premium - Large (Pack of 10)
214 Reviews
Friends Underpads Premium - Large (Pack of 10)
  • Friends Underpads are specially crafted to respect your skin
  • Premium Ultrathin Underpads Unisex Changing Mats Soft & Super Absorbency - Size 60 X 90 Cm. Soft...
  • Anti-Bacterial Super Absorbency Polymer Ensure Comfortable dry and clean surface. With Gel Technology -...
  • Suitable for Home Care of Incontinence Patients, Post maternity and post-surgery patients & Hospitals and...
  • CAUTION - Regularly change the soiled under pad to ensure best care for the user. USAGE - Unfold and...


Friends Adult Diaper (Easy) - Medium (10 Count)
587 Reviews
Friends Adult Diaper (Easy) - Medium (10 Count)
  • Unisex - Equally comfortable for men and women alike. Super Absorbent Gel Core - Quickly locks fluids...
  • FRIENDS Adult Diapers come's with Wetness Indicator - Medium Waist Size (28"- 44" Inch)(71.12 - 111.76...
  • Flexible Leak Guards avoids spills or leakages from the sides. Frontal Tape highlights the area to tape...
  • Anti-Bacterial absorbent core ensures triple protection against odour, leak and moisture. Keep's you dry...
  • Frontal Tape highlights the area to tape the diaper. Protects up to 8 hours against moderate bladder...


Friends Adult Diaper (Basic) - Large (10 Count)
587 Reviews
Friends Adult Diaper (Basic) - Large (10 Count)
  • Unisex - Equally comfortable for men and women alike. Super Absorbent Gel Core - Quickly locks fluids...
  • FRIENDS Adult Diapers come's with Wetness Indicator - Large Waist Size (38"- 60" Inch)(96.52 - 152.40 Cm)...
  • Flexible Leak Guards avoids spills or leakages from the sides. Frontal Tape highlights the area to tape...
  • Anti-Bacterial absorbent core ensures triple protection against odour, leak and moisture. Keep's you dry...
  • Frontal Tape highlights the area to tape the diaper. Protects up to 8 hours against moderate bladder...


Friends Adult Pullups - Medium to Large (10 Count)
696 Reviews
Friends Adult Pullups - Medium to Large (10 Count)
  • An Underwear-like Waistband - Provides a snug fit and looks like regular underwear. Blue Elastic on the...
  • Premium Adult Pull Ups - Pant Style Underwear - Size Medium to Large Waist Size (25.6"- 39.4" Inch) & (65...
  • Protect Right Where you need it the most - With an Absorb-lovk core and worry-free odour control
  • Brief-like Leg Opening - Helps protect against leakage and provide snug comfort like underwear
  • Tear open from Easy-Open-Side after use for disposal.It has Waist Elastic,High Absorbency long last Up to...

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How to choose the best adult diaper for your needs

So, incontinence is a problem. No big deal really. You have to take these things in your stride and go with the flow as you grow older. With the right mindset and a little help from products like adult diapers, you can live absolutely happily without needing to give this hindrance any thought at all. Whether you yourself are suffering from this problem, or someone you care about needs a little help in this, you can choose the right adult diaper and greatly reduce the trouble and challenges incontinence can bring.

Just to make things absolutely clear, adult diapers are disposable and are very similar to baby diapers. So, don't worry, we all know that life is a cycle and we get back to becoming happy babies 🙂

In adult diapers, there are side fasteners. Since they are on the sides, they are very easy to change in any position, whether sitting, standing or lying down. Not wanting to get into the full details of your problem, we just want you to know that these diapers work for mild or heavy urine related problems, they are also effective in case the problem is with bed wetting or for fecal incontinence. Everything is covered, so no worries.

Here is what you need to look for when you are deciding which brand or type of adult diapers you will buy.

The right size of adult diapers for old age or in any other condition

Simply put, if the fit is not good, then there will be leakage from the adult diapers. That means getting the size right is important. Most of the adult diaper brands have sizes according to the waist size of the person. So you need the correct hip or waist circumference measurement to find the right size. When you have the waist circumference measurement with you, look at the sizing charts of each brand of adult diapers, and you will know the best size for you.

You must make a note here, that different adult diapers brands have different sizing charts, so look at each brand's charts separately and carefully. The right waist measurement is important, or else you will get the wrong size diapers and they will either leak of be too uncomfortable to wear. Frankly, when you start out to buy adult diapers, you may get the sizes off a little bit, Don't worry, once you get the right size, then you will not have to worry about it again. A few wrong purchases is alright to find the best adult diapers for yourself.

Find out what the material of the adult diapers is

In essence there are two kinds of material that are used to make adult diapers, plastic or breathable material. Both have different pros and cons. The plastic one is more leak proof and the one used more commonly. The breathable one is more comfortable, enables airflow and is discrete. It is your choice as to go in for the plastic one or the breathabel one, but generally the plastic ones will give better protection against leakage, and are a good option for the night. The breathable ones are thinner and allow air flow and also offer greater comfort.

If you are planning to go outside then you can choose the the breathable option, as comfort is important when there is going to be more movement and going from one place to another. It is a good idea to have both options with you and you can choose either depending on what you are planning to do that day.

How absorbent is the adult diaper

Different adult diapers have different levels of absorbency. Some absorb less fluid and other hold much more. A full night diaper is the most absorbent, and this should be your choice if your habit is to empty large volumes of urine. It is a simple matter of choosing the absorbency according to your urinating habits, frequency and amount. The super absorbent varieties hold up to 10 cups of liquid, and the less absorbent ones hold a significantly lesser amount.

How well does the diaper control odour

There are diapers with extra odour control features. If the diaper is going to be worn for a longer period you can choose adult diapers with special odour control qualities.

Keep these points in mind when choosing your adult diapers. You should also know that you may make a few mistakes before you find one that is just right, so don't worry about that. Now, have a good look at the best adult diapers in India, in the list above, and start your search for the right one for yourself.

3 good overnight diapers for adults - Reviews of Adult Diapers in India

1. Friends Adult Inserts

overnight diapers for adults

The Friends brand for adult diapers is well known all over the world. They have been in the business of creating adult diapers for many years, and are one of the leaders. The Friends Adult diapers are definitely reliable and trustworthy. The Friends Adult Inserts give excellent comfort that is not easily found in other adult diapers. They are effective as overnight diapers of adults, and for day wear. One advantage of these adult diapers is that they are once size fits all, and also it is the same for me and women. This takes away a lot of the problems with wrong and uncomfortable sizing and fitting. A very good choice for anyone who needs good quality and effective adult diapers for men or women.


  • They come with a soft lining feature which is helpful for dry skin
  • The construct features full adhesive tabs that are quite secure
  • Since the brand Friends is well know and trusted, they will definitely be of a good quality


  • The advantage of one size fits all
  • Value for money with a price is in the affordable range
  • Can be used by both genders
  • The special soft lining makes it comfortable for longer periods of wear and overnight wear
  • It has an absorbent core
  • Added security of full adhesive tabs


  • This is a single time use adult diaper and cannot be reused (If you are looking for a reusable overnight underwear for mild incontinence, then you can have a look at H&Y Reusable Men's Incontinence Underwear)
  • For some elderly people with mobility issues, this might require assistance to wear
  • These diapers do not have wings that provide extra security from leakage
  • If the adult needs to do a lot of activity with the lower body portion then the diapers may prove to be somewhat uncomfortable
  • Absorbency level is not as high as some of the most absorbent adult diapers

2. Wetex Nova Adult Diapers

wetex nova adult diapers overnight use

This premium adult diapers pack has a pack of 10 disposable adult diapers. Wetex Nova diapers are designed to keep adults feeling fresh all the time which also goes a long way in preventing any kind of infection. It has an anti-bacterial layer which does several things, it reduces the chances of infection, protects sensitive skin and also ensures that the diaper remains odour free. These diapers come with leg cuffs which enable a higher degree of mobility. Since it is a disposable diaper, you will need to change it, and that is a part and parcel of this high quality Wetex Nova adult diaper.


  • These adult diapers have special re-fastenable tapes on the sides
  • They come with leg cuffs
  • They have an anti-bacterial protective layer


  • These diapers come with a protective anti-bacterial layer
  • They are latex free
  • The anti-bacterial layers protects sensitive skin
  • A construct which has specialized linking high speed channels, makes sure that the liquid spreads fast and uniformly, thus keeping the surface drier
  • An ADL layer distributes the fluid uniformly, which filters down into the SAP layer
  • The leg cuffs of these diapers provide extra support
  • These diapers are made to be odour free
  • Since the sides of the diapers have refastenable tapes, they are highly adjustable
  • The material of the diaper is soft and comfortable, as it is made from a non-woven fiber
  • It is available in a variety of sizes


  • If you have dry skin then these diapers may become uncomfortable after a while

3. Kare In Adult Underpads

kare in adult underpads india

Kar In has made adult diapers that are ranked amongst the highest sellers in India. Kar In is a reliable brand that develops adult diapers that are affordable yet there is no compromise in quality. Essentially you get the same care and quality at a lower cost with Kare In. The adult diapers also focus on delivering extra comfort. Since they are waterproof and absorb for a long period of time, they are ideal as overnight adult diapers.

The absorbence of the Kare In adult diapers is very efficient and high, but if you move about while sleeping, the insert may shift causing inconvenience.


  • This unique Kare In adult Underpad works like a bed sheet
  • The main top layer is of a quilted material that make them very comfortable
  • They are waterproof and long absorbent


  • They cost less than the other brands
  • It allows for consistent absorption and comfort thanks to its Super Absorbent Padding


  • This adult underpad cannot be used all the time
  • They may get uncomfortable if you move about while sleeping
  • One problem is that you may not get 100% protection from leakage
  • You may need to be a little more cautious than normal with an adult underpad

Adult Swim Diapers - best in India

If you want to enjoy a swim and cannot because of an incontinence problem or because you need to use an adult diaper, then your problems will be solved by the adult swim diapers.

These are specially designed to allow you to swim in a public swimming pool without needing to worry about anything. Here is a closer look at one of the best Adult swim diapers available to buy in India.

Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper

adult swim diaper india

The Kiefer adult swim diaper has been designed to help people with incontinence enjoy a swim in a swimming pool. If you want to enjoy a swim but have been unable to, then you should go in for these adult swim diapers. The diapers are designed in such a way that you can wear a regular swimsuit over it, and with these adult swim diapers on, you will soon forget that you have any problem at all. The Kiefer adult swim diapers allow for easier and better movement inside the swimming pool. It is a wonderful solution for anyone with incontinence who wishes to swim, but it is slightly expensive. However since you will not be using it all the time, it is a worthwhile investment to enjoy a swim in the pool. Also an important point to be noted is that these diapers are washable and reusable.


  • These diapers are waterproof
  • They are also stain resistant
  • The design of the adult swim diapers is of a trim fit allowing you to wear you swim suit over it


  • One of the biggest advantages is that these diapers are washable and reusable
  • They are lined with polyester
  • They are stain resistant
  • They can be worn under a swim suit or also by themselves
  • Allows for greater and easier movement in the pool due to the trim fit


  • Since it is a specialised diaper, it does not absorb liquid like the other diapers
  • You need to be careful about its size, and should ideally order one size larger
  • The warranty of these diapers is an issue as they are not applicable in India
  • It is quite expensive, but well worth the price if it enables you to enjoy swimming

Top 10 Best Adult Swim Diapers in India

These are the best adult swim diapers available to buy in India. They will enable you to swim without any worries, but are on the expensive side. Have a look at each adult swim diaper and see what will best suit your budget and need.

These are mostly manufactured outside India and that is why their prices are relatively higher.

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