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Review Of Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Google Chromecast 2 – Comparison Pros Cons

Review of Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Google Chromecast 2 – comparison pros cons

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Amazon Fire Stick India has arrived and it’s going head on with Google Chromecast 2

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has been launched recently, and the Google Chromecast 2 has been around for a while. They both essentially stream online content to your HD TV and allow you to watch movies, serials, videos and other content through web services like Netflix, Hotstar and a multitude of others.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Chromecast 2 – which one to choose

The big problem for those who are planning to buy a media streaming device, is which one of the two to choose. So here is a simple and clear cut comparison of the two done in a split page design, so that you can quickly compare each feature and then pick the one that works best for you.


Before we get into the comparisons let me tell you that both of them are very easily available on Amazon and Flipkart. Of course you will find the Amazon Fire TV Stick  on Amazon but not the Google Chromecast, however the Chromecast is there on Flipkart.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price/Cost in India
Rs. 3,999 with Rs. 450 cashback through Amazon Pay, if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Capabilities and What you can Watch
The Amazon Fire TV Stick plugs into an HD TV and connects to your wi fi and then lets you watch online content directly on your TV. The online content includes the following – Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Voot, Voot Kids, Airtel Movies, Gaana, Eros etc.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming Quality
Since the Amazon Fire TV Stick connects directly to your HD TV, the streaming quality is slightly better than the Chromecast 2. If you watch Amazon Prime Video through it, the streaming quality will be better than if you cast it from your mobile device through Chromecast.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote with Voice Commands
The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with its own remote that makes it very easy to switch between content and to select a show. Of course you have the added advantage of the Voice Command, that even recognizes Hindi words. For example you can directly say ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum’ into the remote and it will find the film. Similarly for any Bollywood, Hollywood or TV serial just saying the name will bring it up.

What’s Unique about Amazon Fire TV Stick
The Voice Command to search for content is unique about the Amazon Fire TV Stick and a huge advantage, that you realise only when you actually use it.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Specifications
MediaTek Quad-core ARM 1.3GHz processor | 1GB of RAM | Mali 450 MP4 GPU
Bluetooth 4.1 | Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi | 8GB internal storage
Dolby Audio, 5.1 surround sound | 2 channel stereo | HDMI audio up to 7.1 | 720p and 1080p resolutions | 60 frames per second.

Additional Offers on Amazon Fire TV Stick
Airtel will give Amazon Fire TV Stick buyers 100 GB FREE data on Airtel Broadband | YOU broadband will give 240 GB of FREE data |
Gaana will give 6 months of unlimited ad-free music streaming | Eros Now will give 3 months of free premium video membership | Voot and Voot Kids will give one month of ad-free content streaming

Google Chromecast 2

Google Chromecast 2 Price/Cost In India
Rs. 3,399 on Flipkart.

Google Chromecast 2 Basic Capabilities and What you can Watch
Google Chromecast 2 plugs into your HD TV, and enables you to cast whatever is on your mobile device on to the TV with god quality sound. Yu need an android device with the Chromecast App to cast to your HD TV. The online content you get to watch includes – Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, Voot, Voot Kids, Airtel Movies, Gaana, Eros etc. (doesn’t have Amazon Prime Video as a built in feature)

Google Chromecast 2 Streaming Quality
The streaming quality of Google Chromecast will be slightly lower than that of Amazon Prime simply because you are streaming what is coming on your mobile device on to your HD TV, whereas Amazon Fire TV Stick directly streams it on to your HD TV. As an example if you cast Amazon Prime Video on to your HD TV through Chromecast 2 then it will take a few seconds for the video to start on your TV screen.

Google Chromecast 2 with any Android Device
You need an Android Device to cast content on to your TV and then you have to use the android device as your remote, and for searching content. A small hitch is needing to unlock your phone for every change you want to do with the content. You will have to use the touch screen of the mobile device to search for content and then click the Cast button to see it on your HD TV.

What’s Unique about Google Chromecast 2
Since Chromecast 2 cats what is on your android device, you can play local content, like movies that you have downloaded into your mobile device etc.

Google Chromecast 2 Specifications
1.2GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A7 processor | 512MB of RAM | 256MB internal storage
802.11ac Wi-Fi | 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands | 1080p resolution | 2 channel stereo | Dolby Audio | 5.1 surround sound

Additional Offers on Google Chromecast 2
5% off on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Cards

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Verdict on Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Google Chromecast 2

If it comes down to ease and comfort of watching I will pick the Amazon Fire TV Stick over the Chromecast 2. The advantage of playing local content with Chromecast 2 is slightly negated with the fact that you do not usually store movies on your mobile device, though you can always use a laptop to stream.


As far as I am concerned I am sold on the Amazon Fire TV Stick – get it here. If you are inclined towards Google Chromecast 2, then check it out here.

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