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Top 10 Best Auto Clean Chimneys in India 2017


A little about Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys

If you are on this page you already know the advantages of a kitchen chimney or hood. These wonderful appliances suck away the smoke and smells of a typical Indian kitchen and leave the air clean and fresh. Another common problem in Indian kitchens is blackening of the walls and also items inside the kitchen because of the oil in the soot, which is a by-product of cooking Indian style with oils and masalas and pungent ingredients.

A well fitted good quality kitchen chimney will completely eliminate all of these problems. However, one of the painful chores involved with a kitchen chimney is the regular cleaning it requires, as the oils and soot and other material gets accumulated in the filters, and the filters have to be scrubbed and cleaned.

With a regular non auto clean chimney you have to actually open up the chimney, remove bulky parts, and then scrub the baffle or mesh filters one at a time. This cleaning and scrubbing is quite an intensive activity and requires a good amount of time.

An auto clean chimney completely eliminates the need to clean the filters, remove bulky parts from the chimney of worry about accumulated oil clogging the chimney. Read on to figure out what will be a good auto clean chimney to choose for your specific needs.

Why should you buy an auto clean chimney?

The kitchen chimneys are very useful. They keep the kitchen free of smoke and oil and odours, however cleaning them is a big chore. It is actually a time-consuming and tedious process. The auto clean chimney cleans itself with the press of a button and saves you all the hassle and time of cleaning your kitchen chimney. This is the biggest advantage of an auto clean chimney.

Auto Clean Chimney features – Just press a switch and auto clean

Since the auto clean chimney separates out the oil particle with its specialized technology the filter of the auto clean chimney does not get blocked as it happens in normal chimneys. This means that the auto clean chimney will work with better suction and therefore more effectively than normal chimneys as its filters will not be blocked.​

The auto clean chimney collects all the oil in the fumes and in the kitchen air in a separate container, which can be easily removed and cleaned and put back in. This is a great advantage and saves a lot of effort and time.​

The life span of auto clean chimneys is also more as the non-stick aluminium turbine blower inside it cleans off all oil and dust particles thereby increasing the life of its internal parts.​

The chimney filter does not need to be cleaned often as it remains relatively dirt free because of the way the auto cleaning chimney operates.​

Kitchen Chimney buying Pro Tip #1

The hood of the chimney you buy, should be at least as wide as the cooking area above which it will be installed.

Auto Clean Chimney Recommendations

After observing the trend of bestsellers, we feel that there are three auto clean chimneys that you can consider buying right now.

Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney

Currently one of the most popular auto clean kitchen chimneys is the Hindware Nevio 90 cms auto clean kitchen chimney. This chimney is robust and reliable and has been getting good reviews.​

The size of this chimney is 90 cms and the suction power is 1200 m3/hr which is reasonable for a regular Indian household kitchen. It comes with a 5 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on the product.​

It has a thermal auto clean feature, and with the press of a button the chimney auto cleans itself. All its controls are soft touch, giving the Chimney a sleek and clean look. It has a baffle filter that can be easily removed and cleaned under running water, and you can do this once a month or more for best performance. The stainless steel baffle filter facilitates all the oil and grease getting collected in the oil collector, and thus keeps the chimney clean and the air flow smooth.​

Most customers who bought the Hindware Nevio 90 cms chimney have found it to be a good and robust chimney that performs well. The one slight problem is during installation as the Hindware installation team takes too much time to install the chimneyHave a look at the specifications of the Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney below:

Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 90 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)
63 Reviews
Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 90 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)
  • Important:- Product might have a colour film on it for the protection purpose only. Actual product colour will be same as mentioned in specifications.
  • Size: 90 cm, Max Air Flow: 1100 m3/hr, which remove Smoke and Bad odour from your kitchen and give you a comfortable space while you are cooking.
  • Advanced THERMAL AUTO CLEAN TECHNOLOGY with Oil Collector Cup, to get rid of Greece, oil and sticky particles with just a soft touch push, resulting in enhancement of chimney's functionality
  • It comes with easy to clean and highly efficient Stainless Steel Baffle Filter.
  • Comes with 3 Speed Levels as per your cooking requirement.

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Sunflame Innova SS BF Auto Clean Chimney

Sunflame is an established brand that has been around for many years in India. The Sunflame brand is all about making life easier in every kitchen and every home of India. Sunflame creates appliances that are great in design and performance and make life more convenient and more fun for the entire family.​

The Sunflame Innova chimney is a part of their designer chimneys range and is a baffle filter chimney that has auto cleaning enabled. This chimney has high suction power, which is suitable even for larger kitchens. It's suction power is 1100 m3/hr.​

Other features of the Sunflame Innova Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney is feather touch buttons that facilitate smooth and easy operation of the chimney features. This chimney also has an auto start and shut off feature that automatically starts smoke and fumes absorption when cooking starts.​

The Sunflame Innova Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney is made completely from stainless steel and also has easy oil removal feature. It effectively absorbs grime and keeps the kitchen and smell smoke free.​

Here are the specifications of the Sunflame Innova Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney:

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney (Innova60AC, Silver)
14 Reviews
Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney (Innova60AC, Silver)
  • Air Flow: 1100 (m /h)
  • Finish: Stainless Steel and Glass
  • Controls:Feather Touch
  • Filter: Baffle Filter + Oil Collector
  • Lighting:2 X LED

Last update on March 5, 2018 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Kutchina Auto Clean Chimney​

Kutchina is a world class brand that offers high quality energy efficient products across Chimneys, Hobs, Dishwashers, Built-in Microwave Ovens, Built-in Ovens and Water Purifiers. Kutchina has expanded across India and has also entered in to the Modular Kitchen market.​

Kutchina's reasons for success are its energy-efficiency, low maintenance and advanced functional features like the pioneering Autoclean Technology in Kutchina Chimneys. Another strong factor is their strong after sales service, founded on company owned Service Centres, all across India with centralised Customer-care Centres availbale through toll free numbers. Kutchina also offers its customers free maintenance and assistance within 48 hours of enquiries.​

The Kutchina Auto Clean Opul Black Chimney is a filter-less auto clean chimney based on Kutchina's pioneering auto clean technology. This auto clean chimney has a blower and oil collectors, and a suction capacity of 700 m3/hr, which is sufficient for most Indian kitchens. The chimney has proved to be very effective in absorbing troublesome smoke, fumes and smells from the kitchen. The process of oil collection in Kutchina chimneys is based on 3 removable and washable oil collectors. The noise levels are also very low at just 52 dba, and makes for a quiet and efficient kitchen chimney.​

Not having oil filters means that it is extremely low or zero maintenance. An important additional feature is the Auto Clean timer that enables you to set the amount of time for which the auto cleaning will happen.<br />

Here are the details of the Kutchina Auto Clean Opul Black Chimney:

Kutchina Auto Clean Opul Black
1 Reviews
Kutchina Auto Clean Opul Black
  • Mild Steel Body, 3rd Generation Auto Clean (Dry), Machanical Timer For Auto Clean, Economy Model With Double Motor, Customized Size For Modern Kitchen
  • Suction: 700 m³/hr Voltage
  • Voltage: 220 V AC/50 HZ
  • Noise Level: 52 dba
  • Oil Collector: 3

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Kitchen Chimney Pro Tip #2

An exhaust timer is an interesting feature, it automatically turns off the fan after a set period of time.​

We hope this has given you some idea about what an auto clean chimney is, and you found the reviews of two reliable and good quality auto clean chimneys useful. You can now go ahead and have a look at the current Top 10 Best Auto Clean Chimneys, which will definitely help you to decide which one to buy.​

✓✓✓ Top 10 Best Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys in India

Go ahead, choose an auto clean kitchen chimney from the Top 10 that the world trusts.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hindware 60 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 60 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)
Hindware - Misc.
₹ 24,990 - 49% ₹ 12,695
SaleBestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hindware 60 cm 1200 m3/h Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 60, Black)
HSIL - Misc.
₹ 24,990 - 50% ₹ 12,490
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 90 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)
Hindware - Misc.
₹ 26,990 - 51% ₹ 13,252
Bestseller No. 8
SaleBestseller No. 10
Hindware 60 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Cleo 60 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)
Hindware - Misc.
₹ 22,990 - 43% ₹ 12,990

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What are the features that you need to look for when buying a kitchen chimney

If you are planning to buy a kitchen chimney, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. The most important things to look for in a kitchen chimney include the filter and the type of chimney you should go in for.

Type of filter

When it comes to the filters in kitchen chimneys, there are three main types. These three types of filters have been segregated on the basis of the material used for making them, the structure of the filters and what the filtering process is.

The first type of filter we will look at is the Cassette Filter. Cassette cassette filters are made up of stacks of aluminium mesh which have air gaps in between them. As the kitchen chimney works and pulls in the fumes, grease and smoke, the oil and grease arising out of cooking gets stuck in the mesh and clogs it. It is because of this reason, that a cassette filter needs to be cleaned at least once a week for it to perform well.

The next kind of filter is the Baffle Filter. Baffle filters are made of aluminium or stainless steel, and these baffle sheets are placed in such a way that the maximum grease and oil gets stuck to them when the air is sucked in by the kitchen chimney. The grease and oil slides down the baffle filter and gets accumulated in a collecting trough.  The slanting make of the baffle filter means no matter how much clogging happens, it will not affect the suction power of the chimney. This makes it a good choice for Indian cooking where there are more fumes and oil is used along with masalas.

The third type of filter is the Carbon or Charcoal Filter. These filters are made up of black carbon, and since carbon is a very strong absorbing material it also absorbs cooking orders. Though it is a good filter, the grease and oils from cooking have a tendency to clog the carbon filter. This makes it essential to replace carbon filters every 6 months.

Types of Kitchen chimneys

Another important point to consider is the kind of kitchen chimney that you are going to buy. You have to decide on the kind of kitchen chimney depending on where you want to place the kitchen chimney, what your basic requirement is and what kind of space and facilities you have inside your kitchen.

Kitchen chimneys are mainly of four types - the Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney, the Island Chimney, the Built-in Chimney in the Corner Kitchen Chimney.

To choose the right kind of chimney you have to consider the space that is available to you, where your stove is and whether you have the space for ducts etc. A very important consideration is the size of the kitchen chimney, as it should be the same size as your gas stove or a little bigger. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your kitchen chimney is not smaller than the gas stove or hob you have int he kitchen. Another consideration is whether the kitchen chimney is auto clean or not. The auto clean feature of a kitchen chimney makes it much more convenient as you do not need to clean the filters regularly and it also increases the lifespan of the chimney.

Can you install ducts

The third point to consider, is whether you want ducts or not. The ducts are the large pipes that take away the smoke, fumes and heat out of the house. The problem with ducts is that it spoils the looks of the kitchen due to their big size and un-aesthetic looks.

However, if you do not use ducts, then the kitchen chimney will clean out and thrown back the same air that had entered it. Thus the heat will not get dissipated and nor will you get fresh air from outside.

Go for a well known brand

Another important point to consider is whether or not the brand you choose is a popular Kitchen Chimney brand. It is always best to go with a well known brand that is already established. Some of the top brands are Hindware, Elica, Sunflame, IFB, Kutchina, Faber, Pigeon etc.

Since Indian cooking throw up a lot of smoke and fumes due to the use of oils and masalas, it has almost become essential to have a kitchen chimney. A kitchen chimney in an Indian kitchen will ensure that the cooking fumes, odors and smoke is kept away from the rest of the house, and the air inside the house feels fresh and healthy

Top 10 Best Selling Chimney Brands in India

Choose from the best selling kitchen chimneys in India right here. Depending on what kind of chimney you want - auto clean, wall mounted, built in - find the best, sorted by brand here.

Top 10 Best Cata Kitchen Chimneys

Cata chimneys are crafted to make available healthy & germ-free cooking atmosphere. Choose from  their designer and innovative products to suit your kitchen needs.

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Cata Kitchen Chimney

Top 10 Best Elica Kitchen Chimneys

Choose the World's No 1 for your kitchen. Incredibly powerful, Elica chimneys have a sleek design and are power efficient. 

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Elica Kitchen Chimney

Top 10 Best Bosch Kitchen Chimneys

From the best in German engineering, Bosch brings you chimneys with the largest baffle filters to generate more power. Noiseless and efficient, they allow you to open and clean the chimney in no time at all. Choose from the best selling models from their range. 

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Bosch Kitchen Chimney

Top 10 Best Sunflame Kitchen Chimneys

A perfect match for your modern kitchen, Sunflame chimneys are characterized by a robust motor, powerful suction and LED lighting. Choose from the sleek chimney designs available that are the hallmark of this brand. 

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Sunflame Kitchen Chimney

Top 10 Best Hindware Kitchen Chimneys

Hindware Chimneys are made of stainless steel making them rust proof. Other exciting features include power efficiency, LED lighting as well as water cleaning and thermal cleaning facilities. Choose from the top of the line range here. 

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Hindware Kitchen Chimney
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