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Best Basting Brushes In India – Buying Guide For 2018

Best Basting Brushes in India – Buying guide for 2018

Basting brushes can be a great help in the kitchen - get India's Top 10 and tips for choosing a good basting brush

The basting brush is called a pastry brush, but it can be used for basting a lot of different kinds of food. It can be used for basting chicken, meat and fish, for pastry egg-washing and even to brush away flour when baking bread. If you use basting brushes, then you will actually need at least three of them, one for the poultry and meat, one for the fish and one for baking.

How to choose a basting brush - tips to buy one

  • The bristles of the basting brush should be strong as they must never fall into the food while it is cooking.
  • You can also try to choose a silicone basting brush that will not shed its bristles.
  • Get a basting brush that can be put into a dishwasher as you will need to clean it after using on chicken, meat fish etc.
  • Since you will be using the basting brush to cook chicken etc., you will need to get into awkward parts of the poultry and for that you will need a longer handle. A longer handle also ensures that you do not burn your hands while basting something that is already in the oven.
  • If the basting brush has plastic or silicone bristles you need to be careful that they do not get heated up, as they will melt and congeal together.
  • If the tips of your basting brush stay in contact with something hot and melt and congeal, just cut off the tips and you can still use it as a shorter bristles basting brush.
  • A stubbly basting brush whose bristles have been cut short, can be used to dab on melted butter etc.
  • Old basting brushes can be kept around the kitchen as a dusting brush or even to clean the taps etc.

Now, go ahead and choose from the top 10 best basting brushes in India featured below.

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