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Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers In India – Top 10 In India 2019

Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers in India – Top 10 in India 2019

Do you want to convert your old music system into a Wi-Fi music system? Or your computer speakers into Bluetooth streaming speakers?

Then you need a Bluetooth audio receiver.

If you do not know exactly know what a Bluetooth audio receiver is, this article will explain it to you in very clear and simple terms.

Essentially a Bluetooth audio receiver connects to your music system or your external powered speakers, which are usually computer speakers, and converts them into wireless audio playing devices.


That means that when you connect the Bluetooth audio receiver to your music system or to your speakers, and you have any Bluetooth device that plays music, a smartphone, laptop etc., then you can wirelessly play music from your smartphone into your music system or your computer speakers.

How this happen is that the Bluetooth audio receiver either gets plugged into a USB port or connects through an audio cable with the typical 3.5 mm audio jack.

This is what the 3.5 mm audio jack looks like

3.5 mm audio jack

This is what the audio cable looks like. One end goes into the Bluetooth Audio Receiver, the other end plugs into your music system or powered speakers.

3.5 mm audio jack cable

The biggest advantage of a Bluetooth Audio Receiver, is that it can save you a lot of money by converting your existing non wi-fi music system or speakers into wireless music systems and speakers. And you also get amazing flexibility and control over streaming your music. Imagine how much you would have had to spend to buy a brand new wireless music system. At a fraction of that price you can get the same results with a Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

Though many of the music systems on sale today have Bluetooth, there are still many that don’t. Many of us have very good music systems that aren’t very old, which do not have wi-fi capabilities. I myself purchased a really good Onkyo music system not too long ago, and I definitely don’t want to part with it. It delivers incredible sound and is very reliable. I wanted to stream music to it so I went and got myself a good Bluetooth audio receiver, and now it is a proper wi-fi music system.

I am sure most of you have computer speakers which are powered externally, either through a wall socket of through a USB port. Even for these speakers, a Bluetooth Audio Receiver will work beautifully and make them a complete music streaming device.

If your music system has an input USB port then connecting the Bluetooth Audio Receiver is as simple as plugging it into the USB port. If it has a regular audio input jack port, then you need to use an audio cable to connect the Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

Two ways to connect your Bluetooth Audio Receiver to your music system/speakers

The first method is relatively simpler but requires your music system to have a USB port.

If your music system or powered speakers have a USB port, then all you need to do is plug in the Bluetooth Audio Receiver, and it is ready to stream music from your smartphone or laptop.

To actually start listening to music wirelessly, you will have to pair the Bluetooth Audio Receiver with your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

To do that you need to turn on your smartphone’s/laptop’s/tablet’s Bluetooth and tap on the name of the Bluetooth Audio Receiver. Once they have paired, any music you plat on your smartphone/laptop/tablet will play through the music system/speakers.

In the second method you use an audio cable to connect your Bluetooth Audio Receiver with your music system or speakers. There are two parts to this, first you plug in one end of the audio cable with a 3.5 mm jacks on both ends into the Bluetooth audio receiver, and the other end into the ‘audio in’ slot of your music system or powered speakers. The second thing you need to do is give power to your Bluetooth Audio Receiver by connecting it to a charger cable through its USB port.

Thus the 3.5 mm audio port is used for connecting the Bluetooth audio Receiver to the music system or speakers, and the USB port is used to power it.

Here is a video that shows how to use your Bluetooth Audio Receiver –

Have a look at the best Bluetooth Audio Receivers in India by clicking the button below. The list of Bluetooth Audio Receivers featured in this list of the Top 10 best Bluetooth Audio Receivers are the bestsellers and the latest models. They are updated every day to feature the newest and most popular products. Choosing one from this list means you get robust quality and good value for money.

Want to go a level higher? Then go for Bluetooth Receivers and Transmitters!

Check out the best Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver that can also transmit music from your music system to another Bluetooth device (Transmitter), along with receiving streaming music from a Bluetooth device into your music system or speakers (receiver).

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