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Best Cricket Bats In India 2019 – Top 10 Best India

Best Cricket Bats in India 2019 – Top 10 Best India

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SaleIndia's No. 1
MRF Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Ball
45 Reviews
MRF Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Ball
  • Popular willow Cricket Bat playing only 8 -15 years boys & girls
  • The bat is meant for playing with light weight tennis ball only.
  • Made of popular willow Light Weight Cricket Bat
  • Perfect bat for the modern day batsmen looking to play all round the wicket.
  • Size: short handle
SaleIndia's No. 2
AVM CRB-011 Cricket Bat, Size 5 (Blue)
241 Reviews
AVM CRB-011 Cricket Bat, Size 5 (Blue)
  • Blue colour
  • Size-5
  • Playing level recreational
  • Age group 10 - 12 years
  • Ideal for junior
India's No. 3
BK Xtreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat With Cover, Size 7 (Blue)
83 Reviews
BK Xtreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat With Cover, Size 7 (Blue)
  • Material: Kashmir Willow
  • Handle: Popular
  • Size: 7
  • Ideal For Boys, Youth
SaleIndia's No. 4
GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle
319 Reviews
GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle
  • Face: Profile round face and well pressed, Scallop: We cut off scalp to achieve the balance and control the Weight of the Bat, Bow: Every bat achieves bow itself during pressing, Spine Height: As per international standard, varies from pieces to pieces to balance the bat
  • Willow Grade: Medium Grade willow fitted with Singapore treble spring handle, Bat height: 33.4 inch, Bat Handle Height: 11.4 inch, Bat Edge Thickness: 1.25 inch, Playing Level: Beginner, Age Group: 12 years and above, Suitable For: Season Ball, Ideal For: Senior, Weight: 1175 to 1300 grams
  • Unbleached and plain english willow
  • Unique blend of power and performance, massive edges of the bat lending immense power
  • Mid to lower sweet spot but still having a great balance fitted with toe guard to prevent moisture get into the bat
SaleIndia's No. 5
SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Size 4 (Color May Vary)
274 Reviews
SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Size 4 (Color May Vary)
  • Size: 4
  • Willow: Kashmir willow
  • Weight: 1.2 kilograms
  • Imported Sarwak cane handle
  • Thick edges and curved blade
SaleIndia's No. 6
QUEEN EXPORT Mrf VIRAT KOHLI Signature Popular Willow Bat
10 Reviews
QUEEN EXPORT Mrf VIRAT KOHLI Signature Popular Willow Bat
  • Rounded Handle made of Sarawak Combination Cane.
  • Clearly spaced grains and balance make this one of the best buy product
  • Flat Face profile levels out the striking area allowing more mass to be retained in the back and edges of the bat.
  • Weight of the bat is approx 800-950 gms
  • Premium Popular Willow used in making
SaleIndia's No. 7
NHD WRF Kashmir Poplar Willow Cricket Bat for Tennis Ball (Full Size)
3 Reviews
NHD WRF Kashmir Poplar Willow Cricket Bat for Tennis Ball (Full Size)
  • Flexible Handle to serve Power and Control While Playing Shot
  • Thick edge and curve blade for powerful performance and balance
  • Made From Selected Kashmiri Poplar Willow
  • Light Weight, Suitable for All tennis Ball
SaleIndia's No. 8
Zitto Batman Cricket Set with 1 Plastic Bat and Ball, 4 Wickets, Base and Bail
4 Reviews
Zitto Batman Cricket Set with 1 Plastic Bat and Ball, 4 Wickets, Base and Bail
  • Give your child a wonderful start where he can give shape to his dreams! This cricket set has been specially designed to give future international cricketers a flying start to their career; This cricket set is a great way to make exercise fun and help children develop healthy habit
  • If your child dreams of being a part of the great Indian cricket team one day, then here is how you can set his dream off and give it wings
  • This cricket set comprising of bat, stumps and ball is a great way to make exercise fun and help children develop healthy habits
  • Made of durable plastic bat features attractive print strong sturdy finish aids hand eye coordination
  • Made of non-toxic virgin plastic; Strong, sturdy and fine finish; Available in different colours; Optimum for ages 3 to 5 yrs
SaleIndia's No. 9
AVM Splash 20-20 Tennis Cricket Bat, Long Handle
60 Reviews
AVM Splash 20-20 Tennis Cricket Bat, Long Handle
  • Material: Wood
  • Product Dimension: 34 inches x 4.25 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Size: Long Handle
SaleIndia's No. 10
M & M Products MSC Tennis Cricket Bat Size 6 For 11-13 Years Kids
8 Reviews
M & M Products MSC Tennis Cricket Bat Size 6 For 11-13 Years Kids
  • Wooden Cricket Bat
  • For 11-13 Years Kids
  • Suitable To Play With Tennis Ball
  • Wooden Bat
  • Bat For Kids

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The cricket bats featured above are the Top Best Selling Cricket Bats in India

Go ahead, pick a best selling cricket bat that has been tested by the world and is trusted by the world.

This list has been updated on June 19, 2019

Best Cricket Bats in India – Best selling cricket bats English Willow and Kashmir Willow

If you want to buy some of the best cricket bats in India, you need to know what material the bat is made from. In India most god bat are either made of English Willow or Kashmir Willow. There are many brands of cricket bats in India, and some of the manufacturers also use some reinforcement material in the cricket bat’s handle to give more power and punch in the main hitting zone. This material can be carbon fiber or even titanium.

The shape and size of the bat is important as is the bow

The bow of the bat is very important as a larger bow and thicker edges will give the bat more power. The type of bow is dependent on the player, as to how comfortable he is with different types of bows. A good tip for the best bats is that you should go in for a natural finish, and also check for an anti-scruff cover at the lower willow.

The bat’s handle can be long or short,and is again totally dependent on the player, as to what they find the most comfortable. The overall  bat size again depends on the batsmen. Taller batsmen will choose bigger bats, and shorter batsmen will chose smaller bats. You need to know what size of bat you play best with.

Two Top Rated Cricket Bats for serious players

Here are two of the best bats that you can buy in India. They have been carefully selected for their great features and properties. 

Best Cricket Bat in India – SG Sierra 350 English Willow


This is a very finely crafted cricket bat made with English Willow. This is an powerful batsman’s bat. English Willow is one of the best materials to make a great cricket bat with. This particular bat has been designed for hard-hitting and solid strokes.

The SG Sierra 350 has a traditional design, making it stable and great for hitting hard and fast. The bat design provides optimal stability and great stroke play, for the offensive batsman. It has thick edges and the blade of the bat is curved to give the bat a lot of hitting power. It has a higher sweet spot so that the batsman can hit hard and true.

The SG Sierra 350 has a handle that has been reinforced with Sarawak cane. This reinforcement provides the bat more stability and gives it more power and control. The bat also has the all new Chevtec grip that provides even better control. This bat features a short handle, and is lightweight, making it excellent for high performance, comfort and easy stroke play.

The bat is ideal of professional and intermediate players, and is a great piece of sporting equipment over all.

India’s best professional cricket bat – SS Gladiator English Willow


This is one of the best premium bats available to buy in India. One of the top bats in the SS range, the Gladiator is a fabulous piece of cricket equipment. When it comes to performance few other bats can beat the SS Gladiator.

The SS Gladiator is truly a bat worthy of the best cricketers. It has been made with absolute top grade or what is called player’s grade English Willow cleft. This bat is especially good for hitting the big shots and also doing the special nicks and cuts for finesse batting. The sweet spot of this powerful bat is in the low to mid area, which allows a batsman to really use the swing to hit big. It is especially great for using the bat’s momentum to hit hard, powerful and long. Designed for maximum power as well as fine control, the spine of this bat is made in the traditional way.

Main Features of the SS Gladiator English Willow Cricket Bat

Here are the main features of the Gladiator, a truly impressive cricket bat meant for professional players and serious batsmen.

  • Made from Players Grade English Willow Cleft
  • Has a low to mid sweet spot
  • Delivers perfect power and control
  • Extremely well balanced cricket bat
  • Has a traditional design spine for more stability
  • A huge concave edge for great rebound quality
  • Has a big edge of 40 to 44 mm
  • Big edge translates into maximum power
  • Great pickup for maximum power
  • Has a slight bow
  • Slightly curved face of the bat delivers maximum control
  • Designed for more hitting area
  • Has lower center of gravity for more swing weight and power
  • Bat weighs in at 1.16 to 1.26 kgs
  • Short semi oval handle made from Singapore 12 piece cane
  • Specially designed aqua grip

Using the SS Gladiator on the front foot is really awesome

The bat has a beautiful balance and combined with its pickup, it really translates into pure joy drive shots. With the bat swing and momentum adding to the advantage of a big hit, the weight of this bat makes foe excellent stroke play in the long on and long off regions. As for drives it is a perfected bat for it, exploding with stored power, and releasing the power as you move into a front foot drive.

The SS Gladiator is sublime even in the back foot

Since the overall balance of the Gladiotor is very good, using it in the back foot is also great. Its lightweight pickup allows a batsman to hit square drives with power and precision. It has a balance and design that allows players to very effectively and with devastating effect on the back foot too.


The SS Gladiator is a fabulous bat for the hard hitting batsman and the all rounder. With the SS Gladiator you will be able to hit long hard boundaries as easily as you will be able to place finesse shots like cuts and pulls. This is definitely a bat to go out and play a big match with.

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