Top 10 Best Face Massagers in India 2018

Top 10 Best Face Massagers – Best Face Massagers in India 2017
Updated on February 24, 2018


5 reasons why a face massage is great for you

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A face massage is a well known anti-aging and relaxation therapy all over the world. Here are five great benefits of doing a face massage.
A face massage releases and relieves tension
A face with tensed up muscles is more likely to have wrinkles and look old. A face massage releases these tensions and relaxes the face muscles, thus helping the face to feel and look much younger.
Pro Tip: Try to massage in an upward motion to prevent sagging of the face muscles and skin, and help in looking younger.
A face massage improves blood circulation and gives multiple benefits
Use gentle circular motion to massage all over the face and neck and this will instantly improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation will rejuvenate the face, improve skin texture and speed up healing.
Get a natural face lift by doing a face massage
When a face massage stimulates the face area, it increases the amount of oxygen in the face, which increase collagen production, making the face healthy and gives it a natural glow. A face massage translates into a natural anti-ageing treatment and a face lift.
A face massage helps increase the efficacy of face products
When you do regular face massaging the skin on the face better absorbs the face products you use, thereby increasing their effectiveness.
Regular face massaging will make you look younger
Since a face massage stimulates the skin of the face, rejuvenates and acts as a natural face lift, regular face massaging makes your face look healthier and younger. This muscle stimulation along with regular face care will improve the overall appearance of your skin by stimulating blood flow and giving your face a youthful, glowing complexion.
Before getting into further details, have a quick look at the top few bestselling face massagers in India in 2017:

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Here is a video of the JSB HF17 face massager featured in the Top 10 Best face Massagers in India list below. It also demonstrates how to use a face massager effectively”:

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How to choose the right face massager in India for you – face massager buying guide

You already know how beneficial a face massage is for you. A face massager is extremely useful as it delivers a great face massage, saves effort and time and if you do it regularly for a few minutes every day or a couple of times a week for about fifteen minutes or so, it will give your face a younger look by smoothening out wrinkles, shrinking pores on your facial skin and making you glow with a fresh radiance.
Choosing a good face massager is the smartest thing you can do, as it will allow you to get all the benefits of a saloon face massage in the comfort of your home. And frankly it’s quite inexpensive and a simple device that will last for a long time. For starters all the money you would have spent at a saloon or spa will be saved outright, and of course you will be able to massage your face much more regularly and therefore get much more benefits out of it.

The different types of face massagers and their features

Face massagers or facial massagers are available in a variety of forms. They range from a simple roller massager to more advanced ultrasonic face massagers.
Let us have a closer look at different types of face massagers available today.
Roller Face Massager
This is the most basic variety of face massager, and consists essentially of a simple roller with a handle. They are usually a handle with rollers or balls at the end which are pressed on the skin to do the massage. All you have to do is hold it by the handle and the roller or ball end has to be run over your face, and you’ll be able to simply massage your face at a very low cost.
You get these roller face massagers in single heads, double heads and even four heads, so that both sides of your face can be massaged at the same time. These basic face massagers with rollers help in massaging and kneading your face and also in the absorption of creams and facial treatments.
You can have a look at the Top 10 Best Face Massagers Rollers in India in 2017. These are also called Face Massager Tools.
Electrical Face Massagers
These face massagers use battery power to automatically massage your face. These are the most popular face massagers today, and are available in an enormous variety of brands, designs and functions. These face massagers have a variety of accessories like different heads for different kinds of massaging etc. The range of brands in the market is huge so a good idea is to go for the most popular ones, that have already been tested and tried by many people and have been found to be efficient and high quality.
The complexity of these units can go from simple rotating heads to ultrasonic face massagers. The best selling models today, are mostly Chinese brands. If you want to explore a few of the good big brand face massagers, have a look at these – abcd, efgh, ijkl, mnop, qrst.
There is nothing wrong with the Chinese face massagers, they will work fine but they will not last as long as the top branded ones, and will not have that extra edge of finesse or higher effectiveness of the better branded face massagers. If you are buying your first battery powered face massagers, then go in for one of the Chinese brands. Once you have used it for some time, you will automatically want to upgrade to a better brand.
Usually the really high end face massagers will have rechargeable batteries and a whole array of accessories, modes and extra functions.
Face Massagers that use ultrasound technology – Ultrasonic Face Massagers
These are battery operated electrical face massagers only but very high end, and are ultrasonic. These slightly more expensive face massagers do a very deep massage and also heat up the face. They are great for elaborate massaging and if you need more deep effect massaging. If you are young then you may not need to use these ultrasonic face massagers, and can go in for the regular electronic face massagers. These ultrasonic face massagers use high frequency sound to deep cleanse and stimulate your face area.

Check out the Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Face Massagers here.

The different kinds of massaging that face massagers can do
Face Massagers can do a variety of massaging including face lifting massage, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle massage, skin detox massage, ultrasound massage, vibrating massage, pore cleansing massage and stress reliving massage. You can read up about the features of your face massager to see what kinds of massage it is designed to give.
Picking the right Face Massager for yourself
First things first, if you are in your twenties then you don’t need to go in for an elaborate face massagers, a simple roller face massagers used twice a day will be enough to keep your skin stimulated and robust. The ultrasonic face massagers are good only if you need to do more than usual facial therapy, and for that it offers a variety of options and deep massaging etc.
Since electrical face massagers aren’t very expensive, budget is not really a constraint. You will get an electrical face massager at almost the same price as a simple roller face massager.
What features you should keep in mind while choosing a face massager
Ease of use
How easy is the face massager to use, how easy is it to grip? Is the handle comfortable, is it heavy? Does it feel comfortable to grip it and use it, does it tire your hand?
These are all things that you need to look at before buying the face massager. Look at the shape of the handle, does it look comfortable to hold. Check the weight of the face massager from the specifications. It should ideally be in the range of 300 grams in weight. That is a comfortable weight for you to use.
Look at the shape of the face massager in the photographs and try and read reviews where someone mentions about its ease of use and weight. You should avoid heavier face massagers and shapes that do not look easy to hold and use.
What kind of power source or battery does your face massager have
A face massager is best to use when it has no wires. So try to go in for a battery powered face massager. And amongst battery powered face massagers, the best option is to have rechargeable batteries. With the wired face massagers you will need to keep it plugged in to use it. That means looking for an electric power outlet and doing your face massage there only. Whereas with a battery powered face massager, you can do your face massage anywhere. It is easy to use and you also end up feeling more relaxed.
A battery powered face massager is very convenient to carry around while travelling too.
It’s a good idea to check what kind of batteries the face massager uses, standard ones, rechargeable ones and what size whether AA or AAA or any other size.
Additional features that are good to have
There are some additional features that prove to be useful in a face massager.
A timer alarm built into the face massager is great, as you tend to forget how long you have been massaging, and a timer which beeps after every five or ten minutes of use can be quite useful. It is important to do the massaging for the right amount of time, too much or too little is not good. So if you need to do a basic 5 minute massage, you should stick to it, or if you need to do an advanced massage session lasting 10 minutes, make sure you don’t go on for longer or finish before time.
Choosing a waterproof face massagers is also a good idea if you want the freedom to do your face massage while in the shower or the bath tub. Ensure that the water proof face massager has the requisite water proof certification and meets the safety standards. It should be safe to use it under flowing water and there should be no problem with the electrical components when using it in the shower or bath tub.
IMPORTANT: Never use a face massager that has to be plugged into an electrical socket for power near water. It is very dangerous and cause a serious accident and harm you.
Check for different levels of massage intensity so that you can massage the skin on your face at an intensity that is effective and comfortable. It should be easy on your skin yet stimulate the skin and also cleanse and refresh.

Top 10 Best Face Massagers in India in 2017

Choose a face massager from the Top 10 Best face Massagers in India, and get one that is reliable, durable and affordable. These face massagers are already tried and tested by thousands of buyers in India, and they are the most popular in India now.
Also this list of best face massagers in India is updated every day so that you get the latest and best face massagers only.
And of course when you choose a face massager from Top 10 in India you get the best balance of quality, value and performance.
Go ahead and choose a great face massagers from the Top 10 Best Face Massagers in India

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Top 10 Best Ultrasonic face Massagers in India in 2017

These face massagers use ultrasound to deep massage, cleanse and stimulate your face.

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Ozomax Professional 17 in 1 Body Massager Review

A nice massage on our body helps us to get relief of all the stress and fatigue. Especially for someone, who works very hard all throughout the day, a body massage can do wonders. But if you think of going to a spa for a beautiful massage, then you have to empty your pocket to a great extent. So, is there any way to have a nice massage without spending a lot of money? Well, the answer to that question is Ozomax Professional 17 in 1 Body Massager.

Ozomax professional 17 in 1 Body Massager, is a super powerful body massager that comes with 17 attachments to give you the most relaxing massage in every part of your body and is a part of Ozomax Bharat Light Machines or BLM products that was founded in the year 1983 that specialises in the household, personal care and beauty care products.

Coming to Ozomax Professional 17 in 1 Body Massager, it has some great benefits that are deserved to be mentioned:

1. Ozomax massager provides your nerves with the right amount of stimulation through its Reflexology Therapy. Reflexology theraphy denotes the right amount of pressure that is applied in specific parts of your body which are believed to be reflex points that include  feet, hands, or ears and on whom if pressure is applied, goes on to enhance the overall well-being of your health by reducing the risks of hypertension, insomnia, anxiety , headaches, etc.

2. It is very gentle on your muscles giving you the most comfortable & relaxing massage of your life. Many a times, people tend to fall for cheap body massagers that causes a lot of pain while you try to massage your body with it. But  Ozomax Professional 17 in 1 Body Massager, your body will go through a process of painless relief.

3. It helps in better blood circulation and eases off your stress and fatigue through vibration therapy.

4. Because of its 17 attachments, it enables you to massage each and every part of your body that includes Head, neck, face, shoulder, back, chest, hand, etc.

5. Ozomax allows you to have both fast & slow massaging to stretch tensive muscles and ease muscular pain respectively with the help of its two adjustable massage speed.

6. It is quite compact and easy to use thereby allowing to have a beautiful massage anywhere and anytime.

7. It is Manufactured By ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Check out the Ozomax Face Massager here.

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