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Top 10 Best Fishing Rods In India 2018

Top 10 Best Fishing Rods in India 2018

Best Fishing Rods in India

Fishing is a passion with no equal, and finding the right fishing rod is essential to enjoying it to the fullest

There are many fishing rods available to buy today, and to a beginner all of them will more or less look the same. However for someone who has been fishing for a while, there are huge differences in fishing rods.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fishing enthusiast, on this page you will find something that you will like.

We have listed out the very best fishing rods in India here. These fishing rods may not be the most expensive, but they are the ones that are sold the most. Have a close look at each fishing rod featured in this list, and be assured that they are the very latest and the best sellers, because the list is updated every day.

If you are looking a for a specific type of fishing rod, or any other equipment or accessory for fishing, then you can visit the Fishing page on Amazon that will guide you to the exact fishing related product you need.

Choose a Fishing Rod that makes your fishing experience go to the next level.

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How to choose a fishing rod for yourself or for your child

There are many factors that go into choosing a fishing rod, key amongst them is what kind of fish you are planning to catch and what kind of water body you are planning to fish in. Whether a river, a lake, the sea shore, along the beach or off shore.

However, for all of these kinds of fishing and more, the fishing rods are generally put into a couple of categories. You essentially have spinning fishing rods, fly fishing rods, bait casting fishing rods, telescopic fishing rods and surf fishing rods.

Types of fishing rods

Spinning rods

These are the most common type of rods. Spinning rods are used by fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels, from beginner to expert. In this kind of rod, a spinning reel is attached to the rod. This rod and reel combination makes it a very versatile and useful fishing rod. This type of spinning rod with the reel underneath it is mostly used for casting lures and for bait fishing. The good thing about spinning rods is that with a range of sizes and weights of the rods, they can be used for catching all kinds of fishes whether form the riverside, shore or from a boat or kayak.

Rods used for Baitcasting

These are similar to spinning rods but you need more experience to use these baitcasting rods. The reason why beginner and amateurs will find this difficult to handle is that with a baitcasting fishing rod there is a big chance the spool, will get all tangled if it is not handled properly. However for an angler who is experienced , the baitcasting rods deliver greater accuracy and control when reeling in the fish.

Surf rods

These are rods that are ideal for fishing in the surf. These rods are very long and are essentially used to cast from the shore into the sea. With the rods going up to a length of 4-5 meters, they can cast quite a long way into the say, past the breaking waves. Since these rods are used to catch bigger fish, they usually have a more heavy duty reel fitted to them. They can also be used to fish off rocks. These rods are pretty long so they can be dismantled into smaller pieces easier to transport.

Telescopic rods

As the name suggests, telescopic rods can be increased and decreased in size like a telescope. Telescopic rods usually work with a spinning reel and their biggest advantage is that they can be easily fitted into smaller spaces, whether your car or a small store in your home. These telescopic rods can be used to catch a wide variety of fish from small to medium sized and are quite durable despite being telescopic in structure.

Overhead rods

These are the classic boat fishing rods. They are shorter and stouter. They are used for fishing from boats and are not meant for casting. With overhead rods, you have an overhead reel attached, and overall they are more powerful than other rods. The way fishing is done with overhead rods, is that the line is dropped into the water from a boat and then you wait for a bite from a sea fish. They are usually used for larger and deep-sea kind of fishes.

Fly rods

This rod is designed for a whole new game called fly fishing. Fly fishing is all about casting the bait to look like the food, insect or smaller fishes that the species of fish you are trying to catch is feeding on. That means you have to be quiet, patient and have great skill in mimicking the prey of the fish you are trying to catch.  Fly fishing is usually done to catch trout, bass, bream and such species of fish. There is a wide variety of rods and reels that suit different requirement for catching different species of fish.

Fishing rods for kids

Well the only thing changes when you look for a fishing rod for kids is the size. You can get any of the types of rods in smaller size for your kid. However, the best way to go about buying a fishing rod for your kid, is to go in for an all-rounder rod and reel combo in a smaller size that your child will be comfortable handling. Once your kid gets the hang of fishing with this all rounder rod, then you can think of a specific type.

Fishing tips for beginners

Fishing as a sport is very relaxing and fulfilling. You sit by a river or a lake and wait for the fish to bite. If a fish bites, you reel it in and then you have the choice of releasing it, or if you want you can turn it into your catch.

Though some fishes like Mahsheer are protected, there are many fish varieties that you can catch and then cook. Other common fish species are goonch, Indian trout and murral.

What is needed to go fishing

A day of fishing requires the right equipment, and without that you cannot hope to catch any fish. You will ned things like a fishing rod, bait, landing net and other equipment.

Here is what you will need to do some fishing

  • A good fishing rod
  • Fishing line
  • A float or bobber
  • Fishing hooks
  • Bait for the fish, either live bait, or dead bait
  • Landing net

The best places to try fishing

You can try fishing anywhere where there is a considerable amount of water, a river, stream, lake, nullah or even a pond.

However, the best fishing spots are those water areas which are sheltered, for example under a bridge, or at a jetty or a deck. The first thing you should do is to put some lure in the water to attract fish. Then you have to attach a float and the fishing hook to the fishing line. At the end of your fishing line, attach some fishing bait to the hook, cast your rod, to throw the line as far as needed. Then you have to wait silently and patiently. Fish get scared if there is even the slightest noise, so being silent is very important.

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