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Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems In India 2018

Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems in India 2018

Top 10 Best home Theater Systems in India

Updated on November 17, 2018


Buying a home theater system is frankly a tiresome process if you are a research type buyer. You end up reading multiple reviews and seeing countless lists and options and finally you go for the one that your gut tells you is the best for you.

And the worst part is that you may make the wrong choice as you got misled by a biased review or opinion.

It is for those people who are trying hard to get themselves a good home theater system that I am writing this post.

How am I going to help you buy one, in a way different from the others?

Well simply put I will cut it down to just three options of my choice and along with it I will give you the list of the most popular home theater systems in India for you pick the bestsellers if you want to.y the way there is nothing wrong with picking one if India's bestselling home theater systems, they will be of a good quality, but you will not have a specialised lesser known home theater system that is a gem. That is alright if you want something that will do a great job, but may not be the absolute bees knees in every aspect.

Before I bring to you the three best home theater systems according to me, let me tell you that they are my choices and may not work for you. I have a liking for overall balanced music systems that are not overpriced in any way. Many home theater systems carry a massive and exclusive brand and are priced at a ridiculous amount.

The home theater systems that I have picked here are the average man's above average choices.

As far as the list of the Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems in India goes, that is also a great place to choose your home theater system as it is updated every day to reflect the latest and best selling home theater systems. That means they are the public's choice award winners. Masses of people have gone in for them and found them to deliver great sound and value for the price. That means something. That means that you are getting a robust and solid home theater system that is reliable and has already been tested and approved by thousands of buyers. By the way the lists of the top 10 best home theater systems may not even have 10 models as the list increases and decreases according tot he home theater systems that make it to the top 10. Sometimes the full 10 just don't show up as they do not match up to the criteria we have set for the ranking. Then you may see fewer than 10, maybe just 5 of them. 

Before you delve into how to choose the best home theater system for yourself, have a quick look at a few of the top best home theater systems in India –

home theater systems india best top 10

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Best Home theater systems in India, the average man's above average home theatre systems

Hi, as I told you before here I will give you just three choice, and I will not yammer on about their tech specs. I will give a general outline about them, and you just need to know that they will deliver excellent sound and audio effects. If you want to delve into the minute details and compare PMPOs and ports then you must go elsewhere and seek your home theater system.

Onkyo HT-S3800


Onkyo is a great brand for home theater systems. I own one and I absolutely love it. I place this one as the best in this list of three. If you want to go and get an actual feel of the system, then go to any Onkyo music store in your city and play ti and see. I often visit the Onkyo store in Delhi which is located in Chittaranjan Park.

This 5.1 channel home theater system will blow your mind with everything. The sub woofer, all the speakers and the overall build quality is great.

You should get a hefty discount online, so check out the Onkyo HT S3800 on Amazon India here.

Bose SoundTouch 300 with Bose Acoustimass 300


What I have for you here is two pieces of Bose heavenliness, the SoundTouch 300 and the Acoustimass 300. The SoundTouch is a soundbar and the Acoustimass 300 is the bass speaker that wirelessly connects with the soundbar. That means the already awesome Bose sound from the SoundTouch 300 is enhanced with body shuddering bass from the Acoustimass 300. This is a completely hassle free setup, and produces sound that will leave you shaken with delight. Go for it if your budget allows it. This one is a clear winner. 

Have a look at them on Amazon India, you will get them a great price there - here is the Bose Soundtouch 300 and here is the Bose Acoustimass 300.

Yamaha YHT-2910


The Yamaha YHT-2910 is a fully loaded home theater system making up a top of the line receiver, speaker and subwoofer package. This system delivers a real heart thumping punch with powerful surround sound and that deep ground shaking bass thanks to Yamaha’s new Extra Bass. Yamaha is known the world over for the audio equipment and have extremely high and exacting standards.

It is easily available on Amazon India, you should take a look at it here.

How to choose a home theater system in India

Before selecting a home theater system for your home, you need to decide just what you need the home theater system the most for. In most Indian homes the home theater systems also doubles as the main music system. That means you use it to add a fabulous sound dimension to your big TV and also use it to play your favourite music.

The typical home theater system is the 5.1 speaker one. That means 5 satellite speakers and one sub woofer. These 5.1 speaker home theater systems range anywhere from 5 thousand to 75 thousand.

There are many factors that you need to keep in mind when buying a home theater system but the most important is the main purpose of the home theater system. Will watching movies be the main thing or will watching TV programmes with dialogue or listening to music.

If it is sound effects that you need most so that you can have an immersive movie watching experience, then you need to keep in mind the size of the room. If it is a large room bigger than say 20 feet into 20 feet ten you need to go in for the full size home theater system with big satellite speakers and a big sub woofer. Only then will it be able to fill the room with sound and the wow factor.

If you want to listen to dialogues mainly in TV serials or movies and are not very concerned about getting a big sound than you should focus on getting a very robust centre channel speaker as that is where the dialogues are concentrated.

If you are looking for a fabulous immersive movie sound experience then you need the best of all the speakers, with the sub woofer giving the really low base ground shaking sound, the two side speakers giving the delivering the soundtrack and special effects, the center speaker delivering the dialogues and the two rear speakers giving you the atmospheric and directional sounds.

If your system is going to be mainly for listening to music then you can even think about investing in a stereo speaker system. Most music is dynamically compressed to work best in the stereo effect. So try and go in for high quality ground standing stereo speakers for this kind of a system.

You can loosely look at factors like audio clarity, controls on the home theater system that are user friendly and also remote friendly, as you will need to switch from TV to music to gaming with the remote control. Also worth considering is the quality of the sub woofer and overall bass reproduction.

HDMI Cables
A very important consideration is the slots for HDMI cables as most modern TVs run on HDMI as do the rest of the components. So look for at least 3 HDMI cable slots in the Home theater system.

7.1 channel home theater system
The level up into the 7.1 or the 9.1 channel home theater system will deliver a complete surround sound and much better atmospheric and directional effects. This is for the movie buff who wants to get movie hall like sound in the home.

PMPO versus RMS
PMPO is the Peak Music Power Output and RMS is the Root Mean Square value. PMPO is a loosely defined term that can be manipulated by music system makers to suit their needs, and make it look like a music system has a huge music output. RMS is a clearly defined value that is a true representation of the music power of the music system. Always compare music systems with their RMS value.

Choose a Home Theater System from the Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems in India

When you start looking for your ideal home theater system from the list of top bestsellers in India, you can be sure tat you will not go wrong. In the budget that you have, you will end up getting a good value for money music system. If your budget is below 10,000, then the Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems will give you those choice that have been bought by most people and tried and tested. That is a great way to start your hunt for the home theater system. If you check the specs and see that one of them matches your need, then you can go in for it.

If your budget is high and you can go up to 30,000 then too you will find a good option amongst the Top 10 Best Home Theater systems in India. And if it has come into the Top 10 despite its price, then it has to be a really good model that has delivered great results for a whole lot of people.

Some practical reasons why it makes sense to choose your home theater system from the list of the Top 10 in India

The Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems in India only have the top bestselling Home Theater Systems

These home theater systems have become bestsellers because they deliver the best quality and value for money

Since these home theater systems are bets sellers they have been brought and tested by many buyers already

This list of Top 10 best Home Theater Systems are updated every day to ensure that you only get the latest and best home theater systems and not any out dated models

And finally when you choose from, you get quality, value, reliability and the Amazon India 30 days returns and refund assurance (please read the refund policy for a particular product to clarify whether it is returns or exchange for a new piece – both work well but you should not get a surprise if you need to use it)

Go ahead and bring home a great home theater system today!

SaleIndia's No. 1
SaleIndia's No. 2
Philips Heart Beat SPA-3800B 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (Black/Yellow)
Philips - Electronics
₹ 4,990 - 19% ₹ 4,039
SaleIndia's No. 3
Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System (Black)
Sony - Electronics
₹ 11,990 - 13% ₹ 10,425
SaleIndia's No. 4
Sony HT-RT40 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theatre System (Black)
Sony - Electronics
₹ 22,990 - 12% ₹ 20,270
SaleIndia's No. 5
iBELL 5.1 Speaker with FM Stereo, Bluetooth, USB/SD/MMC/AUX Function
iBELL - Electronics
₹ 5,050 - 31% ₹ 3,465
SaleIndia's No. 6
Zebronics BT6590RUCF 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers
Zebronics - Electronics
₹ 3,939 - 12% ₹ 3,447
SaleIndia's No. 7
Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker
Speakers - Electronics
₹ 7,590 - 11% ₹ 6,718
SaleIndia's No. 8
Sony HT-RT3 Sound Bar Home Theatre System (Black)
Sony - Electronics
₹ 17,490 - 8% ₹ 16,099
SaleIndia's No. 9
F&D T60X Tower Speakers
F&D - Accessory
₹ 10,990 - 14% ₹ 9,435
SaleIndia's No. 10
Impex 5.1 Home Theater Fusion
Forworld China
₹ 7,290 - 18% ₹ 5,999

Last update on July 26, 2018 / Affiliate links / Images from Product Advertising API

Check out these home theater systems below 5000

SaleIndia's No. 1
SaleIndia's No. 2
SaleIndia's No. 4
Philips Heart Beat SPA-3800B 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (Black/Yellow)
Philips - Electronics
₹ 4,990 - 19% ₹ 4,039
SaleIndia's No. 5
F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System (Black)
F&D - Electronics
₹ 1,790 - 24% ₹ 1,357
SaleIndia's No. 6
iBall Raaga 2.1 Q9 Full Wood Speakers (Rosewood)
iBall - Electronics
₹ 1,875 - 27% ₹ 1,364
SaleIndia's No. 7
Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System (Black)
CREATIVE - Personal Computers
₹ 1,999 - 12% ₹ 1,750
SaleIndia's No. 8
Intex IT-881U 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black)
Intex - Electronics
₹ 2,499 - 30% ₹ 1,750
India's No. 9
F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System (Black)
F&D - Electronics
₹ 990
SaleIndia's No. 10
I KALL 7.1 Channel Bluetooth Multimedia Home Theater System (2018)
FabImpex - Electronics
₹ 4,999 - 50% ₹ 2,499

Last update on July 26, 2018 / Affiliate links / Images from Product Advertising API

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Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems in India 2017 – Home Theater Systems Buying Guide and bestsellers list – Look, Choose, Buy! Get the best quality at the best price!

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