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Top 10 Best Ink Tank Printers In India 2019

Top 10 Best Ink Tank Printers in India 2019

Ink Tank Printers Page India

Top 10 Best Selling Ink Tank Printers in India

Updated on June 19, 2019

best ink tank printers india

Why Choose an Ink Tank Printer

An Ink Tank printer is different from a regular printer in the fact that its ink can be refilled without the need of replacing an ink cartridge. The Top 10 Best Ink Tank Printers in India list is a great place for you to start your search for the ideal ink tank printer.

The new craze for ink tank printers was started a few years back by Epson when it came out with the L220 Ink tank printer, and since then it has been only growing in popularity. Most users are preferring to buy the ink tank printers as they are much cheaper to operate since you only fill as much ink as required and do not need to fill in every colour of ink if only one colour is reducing. Thus the wasteful concept of repeatedly buying ink cartridges is done away with. Due to this the cost per print has come down to considerably less than a single rupee.

In case you are wondering these are not just ink tank printers, they are multi function printers. They can print, scan and copy. You can say these are also the best multifunction laser printers in India, amongst a whole lot of other things.

This list of the best Ink Tank printers in India is updated daily and only features the top bestselling ink tank printers. Here is a quick look at a few of the top ink tank printers in India.




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best ink tank printer india epson l361

Epson L361 Color Ink Tank Printer

Rs. 9,999

Amazon | Flipkart

Best India Ink Tank Printer HP GT 5810

HP Ink Tank GT 5810

Rs. 9,490

Amazon | Flipkart

Canon Pixma G2000

Rs. 9,294

Amazon | Flipkart

Ink Tank Printer HP - go for it now

ink tank printer hp

With ink tank printers gaining popularity, the biggest printer brands including HP have launched newer and better models. HP launched the GT range of ink tank printers that are taking the market by storm. The HP Deskjet GT series is meant for small businesses and make printing large number of copies very economical.

One of the big advantages of the Ink Tank Printer HP has come up with is that it is wireless. This makes printing from anywhere very easy, and removes the whole hassle of connecting the printer to a laptop or a PC.

Another major improvement by HP in their Ink Tank Printers is the spill free ink refill system. These GT series HP Ink Tank Printers have effectively addressed one of the problems of ink tank printers during refilling, of spilling and being somewhat of a hassle. This common frustration that users have with ink tank printers while replenishing the ink has been made clean and easy with the HP spill-free refill system. In this system you just need plug the refill bottle into the ink tank of the printer without any need to squeeze and aim or any other hassle. As the ink transfers from the bottles to the ink tank, a user is easily able to monitor the level of the ink thanks to the transparent ink tanks.

The GT series of ink tank Deskjets by HP print up to 8,000 pages with a set of three HP ink bottles. With the HP black pigment ink bottle, the printer can straight off print up to 5,000 pages. The HP ink tank ink bottles are priced around 435 rupees on Amazon right now. These ink bottles have been carefully developed by and formulated to deliver great colours, sharp text and vibrant images, that are water resistant and do not fade. The entire objective is to give small businesses and home users a very powerful printer that delivers high quality prints for home and business requirements at an affordable cost and without any hassles.

Since they are wireless printers, you can easily print from a smartphone or a tablet, and of course a laptop. The HP Wi-Fi Direct option enables users to easily connect their mobile device to the printer and take print outs. The GT series printers of course give users the option to connect with a wire to a PC or any other device, along with the option to print wirelessly.

We feel that the HP DeskJet GT 5820 All-in-One printer is an ideal option for your small business and home printing requirements. Also the set up is very simple with a mobile device. If there is no wireless network, by using the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app, users can quickly send off a scan to an email or to cloud storage through any mobile device. Users can easily print on the HP GT series ink tank printers with a whole array of devices including iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Chromebooks, any Windows operating system, and tablets running on Android etc.

You can check out the current prices of the HP Ink Jet Printers here -

See HP DeskJet GT 5810 which is the lowest priced model here!

Check the HP DeskJet GT 5820 which is the most popular model here!

Get the HP DeskJet GT 5821 which is top of the line model here!

One of the best Epson ink tank printers that is efficient and highly affordable

In today’s world, whether it is in office, at home or for your children’s school, print-outs are needed everywhere and almost every day. You need to take printouts for documents, forms and various other purposes.

One of the best Ink Tank Printers in India - Epson L485 wi-fi

Epson L 485 ink tank printer india best top 10

Epson was the first to come out with ink tank printers, and were obviously ahead of the others. However, now all the top brands of printers from Canon to Pixma have launched ink tank printers.

They are all at par, but the Epson L485 is still one of the best around. One advantage of the L485 is that the ink tanks are outside the printer which makes filling ink extremely easy. Though its looks and design may not be at the very top, but in terms of print quality and performance it is quite solid. It copying is especially good even with highly detailed and small images. It is truly an excellent ink tank printer for your home or office at a reasonable price. Its wi-fi printing ability makes it especially easy and seamless to use.

We recommend the Epson L455 though it may not be in the Top 10 Best Ink Tank printers list. You can print through it from your mobile device sitting in any part of your house or office. Isn't that cool!

At least check it out once by clicking the button below.

The Top 10 Best Ink Tank Printers in India have some of the best quality printers at the best prices. Whether you need a printer for your home or for your office, this list will help you to find the right one very quickly.

The main brands that are offering ink tank printers are Epson, HP and Canon. You can check out the specifications of the ink tank printers below and match it with your needs in terms of how many print-outs you will be taking and how fast you need the print-outs.

Epson’s range of Ink Tank printers include models like the Epson L220 Colour Ink Tank Printer, Epson L130 Ink Tank Colour Printer and the Epson Ink Tank Colour Printer L380. There is the option of choosing a wireless ink tank printer too, that will print directly from your laptop or smartphone without needing to connect to it with a cable.

HP has several ink tank printer models, while Canon has the Pixma range of ink tank printers. Even the brand Brother has come up with high quality ink tank printers.

Go ahead and choose one from the list below. It goes without saying that when you choose from, you only get great quality at a wonderful price.

Pick an Ink Tank Printer that the most number of Indians trust.

✓✓✓ Top 10 Best Selling Ink Tank Printers in India

Top 10 Best Ink Tank Printers in India

#1 Epson L361 Multifunction Color InkTank Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Epson L361

Product Details

  • Being a multi function printer, this Epson printer can effortlessly print, scan, and copy
  • It has a print resolution of 5760 dpi
  • For every 70 ml bottle of black ink, this printer delivers 4,500 pages
  • For colour the printer 7,500 pages
  • It prints at high speeds of 33 ppm for black and 15 ppm for color
  • A good Epson service network is an added advantage
  • The printer comes with free installation as well as onsite warranty

The L361 comes with a CIS sensor and uses on demand ink-jet printing. It's high print quality is also due to 180 black nozzles and 59 cyan, magenta and yellow nozzles. The maximum resolution of the print outs is 5760 X 1440 dpi. It has a very good printing speed too. This complete and highly effective package comes for under 10,000 rupees, and delivers the bang for your buck.


Rs. 9,999

#2 HP Ink Tank GT 5810 All-in-One Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer HP GT 5810

Product Details

  • The HP Ink Tank GT 5810 Printer is one of the best selling printers in India
  • It is a true multi function printer, that prints, copies, and scans
  • Using their proprietary technology and processes, HP has been able to bring down the price per print to just 9 paisa per print for black and 19 paisa per print for color pages
  • Another advantage is that refilling the ink tank has been made spill free
  • The printer overall is very easy to use and handle
  • Also, the printer setup is fast and convenient 


Rs. 9,490

#3 Canon Pixma G2000 All-In-One InkJet Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Canon Pixma G2000

Product Details

  • The Canon Pixma G 2000 can print, scan and copy
  • It uses a GI 790 type cartridge
  • It can print a 4X6 inch borderless photo in 60 seconds
  • It has A4 print speeds of ISO standard - upto 5.0ipm for color prints and 8.8ipm for mono prints


Rs. 9,294

#4 HP Wireless Ink Tank GT 5820 All-in-One Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer HP Wireless 5820

Product Details

  • The HP Wireless Ink Tank GT 5820 printer can print, scan and copy with wireless connectivity.
  • It allows direct printing through wi-fi, allowing you to print from a range of mobile devices.
  • Setting up the printer  from a mobile device is easy and quick. 
  • The replenishment system is spill free making it easy to handle
  • Setup is fast and convenient.


Rs. 9,999

#5 Epson L 130 Color Single Function Inkjet Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Epson L130

Product Details

  • The Epsom has a print resolution of 5760 dpi
  • It can print 4,500 pages per 70 ml black ink bottle and 7,500 pages for colour
  • The printer is very efficient and can print at a high speed of  27 ppm for black and 15 ppm for colour
  • It is also very economical per print - just 7 paise per black and 18 paise per color print
  • It comes bundled with free installation and onsite warranty


Rs. 7,627

#6 Epson L380 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Epson L380

Product Details

  • The Epsom L380 printer has terrific print speeds of upto 10 ipm
  • Thisis possible due to the high yield bottles it can accomodate.
  • It can print a maximum of 20 copies at a time, with a maximum print resolution of 5,760 X 1,440 dpi
  • It can print on a variety of page sizes - A4, A5, A6, B5, 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 in), 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 in), 9 x 13 cm (3.5 x 5 in), Letter (8œ x 11 in), Legal (8œ x 14 in), 100 x 148 mm, Envelopes: #10, DL, C6
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year or 30,000 pages, whichever comes first


Rs. 10,889

#7 Brother DCP-T300 Multifunction Colour Ink Tank Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Brother DCP - T300

Product Details

  • The Brother DCP-T300 printer has a smart design with the refill tank system that offers an ultra-high 6000 page-yield for black ink.
  • This translates to bigger savings and greater efficiency
  • In the Fast Mode it can speed print  to up to  27/10 ppm (mono/colour) 
  • Compatible ink cartridges are BT6000BK, BT5000C, BT5000M, BT5000Y
  • It comes with a warranty of  1 year or 30,000 pages, whichever is earlier


Rs. 8,999

#8 Canon Pixma G1000 Refillable Ink Tank Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Canon Pixma G1000

Product Details

  • The Canon Pixma G1000 printer is equipped with a high speed USB along with high page yield ink bottles and an integrated ink tank system
  • This results in high quality photo and document printing. 
  • It can easily handle high volume printing at a standard print speed of  up to 8.8ipm (mono) / 5.0ipm (color) on A4 page size. 


Rs. 7,870

#9 Canon Pixma G3000 (All in One Wireless Ink Tank Printer)

Best India Ink Tank Printer Canon Pixma G3000

Product Details

  • The Canon Pixma G3000 printer can print effortlessly across a wireless LAN
  • It is enabled to execute mobile and cloud printing efficiently
  • It has high page yield bottles and an Integrated Ink Tank System


Rs. 12,499

#10 Epson L405 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Best India Ink Tank Printer Epson L405

Product Details

  • The Epson L405 printer is wi fi enabled, giving you the convenience of printing from anywhere from your smart device.
  • It has ultra-high yields of 7,500 for color and 4,500 for black with each set of ink bottles.
  • This results in great savings and efficiencies. 


Rs. 13,995

One slight disadvantage of Epson Ink tank printers, which I consider to be just a minor irritant and well worth overlooking

All said and done I am extremely satisfied with my Epson L220 ink tank printer. I bought it just around the time that ink tank printers were launched by Epson. It was one of the earliest models. I have been using it since then very very effectively. I absolutely love its quality and also its great affordability.

The elimination of ink cartridges that are only a one time use was brilliant and of course it has changed the entire printer market, with all brands now offering ink tank printers. I am very happy with the Epson Ink tank printer but one aspect is a little bothersome though.

Refilling the ink is not completely spill free.

That is true, no matter how careful I am, I always manage to spill some little ink here and there and of course get my fingers stained by ink.

This is a just a once in a 4-6 months activity and frankly I do not mind it int he least. But the ink filling does end up with my fingers becoming multi coloured a for a few days. Some of the other brands have created spill-free ink refilling systems, which eliminates this problem. However, I will go in for Epson all over again, as I do not see this as a real problem. It is a minor irritant. However, you should know about it. Just today I received the refill ink bottles that I had ordered from Amazon for around Rs. 500.

It feels so good to see the four ink tanks getting completely filled with these bottles. And I know that the ink will last me a very long time.

However while refilling the ink tanks I dis spill a little ink on my fingers. I used a bunch of tissues determined to not spill any ink, but still I have ink on my right hand index and middle fingers. They look like Holi colours LOL.

Any ways I just thought that you should know this. Enjoy your ink tank printers, they really give a lot of peace of mind and of course great print outs.

What should you buy, a printer, a copier or a multi-function printer for your office?

It is not immediately apparent what the best option for you will be. The problem is that in a hurry you might choose the wrong option and that might mean you spend a lot more than you actually needed to. Making the right choice here, could lead to substantial savings.

This little guide will try and show you the right path through the many options and choice that you are presented with, and hopefully you will be able to make a choice that will save you a lot of money and effort.

So should it be a copier, a printer or a multi function printer?

There is a simple way to find out what is the best choice for you or your office. That is by answering a few questions about your or your office’s need for a printer. You need to ask yourself the questions listed below, and you should be able to take a decision as to what will be your best option.

1. What is your printing or copying quantity, how often and how much do you print or copy in a month?

Probably the most important question that you need to answer, its answer will decide whether you need a large, multi-functional machine or a smaller printer will do just fine. And if you are going to rent or lease a machine, then the number of prints or copies that you will need will decide the rental costs.

2. How many people will be using the printer or copier in your office?

This is important to know. Will the entire office be using it, or one department or will it be used just by one senior person in your office? The larger the number of users, the more sturdy and durable the device should be. A robust model with simple controls is always better.

3. Is there a real need for colour prints or copies or is the bulk of it black and white, and just an occasional colour copy?

The simple thinking behind this is, that if you are getting it only for internal use and there is no real need for colour, then you can save a lot initially and in the long run with a black and white device. You just need to think about whether you will be taking print outs to clients or not. If you do then a colour printer of copier is needed.

4. Does buying a large machine intimidate you?

Looking at a large machine and its accompanying large price tends to make you feel that it is too much money to invest just in a printer or a copier. However, if you have a lot of volume, then a larger and better printer will be much cheaper in the long run. In fact it will start becoming cheaper to run in a few months time if your volumes are high. So, don’t be scared by a bigger price, go in for the device that will do justice to your quantity of prints and significantly reduce your costs in the longer run.

5. Will you need additional functions and features? Think of these additional requirements well in advance.

Your office requirement might include multiple paper sizes or automatic double-sided printing or extra memory, and these points should be known before hand so that the final device does not fall short in the essential requirements.

Top 10 Best Selling Wi - Fi  Printers in India

With the advances in printing technology and the ready access we have to the internet, it of no surprise that wireless printing is catching up in leaps and bounds. The printing demands of a family are diverse and multiple, from a business report to a homework submission to an art project. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a wi-fi printer, and a few why not.

  • Free from Cables - Apart from the power cable, no other wiring is required. As the number of users or devices increases, the web of cables running back and forth increases to confusing proportions. With a wi fi printer, this issue is addressed very effectively.
  • Supports Multiple Devices  - A wi-fi printer can support multiple devicesvery effectively. Whether one is printing from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop, the wi-fi can process all the commands efficiently ( though not all at the same time!)
  • Mobility - A traditional printing assignment will require you to be close tot he printer. A wi-fi printer sets you free. You can send a print command from anywhere in your home, while catching up on your favorite serial or supervising the children's homework.
  • Range -The range of the wireless network may be limited . However, with the right placement of the printer and a good wi fi router this can be taken care of easily. 
  • Cost - Wi Fi printers are more initially expensive than the traditional models. However, the low running, maintenance and replacement costs make them a sound investment in the long run.

Choose from the wide range of wi fi printers available in India today. You can choose from wi fi color or laser printers here.

Top 10 Best Selling Wi Fi Color Printers

These wi-fi colour printers are India's bestsellers. They include all kinds of printers and represent the most in demand wi-fi printers.

Top 10 Best Selling Wi Fi Laser Printers

Laser printers have their advantages, and a wi-fi laser printer makes them much more convenient to operate. Check out the best in India.

Top 10 Best Selling Dot Matrix  Printers in India

Dot matrix printers are one of the oldest printers available today, going to show the longevity and success of the design and technology of these printers. Dot matrix printers print with an ink-soaked cloth ribbon hitting against the paper. The printer head moves in an up and down motion or runs back and forth on the paper,  and involves the use of mechanical pressure where the pins against the ink ribbon strike on the paper. Here are some reasons in favor and against going in for a dot matrix  printer.

Advantages of Buying a Dot Matrix Printer

  • They are inexpensive to purchase and are easily available
  • The costs of running a dot matrix printer and maintenance is low
  • They can print carbon copies since they are  impact printers
  • They can be programmed to print on a variety of sizes of paper, and in continuous reams
  • they provide enough warning of finishing ink by fading out the printing rather than stopping suddenly
  • They are very hardy printers and can be used in almost any environment

Disadvantages of Buying a Dot Matrix Printer

  • Quality of output is low
  • They are very noisy printers as the pins all hit the paper at the same time.
  • The pins also get bent very easily leading to damage to the print heads
  • Dot matrix printers are prone to paper jamming, clearing these jams is a tedious process
  • They are slow printers when compared to inkjet and laser printers

Choose from the wide range of dot matrix printers available in India today. 

Pick a Dot Matrix Printer that the most number of Indians trust.

Top 10 Best Selling Dot Matrix Printers

If you need to print in bulk and are not looking for very high quality, and want very low cost per print, then the best selling dot matrix printers are a great choice for you.

Top 10 Best Selling Laser Printers

If you need a printer for your office or your home office, then the best laser printers in India offer a very good selection of laser printers to you.

Top 10 Best Selling Laser  Printers in India

How to choose a good laser printer

Laser printers are very popular now-a-days, especially because it is the first choice of people who want a printer for their office or home office. The main reason being laser printers deliver an excellent performance and produce high-quality printouts. They are ideal for color and black & white printing and come at a very affordable price. But there are certain points that we need to consider before buying a laser printer.

1) Type of Laser Printer

There are basically two types of laser printers in the market. One that is suitable for small organizations that require quick high-quality printouts and the other for large organizations that have greater printing requirements. Thus, it is up to you to consider the size of your organization and get a laser printer that perfectly suits your needs.

2) Operating system support

There are different types of operating systems that include Windows, Linux, XP, etc. and not every printer supports all of the operating systems. Thus, it is quite important to first do a thorough research about the operating system for which your laser printer will need to have compatibility before going in for a particular model.

3) 2 in 1

Nowadays, there are many laser printers that also come with scanning facility. Although additional features in a laser printer are good, it is you who have to decide whether you want to pay some extra bucks for such a printer and whether or not such a thing is really necessary for you.

4) Networking enabled

Almost, every new laser printer that is available in the market comes with the feature that enables you to connect your mobile phone with it through WiFi and print your favorite pictures. Moreover, such a thing also gives you the convenience of wireless printing.

5) Compact

A small and compact laser printer takes very less space to fit in thereby making your day-to-day printing tasks easy and simple.

6) In-built memory card slot

If you are someone who wishes to own a printer to print photos, it is better to go for one that has an inbuilt memory card slot where you can insert your memory card from a camera or mobile phone and print photos without even having to transfer the photos to a computer first.

7) Price

Although the price is a minuscule factor when it comes to buying anything for our personal needs, still it is a known fact that laser printers are cheaper than ink printers and thus it is better to get one that apart from suiting our needs also suits our budget.

Additional points to consider

Certain common factors are needed to be considered before finally deciding to buy a laser printer which includes printing speed, resolution, print volume, input capacity, output speed, configuration facilities, etc.

Have a look at the list of the Top 10 Best Laser Printers in India below, to make a choice of what would be best for your needs. Since they are all best sellers, you can be assured of their quality and durability.

Top 10 Best Selling Inkjet Printers in India

Inkjet printers are the most commonly used printers  and the range starts from the extremely affordable to the highly technical high end models. To make it easier for you to decide on purchasing an inkjet printer, here are the advantages and disadvantages of such a printer.

Advantages of an Inkjet Printer

  • Initial Cost - The initial cost of setting up an inkjet printer is quite low. It is easy to invest in this printer. 
  • Quality - The inkjet printer delivers great results for images and good results for text. Images come out more vivid and vibrant than a laser printer.
  • Space - The compact nature of this printer means it takes up very little space, ideal to be placed on your desktop. This also makes it very portable. 

Disadvantages of an Inkjet Printer

  • Running Costs -  While the initial cost is low, the cost or replacing the cartridges is significantly higher. Also, for printing images, specialized paper, which is expensive, is required for best results. 
  • Speed - When compared to a laser printer, the inkjet printer is relatively slower.
  • Moisture - Once a page is printed it take some time for the ink to dry, if not careful, you might end up smudging the document.

Have a look at the list of the Top 10 Best Inkjet Printers in India below, to make a choice of what would be best for your needs. Since they are all best sellers, you can be assured of their quality and durability.

Pick a Inkjet Printer that the most number of Indians trust.

Top 10 Best Selling Ink Jet Printers

Ink jet printers have always been one of the most popular because of their print quality and affordability. ere are the very best in India now!

Top 10 Best Selling All-in-One Printers

Need a device that can print scan and copy? Then you need a an all-in-one printer. Here are India's top 10 best for you to choose from.

Inkjet and Laser Printers Comparison

It is not very difficult to choose between an ink jet and a laser printer. You just need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each type of printer. Below is a convenient table that compares the two types of printers, so that at a glance you can decide which is better for you.

Inkjet Printers

If your typical type of printing includes text, coloured graphics, images, photos etc. Then ink jet is the better choice. Ink jet printers can effectively print anything and the printing of photos is especially good, particularly when you use a glossy paper.

The speed of print outs in ink jet printers is around 5 to 18 black and white pages per minute. If you are taking a colour print out, then it takes longer. For a full fledged high quality A4 sheet, the printer might take as long a minute to 4 minutes.

Ink jet printers are usually smaller and lighter than laser printers.

Their initial cost is lower than laser printers but in the long run, laser printers cost less.

There is a function in some ink jet printers to print borderless prints on 4X6 inch paper. If you need this feature you have to look for an ink jet printer with special 4X6 inch or additional paper tray.

 Printing a 4x6 snapshot can take less than a minute and can cost as little as 20 cents.

Laser Printers

If you will be printing mostly black and white documents and also in large numbers, then a laser printer is your best option.

All laser printers are very good at printing high quality and sharp black and white print outs, especially text. However, they are not very good with colour print outs. Though there are models that print in colour, however they too will not be able to print properly on glossy paper, of photo quality paper or specialised paper. Photo print quality is not up the standard.

Laser printers are not designed to print different sized papers, say a 4X6 inch paper etc. They won’t be able to print greeting card sized paper either.

When it comes to printing black and white documents, then the laser printer is faster than an ink jet printer and can take out 9 to 25 pages per minute.

A black and white laser printer costs around the same as a mid priced ink jet printer.

 A laser printer can print thousands of black and white pages per cartridge, at an economical price.

Top 10 Best Selling All-in-One (Multi Function)  Printers in India

As the name suggests, these are multi function printers that can scan, copy and print ( and even receive faxes in some cases). Let us see if combining all these features into one device suits your requirements or not. 

All-in-One Printer

Advantages of a Multi Function Printer 

  • Initial Cost - The initial cost of setting up an all-in-one printer is quite low as there as no additional expenses on a copier, scanner or fax machine.
  • Space - Such a printer takes up very little floor space and is not spread across multiple surfaces.
  • Single Support Center - Since all the functionalities are within a single machine, one needs to approach a single support point for any technical issue with any component.  

Disadvantages of a Multi Function Printer

  • Quality - Due to the multiple functions available, the quality of one or more functionalities  may be compromised. For example,the print output of a stand alone laser printer will be of a higher standard than that of a multi function printer.
  • Running and Maintenance Costs -  While the initial installation cost is low, the cost of running such a printer and maintaining it is expensive. 
  • Breakdown - A breakdown in any one functionality will affect the working of the other functionalities as well. The entire machine will be out of order till the particular glitch is repaired. 
  • Processing Time - Such printers operate on a "first in - first out" principle which may lead to the processing of important documents getting held up.  

Have a look at the list of the Top 10 Best Multi Function Printers in India below, to make a choice of what would be best for your needs. Since they are all best sellers, you can be assured of their quality and durability.

Pick a Multi Function Printer that the most number of Indians trust.

Top 10 Best Selling Printers by brand in India

If you have not been able to make up your mind on which printer to buy based on type of printer, do have a look at the top selling printers available by brand to help you.

If you have gone through the article, then you already know the different types of printers that are available to buy. Sometimes you want to buy a particular brand rather than a particular kind of printer. The best brands of printers all have a wide range of printers.

From HP to Epson to Canon, we have listed out the top 10 best printers for each brand below. You just need to click on the box to bring up a list of the top ten best printers of that brand.

Many of us get accustomed to how a particular brand of devices functions, especially with smartphones, but also with printers. If you want to check out the best printers of these brands, just go on and have a good look at them now.

Pick a printer that the most number of Indians trust, and suits your requirements.

Top 10 Best Selling HP Printers in India

(click here)

HP Printers

Top 10 Best Selling Epson Printers in India

(click here)

Epson Printers

Top 10 Best Selling Canon Printers in India

(click here)

Canon Printers

Top 10 Best Selling Ricoh Printers in India

(click here)

Ricoh Printers
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