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Best Job Sites In India – Top Job Portals In India

Best Job Sites in India – Top Job Portals in India

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Looking for a job or looking for people to hire - these are India's best job sites

India is a country of numbers, from a population of 1 billion and growing, to 10 to 12 million new workers being added every year. In this scenario of plenty of job seekers and not enough jobs, looking for a job becomes difficult unless you look in the right places.

Amongst the best ways to look for jobs in India toady is to go and search through the many online job site in India. These job sites or as some would like to call them job portals, have been around for many years, especially the early websites like and

What we bring you here is a list of the top 10 best job sites in India along with a little idea of what they are good for. There are job sites that are specialized, and others that have every kind of opportunity that there is. In fact with the emergence of social media, websites like LinkedIn have also become quite important in this area.

Today, many people start their job search from LinkedIn, rather than from a typical job portal. Many new concepts have also entered into the market from peer to peer job portals to referral websites.

Top Job Sites in India – Some of the best in India today


best job portals india

This is India’s oldest, it was launched in 1997, and most established job portal, with millions of job postings and users across the country, and also overseas too (after all a lot of Indians abroad are looking to come back to India). is currently India’s largest job portal and has the largest number of job seekers and job posters in India. It features in all reviews and ratings of job portals in India, as one of the top ones. There are many ways of searching for a job using, and if you register, then you also get updates on new and relevant job opportunities straight to your email box.


India's top best sites

This jobs website is backed by the Time of India group, and has emerged as one of India’s biggest job portals today. In fact this subsidiary of the Times Group is now one of the fastest growing job websites in India. Whether you are a job seeker or a recruiter or a company looking to hire, this website has become a hive of action. The website gives users the option of posting their work portfolio and samples, and has many innovative features to connect job seekers with job providers. They also offer tools like Salary Benchmarking to help candidates pitch themselves correctly with potential employers.



Established in 2001, is one of India’s best job portals, and has over 200 million people registered worldwide. They bring you a massive repository of opportunities both for job seekers and employers at all levels. Monster is a global organisation, with operations in all the major Indian cities. It brings in highly intuitive features for both jobseekers and employers to connect and make a great match. Monster mPower Search was voted product of the year in 2014, and has many other accolades and awards to its credit.


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Shine is the job portal promoted and owned by the Hindustan Times Group. Shine has emerged as a leading job portal because of their aggressive stance in attracting job recruiters and seekers alike. In fact we can say that Shine along with Naurki get the cream of the job openings and job seekers in India. Shine has created many services that area aimed at helping young professionals. Since this is very big and dynamic target audience they have got a pretty good response. Their Resume Builder service is quite intuitive and efficient and is quite popular among young job seekers. It has also gone a step ahead and enabled direct access to top job hiring professionals and recruiters as a paid service.

If you are looking for a job, then you should definitely start your search from these portals and if needed go for more specific online services later.
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