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From office goers to students, everyone uses a laptop bag today

Updated on March 18, 2018


How to Choose a Laptop Bag – Buying Guide with Tips

What kind of a laptop bag you should go in for will be decided mainly by how you plan to use your laptop bag.

The Top 10 Best laptop Bags in India will give a fair idea of the most popular laptop bags today. Once you have a fair idea of what you need, there is a good chance that you will find a good fit in the list of India's Top 10 Laptop Bags.

The reason why this list of laptop bags is very useful is that each laptop here has been purchased more times than any other in India. Also the list is updated every day, and brings you the freshest and latest hits in laptop bags.

Here is a quick look at some of the top bestselling laptop bags in India in2017:

best laptop bags india

Choosing a laptop bag for your specific needs

Let us take some examples of how laptop bags can differ according to the uses. You may want a laptop sleeve that is good to carry your laptop easily within your office, or a laptop backpack that is great to sling your laptop bag around one shoulder and carry it around anywhere. The Rolling laptop bags are great for frequent travelers who also pack in overnight stuff into it. There are special women’s laptop bags which have a feminine design and looks. If you are an active kind of person who might cycle to work, then you can choose a messenger style laptop bag.

Different types of Laptop Bags

There are a few different types of laptop bags. Here we give a quick overview of each type and its uniqueness.

Backpack Type Laptop Bags

These are the most common and allow you to carry your laptop slung on your shoulders behind you with your hands free. This is great for city people, travelers and even students. It lets you carry not just our laptop but all our other tech gear in it.

Messenger Laptop Bags

The messenger bags can be used cross-body. That means you can sling it around yourself across your body, so that you can be active even with your laptop bag on you. They are great for people who are generally very active, and like to move around quickly with their laptop bag. You can use the messenger laptop bag while cycling.

Rolling Laptop Bags

When you want the weight of your laptop off your shoulder, then choose a rolling laptop bag. These are also great for heavier laptops and if you want to travel with the laptop and a few clothes in the rolling bag. The Rolling bags are bigger than the other laptop bags and can also be used as an overnighter.

Briefcase Laptop Bags

These laptop bags are carried from the briefcase handle on them. Professional looking with a traditional design they are great for office. These Briefcase Style Laptop bags can also have padded handles and more compartments than usual bags.

Laptop Sleeves

The laptop Sleeves are essentially sleek and thin cases for laptops that fit snugly. They are useful to carry your laptop around within an office or inside your home from room to room.

Some tips for choosing a laptop

Tip #1

If you carry a lot of additional stuff along with your laptop, then look for extra compartments and sleeves inside the laptop bag.

Tip #2

If you are a frequent traveler try and ick a roller laptop bag which will act like an overnighter for short trips. Also look for laptop bags that are airport security check friendly.

Tip #3

Be sure to check the dimensions of the laptop bag. Your laptop should be able to fit in comfortably and the space in the bag shouldn’t be too large either. So check the laptop screen dimensions and if the bag is meant for that size laptop or not.

Tip #4

Choose the style of your laptop carefully, whether you will be carrying it on your back with your hands free mostly, or slinging it cross-body or flying frequently. There are different style laptops each of these uses.

Tip #5

If you want to go in for some extras and high end laptop bags, then check for self-repairing sippers, or ‘smart’ laptops that also have a charging unit inside them for your mobile device and can be remotely locked through bluetooth and your smartphone.

Top 10 Best laptop Bags in India – Daily Updated

These laptops are the top bestsellers and the list is updated daily. You will get the best quality at the best price as well as the latest trending laptop bags.

Top 10 Best Laptop Bags

Best Laptop bags india office college

Top 10 Best Laptop Bags

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