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Best Mosquito Killer Bats Or Rackets To Buy In India – Most Effective Electric Fly Swatters

Best Mosquito Killer Bats or Rackets to buy in India – Most Effective Electric Fly Swatters

Mosquito bats are becoming very popular

The mosquito racket or the mosquito bat has become very popular all across India. Until a few years back, we all had heard about it, but few houses had it. Then the Chinese goods explosion happened and there were mosquito rackets available at really low prices. The biggest push to small utility electronic gadgets came due to the amazing online stores that have come to the rescue of Indian shoppers. With Amazon and Flipkart and Snapdeal bringing everything we need right into our homes, and that too at much reduced prices, things really picked up.

Today there is at least one mosquito bat in most Indian houses. These mosquito rackets initially started off as electric flyswatters. These were popular by the name of electric flyswatters and racket zappers and even zap rackets in the West. In India the more descriptive and basic name of mosquito bat has taken a hold. Though many people also call them electric mosquito killing rackets.

Where did the mosquito killer racket come from

The real origins of the mosquito racket was back in the 1990s when a Taiwanese inventor Tsao-i-Shih first develop this device. At its core it is like an electric shock gun, but at a very very low power. In fact the amount of power in a mosquito racket is actually not enough to instantly kill a mosquito. It stuns the mosquito and if the button is kept pressed it is killed.

Mosquitoes bite, cause disease, irritate, disturb sleep and are harmful for all of us

In India, mosquitoes are a real pest and in fact a carrier of many diseases. The worst impact is at the time of the monsoons, when due to stagnant water bodies, the mosquitoes breed in large numbers and cause many diseases ranging from malaria to chikungunya to dengue. In summers too when it is hot and unbearable, mosquitoes add to our woes by creating havoc and taking away our peace of mind. Mosquitoes get more active during evenings, and doing anything can become a problem if there are mosquitoes around. They are especially problematic when they trouble you when you are trying to sleep. A buzzing and biting mosquito can give a sleepless nights and make you fall ill.

Mosquito repellents have been around for ages

Mosquito repellents are being used since hundreds of years, starting from traditional solutions like citronella oil or burning the dried coconut peels with dhuna (a resin) to mosquito repellent creams, sprays, liquids and of course mosquito nets. The mosquito bat is a relatively new entrant in the long line of mosquito repellent techniques, but it is a very effective one.

How does a mosquito killer racket work

In essence the mosquito bat is made up of a criss-cross or similar design of wires, that are electrically charged, and which kill mosquitoes when they come in contact with oppositely charged wires and rods. Every mosquito killing racket is made up of a handle and a head, and looks like a tennis racket. The head part of the racket has a grid of wires and rods, that are electrically charged. The battery of the mosquito bat is in the handle, and it is rechargeable. On the handle is also a button that switches on the electric current in the grid. With the button switched on if you swing the racket at a mosquito, and it comes in contact with the head part, then the electric shock will stun it. If the switch is kept pressed ten the mosquito is killed.

The grid of the mosquito racket has an electric charge that causes a spark to fly when the mosquito or other insect is creating a connection between oppositely charged parts of it. This stuns and kills the insect or mosquito.

Mosquito rackets are safe for anyone to use

For safety reasons, most mosquito rackets have a three layer grid that prevents fingers from touching opposing electrodes in the racket. This three layer design has an outermost layer that has the same charge through which a person’s finger cannot go through but a mosquito or insect can. That is how acts a protection for people and a trap for mosquitoes, flies and other insects. And for complete safety for people who use these mosquito bats, the maximum continuous current is always below 5 miliamps. This amount of current will cause no harm to a person even if the current flows from one hand to the other in a person.

The open mesh design makes them more effective

An important part of the design of the mosquito rackets is the open mesh in the head region. Since the mesh allows the air to pass through, it does not displace the air like a solid object would. If you swung a flat book towards a mosquito, the air displacement would move the mosquito aside. However in an electric mosquito killing racket the sir does not get displaced and the mosquito gets into the mesh, thereby getting killed.

Best mosquito bats in India

We have taken a close look at some of the best electric mosquito rackets or bats in India, and reviewed them for you below. These are the best and most popular mosquito bats in India, and each one has some pros and cons. If you read about each one of these mosquito rackets, it will help you to make a choice.

1. Rareeram 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Bat


Sitting at number 1 position is a mosquito racket that is very effective, very convenient and also quite innovative. This mosquito bat is a two in one, as in it also houses a detachable torch. The mosquito bat has a three layer design for maximum safety. It is very effective as when the button is pressed and it is moved in the direction of the mosquitoes, the electric discharge stuns and kills all mosquitoes.

The great part is the detachable Led torch, which gives you an additional useful device and also a great way to charge the mosquito bat without needing to plug the entire racket in. You just need to plug in the detachable torch portion to charge the mosquito racket. Users have found this mosquito killer racket to be very effective and convenient to use. It is also easy to carry around and pack as it can be detached and packed. The Amazon 30 days return policy applies to this product and if anything goes wrong you can easily return it within this 30 day period from purchase. It’s battery si also detachable and replaceable.


  • Very effective in killing mosquitoes as per owner reviews
  • Has a detachable Led torch and a built in torch
  • Charging requires only the detachable part to be plugged in
  • The entire mosquito racket does not need to be plugged in so no chance of damage
  • The battery is replaceable
  • Torch features I useful under low light conditions


  • No real cons
  • It requires some time to charge as do all mosquito bats

2. Hunter Mosquito Killer Racket


At number two position is a mosquito that with an apt name, the Hunter Mosquito Killer. The Hunter brand of electrical products are reliable and well known. They have been around for some time and deliver good quality. This mosquito killer racket has solid quality and everything that you need to get rid of mosquitoes. One added advantage is a 6 month warranty from the manufacturer. Another cool advantage is that there is no problem with this mosquito bat even at low voltages. Charging happens easily and the high voltage and low current is very effective in killing mosquitoes.


  • It is effective on mosquitoes, stunning them and eventually ridding us of them
  • Safe to use as it has a three layer mesh
  • Has an intuitive ergonomic button for activating the racket
  • The plastic build of the racket is solid and strong
  • Rechargeable battery
  • A larger head area means it can cover a bigger area and eliminate mosquitoes more easily.
  • The battery is built-in to the bat and you just need to plug it in to charge it


  • Some similar but cheaper versions are available
  • Charging time is about an hour for a full charge as in all mosquito bats

3. Prepoy Mosquito bat


The Prepoy Mosquito Killer Racket is half the price of the ones that are listed above it, yet it is at the third position. The reason is that it is decent quality at a low price. If you do not want to spend close to five hundred rupees for a mosquito killer bat and are willing to take the risk of taking a product that is not premium quality then this Prepoy mosquito racket is ideal for you.

There are many reviews for it, and though most of them say that it works fine, a few also say that this mosquito bat did not work after  a few days and they had to return it. The problem is that the mosquito bat is well made but a certain number of them might fail.

The bat itself is a Chinese manufactured one and Prepoy is marketing them. The body of the racket is made from ABS plastic and it has a lithium battery, which is good. It is definitely worth buying if you are on a budget.


  • Very low cost compared to the others
  • Decent quality and overall effective in killing mosquitoes
  • Rechargeable and handy size 
  • Made from robust ABS plastic
  • Rechargeable battery is CE certified
  • Safe to use as has a very low current that kills insects but is safe for humans


  • Some of the Prepoy mosquito bats fail after a few days
  • Not premium quality so will not last as long as the other mosquito killer bats
  • When charging the entire mosquito bat has to be plugged in to the socket

4. Home Cube Flys Ora Mosquito Racket With Torch

Home Cube Mosquio Racket

The best thing about the Flys Ora Mosquito Killer bat is its robust build. The racket itself is pretty well made and flimsy like the other bats around. As with the other mosquito bats, it is fully rechargeable, while having the advantage of an additional LED torch that is detachable. Not only is the torch detachable, it can be charged in the detached sate and when it is fitted back into the rest of the bat, it powers the bat. That means there are no hassles of plugging in the entire mosquito bat into the electric socket. Just charge the small torch portion and you are done.  This mosquito racket has a 4.5 hour backup after a full charge. For the safety of any user, it also features a 3 layer net, which prevents human fingers from touching the oppositely charged mesh. The racket itself is made of hard plastic and it has a hanging rope for keeping a hold on it and for charging.


  • Good and solid build quality
  • A rechargeable torch 
  • Good overall effectiveness in killing mosquitoes
  • No need to plug in whole racket, just the torch position from the handle
  • Made from robust ABS plastic
  • Safe to use as has a very low current that kills insects but is safe for humans


  • Once complaint from users has been that the white frame of the racket takes up too much space.
  • A little more expensive than thee others
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