Best Room Fresheners

Best Room Fresheners

Top 10 Best Room Fresheners in India

If you are looking for the best air fresheners in India, you are at the right place. Here in the list given below you will find the bestselling air fresheners in India, which get updated every day. That means you will not only get the top bestsellers but also the very newest and latest models and products in the market. These air fresheners are battle tested by uncountable Indian buyers, who have bought them again and again. The Top 10 Best Air Fresheners in India is a great place to start your search for the air freshener that will work for you and your specific needs.

top-10-best-room-fresheres-india-air-oil-natural-diffusersThe smell of a place actually has a much deeper impact on us than we realise. Let us take the example of a coffee shop. If your favourite coffee shop did not smell as good as it does, you may not be going there as often as you do now. Also a well known marketing psychology fact is that the fragrance that floats around in most good malls along with the light music, makes us buy more than we would have otherwise.If you want your home or office to smell fresh and make it more conducive to positivity and productivity, then buying a good air freshener is a very good option. You can choose from the bestselling room fresheners in India here.

Go ahead and buy the best room fresheners in India that is the choice of the most Indian buyers!

SaleBestseller No. 1
Godrej aer spray, Air Freshener - Cool Surf Blue & Fresh Lush Green (Pack of 2, 240 ml each)
  • Contains 2 units (240ml each) of Godrej aer spray, room freshener
  • Variant - 1 each of Cool Surf Blue and Fresh Lush Green
  • Long lasting fragrance, that works with a simple push
  • Can be used anywhere - Bedroom, Living Room, Workspaces & Public Spaces
  • Available in 5 fragrance variants - Cool Surf Blue, Morning Misty Meadows, Fresh Lush Green, Musk After Smoke and Petal Crush Pink
SaleBestseller No. 2
Godrej aer pocket, Bathroom Air Fragrance - Assorted Pack of 3 (3x10g)
  • Contains any 3 units of our 5 variants (3x10g) - Violet Valley Bloom, Bright Tangy Delight, Fresh Lush Green, Petal Crush Pink and Morning Misty Meadows
  • Each unit works 24x7 and lasts upto 3-4 weeks, ensuring fragrant bathroom everytime you step into it.
  • Easy to use - simply unwrap and hang it with hook provided
  • Unique power gel technology which ensures the fragrance reaches every corner of your bathroom
  • Also available in Pack of 5 and individual packs of all 5 variants
SaleBestseller No. 3
AirRoma Lemon Grass Air Freshener Spray 200 ml
  • Lemon Grass Air Freshener Spray 200 ml
  • Long-lasting natural smelling home fragrances that can be sprayed as a room freshener in all spaces (e.g. living room, bedrooms, bathroom, dinning room, kitchen, wardrobes, shoe racks etc.)
  • Can also be used as a bathroom freshener, or in cars and office spaces.
  • For best results use it on fabrics like: curtains, sofa, carpets, blinds, bedsheets, pillow, blanket, towels, etc
  • Offers a fine selection of nature-inspired scents to keep your home fresh and fragrant.
SaleBestseller No. 4
SKEDIZ New Natural Air Freshener Spray Room Spray Freshener-200 ml (Lavender)
  • ROOM SPRAY RECOMMENDED PLACES OF USE: bathrooms, cars, boats, linens, pillows, mattresses, clothing, furniture, offices, yoga mats, and studios and etc.
  • Can also be used as a bathroom freshener, or in cars and office spaces.
  • Offers a fine selection of nature-inspired scents to keep your home fresh and fragrant.
  • MOOD ENHANCEMENT: Immensely pleasant natural scent for uplifting spirits and invigorating the mind. This essential oil may help to calm the mind and induce a relaxing environment
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR: Refreshing smell that will not only eliminate odors but keep your bathroom or bedroom feeling fresh too
SaleBestseller No. 5
Godrej aer matic, Automatic Air Freshener Kit with Flexi Control - Violet Valley Bloom (225 ml)
  • Contains 1 unit of Godrej aer matic kit. Variant - Violet Valley Bloom
  • Includes - 1 automatic air freshener dispenser, 2 AA batteries and 1 refill unit (225 ml)
  • Each refill unit guarantees 2200 air sprays and keeps room fragrant 24x7 for upto 60 days
  • Battery operated, with 3 fragrance intensity settings - 10, 20, 40 mins
  • Also available in 3 more fragrance variants - Petal Crush Pink, Cool Surf Blue and Fresh Lush Green
Bestseller No. 6
Strategi White Lily Room Freshener - 250 ml
  • Made of natural extracts and aromatic oils, it gives you a subtle yet fresh fragrance
  • 100 Percent herbal room freshener with zero chemicals
  • This herbal room freshener comes in 250 ml bottle which lasts for a month
  • It do not cause any side-effects or respiratory discomfort
  • Comes in 5 scents to suit your mood: white lily, sandal, lemon, rose and lavender
Bestseller No. 7
Mangalam CamPure Sandalwood Camphor Cone A+ Technology - Room Freshener, Mosquito - Insect Repellent (Pack Of 2)
  • TWO IN ONE BENEFIT: Unlike conventional products which are either a fragrance or a repellent, CamPure Camphor Cone is both: It provides a REFRESHING FRAGRANCE, REPELS MOSQUITOES and even PRESERVES CLOTHES. CamPure Camphor Cone does not consist of any fillers, additives or bases.
  • FIRST OF ITS KIND: The scent spreads quickly to neutralise and remove unpleasant odours, protects you from mosquitoes – flies – insects and preserves your clothes from dampness and moth infestations.
  • LONG LASTING: Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your home, office or vehicle. For the next 45 days experience a unique camphor based fragrance which has the abilities to keep you fresh and healthy. The product has a shelf life of 5 years when unopened.
  • NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS – SAFE AROUND CHILDREN: CamPure Camphor Cone is made from an extract of the pine tree and is therefore a NATURAL and ORGANIC product. There is no harmful toxic chemicals such as DEET, PDCB, Napthalene or any other petrochemicals which are potentially cancer causing (carcinogenic)
  • CERTIFIED: In most European countries the above dangerous chemicals which most available fragrances/repellents are based on are banned. In place the countries use Camphor which is known to keep one healthy from diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, H1N1, Swine Flu, chikungunya, yellow fever etc. CamPure Camphor Cone is also eco-friendly
SaleBestseller No. 8
Airwick Freshmatic 'Scents of India' Air-freshner Complete Kit [Machine + Hills of Munnar refill - 250 ml]
  • Airwick 'scents of India' are inspired by India's diversity and beauty
  • Create a mesmerizing yet soothing experience with hills of munnar, at home
  • This unique fragrance brings to you the essence of lavender and lotus
  • Airwick's dual action formula eliminates unpleasant odours and freshens the air instantly
  • Fragrances available – Himalayan mountain mist, Madurai incense, aromas of Kashmir, Nagpur narangi and hills of munnar
SaleBestseller No. 9
Godrej aer matic, Automatic Air Freshener Kit with flexi control - Cool Surf Blue (225 ml)
  • Contains 1 unit of Godrej aer matic kit. Variant - Cool Surf Blue
  • Includes - 1 automatic air freshener dispenser, 2 AA batteries and 1 refill unit (225 ml)
  • Each refill unit guarantees 2200 air sprays and keeps room fragrant 24x7 for upto 60 days
  • Battery operated, with 3 fragrance intensity settings - 10, 20, 40 mins
  • Also available in 3 more fragrance variants - Petal Crush Pink, Violet Valley Bloom and Fresh Lush Green
Bestseller No. 10
Odonil Room Spray Home Freshener, Rose - 200 g
  • Long-lasting home freshener spray that can be used in all spaces (e.g. living room, bedrooms, shoe racks, kitchen sinks etc.)
  • Can also be used as a bathroom freshener, or in cars and office spaces
  • Offers a fine selection of nature-inspired scents to keep your home fresh and fragrant
  • Available in: Lavender, Jasmine, Sandal, Citrus, Rose

Here is a short and practical guide to choosing a room freshener

A room freshener can be used in your house or in an office to have the area smelling nice and fresh. The problem is that most room fresheners actually have a less than desirable fragrance. However, if the rooms in your house or the office is assailed by unpleasant smells or have stale air, then the room fresheners can make a big difference.In fact if you choose the right room freshener it can mask many smells and unpleasant aromas, and improve the overall livability or the room. When choosing a good room freshener we need to take several factors into consideration.

What is the brand of the room freshener?

Just like we consider the brand while buying a smartphone or a laptop, in the same way, it is very important to look for a room freshener that comes from a reputed and established company. Although, we don’t spend a fortune to buy a room freshener, still, it should always be kept in mind that better the brand is, better will be the quality of the room freshener.

The fragrance is all important but it is also all subjective and based on personal preferences – you cannot please everyone with the fragrance of a room freshener.

Although it might sound hilarious that I am writing about the importance of considering the fragrance before buying a room freshener, the fact is many a time, shopkeepers try to convince us about room fresheners whose fragrance is actually below par. It makes sense here to test out several brands and products and only pick one with which you are convinced.

A strong smelling room freshener may not be the right choice

Many a time, we feel that if a room freshener has a strong smell, it would make our house smell better and that too for a longer period of time. But the aim behind using a room freshener is actually to create a good ambiance and free the home or office of any bad odors. A strong fragrance if not liked by one person can make that person feel quite uncomfortable, so it is better to go with a milder fragrance. However, the fragrance of a room freshener should not be so light it becomes ineffective in achieving the main goal of creating a good overall ambiance.

A room freshener with natural ingredients will be a better choice

Although we have never really cared to know about this, some of the room fresheners that are available in the market that claims to come with natural ingredients, are the ones that are most synthetic with chemicals that are harmful to the extent of causing cancer. Thus, it is very important to be meticulous while choosing a room freshener since we don’t want to cause any harm to our near and dear ones.

Go further and pick a room freshener that is eco-friendly

Many NGOs and social organizations in India working towards the betterment of the environment have been against the use of room fresheners since they believe that it contains ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. Although, we do tend to ignore such warnings, as responsible citizens it is our duty to protect our environment and thus choose room fresheners that are natural and environment friendly.

Though they are mostly in a similar price bracket, budget is to be kept in mind

If we remember that a higher price does not necessarily mean that a room freshener is better, we will be able to strike a good balance between the price and the actually need for the room freshener.

Picking one of the Top 10 Best Selling Room fresheners will be a good choice as you will be buying room fresheners that have been bought and liked by the maximum number of people.

Which are the safest air fresheners for you, your children and your loved ones

Choosing an air freshener seems like a relatively simple thing to do, however if you are concerned about the health implications of most air fresheners, then it can get quite tricky.

Did you know that most synthetic air fresheners contain chemicals that are harmful to the extent of being cancer causing. The most common types of chemicals that are there in synthetic air fresheners are Phthalates. These Phthalates are never seen on the packaging, and only come up as “fragrance” or something equally vague. Phthalates are bad for health in many ways. They have been associates with casing, amongst other problems, early puberty, autism, obesity, and birth defects. Many of these synthetic air fresheners also contain a known carcinogenic component called 1,4-dichlorobenzene or 1,4-DCB which is also known to reduce one’s lung function and cause asthma to increased. There are other harmful chemicals too in air fresheners, which are never brought up on the packaging or highlighted by retailers. A study a few years back detected more than 350 different chemicals and allergens connected to using synthetic air fresheners. Amongst them was benzene, formaldehyde, styrene and phthalates. That is relay bad news for our and our children’s health.In fact when the air freshener is in the form of a spray bottle, it will also contain propellants such as butane and propane, which further increases the health risk.So, what is the alternative? After all we do want our homes and offices to have a nice fresh smell. How a place smells can make a big difference in the way you feel there.

Fortunately there are some great alternatives to synthetic room fresheners.

The first option you can try is the natural air fresheners. These are made from natural ingredients and do not have the chemicals and propellants that the usual synthetic air fresheners have. You will find the Top 10 Best Natural Air Fresheners here.

You can also use natural oil diffusers, which are a great way of keeping your home or office smelling great and keeping the people healthy. Have a look at the Top 10 Best Natural Oil Diffusers and Vaporisers here.

You also need the best aroma oils for using in the diffusers and vaporisers. You will find the Top 10 best Aroma Oils in India in 2017 right here.

Another great option is potpourri made from dried flowers and herbs. Check out the very best potpourri available online, here.

Yet another option is to use fragrance sachets. You can see the best of them here.

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