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Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks in India 2018

top 10 best selfie sticks india cheapest

Can you believe it, this selfie stick costs just 99 rupees. You can buy it here.

If you want to spend absolutely nothing on a selfie stick, then you can try and make one at home. Here is the video that shows you how to make a selfie stick at home:

How to choose a Selfie Stick – best selfie sticks in India

Selfie Sticks are everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from foldable ones to bluetooth ones. This selfie stick buying guide will help you to choose the best selfie sticks to buy in India online. Since you are on this page, we are assuming that you know what selfie-sticks are. However, what is important before buying one is checking out and understanding the main features of a selfie stick. That is what will help you to choose the right one for yourself. So here they are:

Compatibility of your phone and the selfie stick mounting mechanism

This is usually not a problem with the common sizes of mobile phones. If your phone is a larger than normal one, then you may need to carefully check whether the mounting mechanism of the selfie stick will be able to clamp on to your phone or not. Most selfie sticks come with a clamp that can be adjusted to hold your phone in a horizontal position. The clamp has rubber around it so that it does not scratch the phone, and holds it quite firmly. Most of the clamps can be swiveled around and have almost a 180 degree rotation capability. You should make sure that the clamp has the option to be rotated and moved around so that you get enough flexibility to take your selfie from different angles.

Actual length of the stick

All selfie sticks collapse to a length of about 8 inches or so for easy portability and to easily pack it into bags. The full length that they extend to is about 30 inches. It is important that you get one which has an appropriate extended length. There are selfie sticks that expand to up to 40 inches or more, and they allow you to take wider more panoramic shots of your background. Just make sure you get one with the right length as per your needs.

How you take the photo – wired selfie or Bluetooth selfie?

There are two ways in which you take a photo or record a video with a selfie-stick. The first and more common option is a wire that runs along the length of the selfie stick ending with a typical headphone jack. You plug the jack into the headphone port of your phone, and on clicking the button on the handle of the selfies stick the camera of the phone takes a photo, or the video recording starts. You also have a Bluetooth option. Here the selfie stick comes with a button sized Bluetooth device or the Bluetooth built-in with a button on the handle and a charging port also there on the handle, which you need to synch with your smartphone and then click to take a photo or start recording in your phone’s camera. Both options are fine, the wired option merely requires you to plug in the jack and you are good to go, while the Bluetooth one requires synching and also changing the battery when the original battery is used up. The wired option is easier but when you record video it will not allow recording of the sound as the headphone port is used by the jack (though you can change the settings and overcome this small issue). The Bluetooth option requires Bluetooth synching, charging and battery changes.

The make and quality of the selfie stick

Though all selfies sticks are built to easily hold a smartphone at the end of a three to four feet stick, you should still make sure that the build is solid. Your selfie stick must be sturdy and steady with a smartphone clamped at one end. Also, you should ideally choose one that is lightweight and sturdy. The quality of the handle and grip is also important. It should have a non-slip comfortable grip, and the button should be conveniently placed. As far as the style and looks go, there are selfies sticks that come in a variety of colours and styles, so see a few before making a choice.

Best for Mobiles, Cameras and GoPro - Fugetek FT-568 Selfie Stick

A waterproof selfie stick, the Fugetek FT-568 is made from tough aluminium. It also has a non slip handle with  rubber grip. Its unique advantage is two phone mounts that are interchangeable. These two phone mounts fit all phone sizes and cameras and even GoPros. They are able to accommodate widths of 4.2 inches. This superior and wobble free selfies can be fully extended to a length of 49 inches. You cam also fix your HD camera on this selfie stick. It is a top rated universal selfie stick that will easily and securely hold all smartphones, GoPro and digital cameras. It has a flip lock that locks your device into place securely. Another great thing is that it is rechargeable and its battery lasts up to 300 hours on standby and the selfies stick has Bluetooth connectivity that works across devices, whether it is an iOS or an Android device. You can check it out here.

Why these may be the very best selfie sticks for you to buy

There are many lists of the best selfies sticks out there. Some list out the 5 best selfie sticks in India and some list out more. However, all of them are static lists. By that I mean that they are lists that are created once and remain the same unless they are specifically updated, which does not happen

This list below however is different. It has been created dynamically straight from Amazon India. The list keeps getting updated every day to reflect the current best selling selfie sticks in India. That means only the latest and best selfie sticks feature below.

You not only get the top sellers you also get the very latest models and brands. These are currently trending India. Have a look at the top 10 below and make your choice. You will definitely get a good selfie stick

SaleIndia's No. 1
SaleIndia's No. 3
Unibis Selfie Stick for Mobile Phones
Unibis - Electronics
₹ 699 - 61% ₹ 270
SaleIndia's No. 6
Chkokko Mini Selfie Sticks With Aux Cable (55 Cm)
CHKOKKO - Electronics
₹ 499 - 65% ₹ 175
SaleIndia's No. 9
Unibis Selfie Stick with AUX for All Smartphones
Unibis - Electronics
₹ 699 - 67% ₹ 229

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