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Top 10 Best Table Top Wet Grinders in India

Updated on March 19, 2018

best wet grinder india top 10

The Top 10 Best Table Top Wet Grinders in India in 2018, is a great place to find your ideal Table Top Wet Grinder.

A Table Top Wet Grinder means that you love freshness. The main function of the table top wet grinder is to convert raw, unrefined grains into something fresh and wonderful to make your delicious meals with. The Table Top Wet Grinder is a kitchen appliance that makes the food in your home really distinct. And you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have created a dish right from the ingredients.

All table top grinders can grind, pulverize, and puree a variety of things, including all kinds of grains, beans, and nuts. Some of them are more than ideal to turn all of your hard wheat into fine flour perfect for your chapatis.

When it comes to making delicious chutneys you will thank your table top grinder again and again. They are also great when it comes to preparing pureed soups, or even nut butters. Bring home a great Table Top Wet Grinder today from this awesome list of the Top 10 Best table Top Wet Grinders in India in 2018.

The list below of the Top 10 Best Wet Grinders features only the latest and best selling models. You will find top sellers and the best performance at the best price.

Check out the Table Top Wet Grinders below and you can be sure of getting a product that will make your life much easier and your meals much tastier.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Butterfly Rhino 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder (Cherry)
Butterfly - Kitchen & Home
₹ 4,800 - 29% ₹ 3,424
SaleBestseller No. 2
Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder
Elgi Ultra - Kitchen & Home
₹ 7,090 - 10% ₹ 6,400
SaleBestseller No. 3
Premier Tilting grinder - Table top wet grinder 2 Litres 230 V
Premier - Kitchen & Home
₹ 6,580 - 18% ₹ 5,400
SaleBestseller No. 4
SaleBestseller No. 5
SaleBestseller No. 6
Butterfly Matchless Pro 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder (Grey)
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited - Kitchen & Home
₹ 8,275 - 23% ₹ 6,393
SaleBestseller No. 7
Elgi Ultra Bigg + 2.5-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder
Elgi Ultra - Kitchen & Home
₹ 8,490 - 13% ₹ 7,345
SaleBestseller No. 8
Sowbaghya 2 Lit DIVA Wet Grinder (Maroon)
sowbaghya - Kitchen & Home
₹ 4,990 - 30% ₹ 3,490
SaleBestseller No. 9
SaleBestseller No. 10

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How to buy a wet grinder

A wet grinder is a huge help in Indian kitchens. If you are planning to buy one, you need to keep several points in mind.

Capacity of the wet grinder

Wet grinders with different liter capacities are available to buy. Usually a 1.25 liter wet grinder is fine for a small family. If your household has a larger family then you can consider the 1.5 liter or 2 liter table top wet grinders.

The quality of the stone in the wet grinder

If you were to go for a conventional grinder, it would have a true granite stone for grinding. However the wet grinders that you get in stores do not have a true granite stone. Just try and find out what kind of stone is there in your wet grinder before buying it.

How much space do you have for your wet grinder

It is important to consider the size and weight of your wet grinder. Some of the larger wet grinder can take up considerable space, so keep the dimensions and also the weight of the wet grinder in mind when choosing one.

Elgi Ultra Dura 1.25L Wet Grinder  - Top Wet Grinder chosen by our in-house expert

elgi ultra dura best wet grinder india top 10

After looking at the best wet grinders available in India, our in-house expert on all things kitchen picked one from the choice, the Elgi Ultra Dura 1.25L Wet Grinder.

The reason for choosing it is mainly performance, but many other factors were also considered.

  • To start with the Ultra Dura brand is well known and has been around for several years. It is known to be a good wet grinder for all the preparations that require grinding like making idli, dosa, dhikla or vada etc.
  • This wet grinder has a capacity of 1.25 liters which is sufficient for most Indian households. It has been made to export specifications so it has a higher quality index than other models.
  • It has a robust and sturdy motor that can perform under tough demanding conditions. It features a patented conical grinding stone which delivers very good results, no matter what the requirement. The grinding by this wet grinder is very fine and consistent.
  • The design of the wet grinder is such that it lasts long and performs at its best for many years.
  • Although the wet grinder is of a significant capacity, it is quite lightweight. It has a stainless steel drum that is multi utility, and its body is made from food grade ABS plastic. Its size is such that it will fit into most Indian kitchen with ease.
  • This wet grinder has a 5 year warranty.

Of course in terms of overall quality the Elgi Ultra Dura 1.25 liter is difficult to beat.


  1. It patented conical grinding stones are more efficient and last longer
  2. The Elgi Ultra Dura is very easy to use
  3. It delivers consistent and good grinding results
  4. It is lightweight although it has an 85 watt motor
  5. It has an BAS body
  6. Ideal for the typical Indian family


  1. Heats up sometimes on longer use
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