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Boar Bristle Brushes Are Something Else – Try One From Top 10 Best Boar Bristle Brushes In India 2019

Boar bristle brushes are something else – Try one from Top 10 Best Boar Bristle Brushes in India 2019

  • Updated on March 5, 2018
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Boar Bristle Brush in India – Healthy, lustrous and beautiful looks

Updated on September 17, 2019

Get yourself a boar bristle brush, your hair will thank you

Boar bristle brushes can make a big difference to your hair health, shine and lustre. If you buy one for yourself, you will start seeing a difference pretty soon, and all by brushing your hair regularly with your boar bristle brush.


Best Boar Bristle Brushes – How to choose, use and benefits of a boar bristle brush

Boar Bristle Brushes are much more than just hair brushes to comb and beautify your hair. They are a kind of conditioning treatment for your hair. Regularly brushing your hair with boar bristle brushes will make your hair healthy, beautiful and glossy. They have been used since the 1800s and famous movie stars of yesteryears like Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn used them to keep their hair beautiful and shiny.

The wonderful effects of boar bristle brushes is making a come back with many people trying them out and experiencing the wonderful effects of regular brushing. The best part is that you do not need any artificial beauty products or treatments to make your hair beautiful and healthy, it is all in the regular brushing of your hair with boar bristle brushes. In fact it is makes damaged and dry hair healthy and lustrous again.

How Boar Bristle Brushes actually make hair healthy and beautiful

Before we get into the actual advantages and benefits of brushing with a boar bristle brush, let’s look at what exactly a Boar Bristle Brush does. The nature of bora bristles is such that a brush made out of them has the ability to massage the scalp and most importantly spread the sebum evenly all along the strands of hair. Sebum is the oil that is naturally created by the scalp, which is the original and best conditioner for hair. The even distribution of the sebum on your hair makes the hair beautiful and lustrous and since sebum is a healing conditioner, it makes dry damaged hair healthy again.


The many benefits of Boar Bristle Brushes

There are numerous benefits of regularly using a boar bristle brush. Let us have a look at them.

When you brush with a boar bristle brush, by the nature of boar bristles, the sebum created by your scalp gets evenly distributed all along the length of your hair strands. This sebum is a natural conditioner and makes the hair lustrous and beautiful. Sebum also heals damaged and dry hair and makes it healthy and glossy. Also regular brushing also seals the cuticles of hair which in turn makes it lustrous and shiny.

A Boar Bristle Brush also massages the scalp and stimulates it. A stimulated and well massaged scalp is healthier and in turn promotes healthy hair growth.

Another benefit of brushing with boar bristle brushes is that regular brushing adds bounce and volume to hair. Thus your hair ends up looking beautiful as it is, after brushing with a boar bristle brush.

A further benefit of using boar bristle brushes it that it reduces frizz in your hair. When you use a boar bristle brush regularly, then by the property of the bristles to spread the sebum, the frizz in your hair will be considerably reduced.

Since brushing with boar bristle brushes means that your hair becomes beautiful, glossy and healthy, it means you need to use less of hair styling products and artificial chemicals for your hair. Also healthier and beautiful looking hair with gloss and volume means that you will need to wash your hair less frequently than you would otherwise.

The right way to brush with a boar bristle rush

First things first, you should not use a boar bristle brush to disentangle your hair. They are not meant for that. Instead use your fingers or a wide toothed wood comb to disentangle har,a nd only then use the boar bristle brush.

Another important point is to not use a boar bristle brush when your hair is wet. It can damage wet hair, so use it only when your hair is absolutely dry.

It is very important to brush from root to tip when using a boar bristle brush. The boar bristle brushes distribute the sebum along the strands of your hair so it is important that you take the brush all along the length of your hair. In fact it is a great idea to divide your hair into sections and then brush with your boar bristle brush. A good method is to first brush your hair from the back. Lean forward so that your hair falls forward, and then brush from the roots to the tip from the back of your head. Once this is done then you can stand up and brush along your hair line, again from the root to the tip.

It is a good idea to brush your hair for a reasonable period of time, as every time your hair gets brushed, i.e. with every stroke, the sebum gets evenly distributed over your hair. This makes the hair glossy and shiny.

Something you need to know about Boar Bristle Brushes

This is a fact that is known by most discerning buyers about boar bristle brushes – many of the boar bristle brushes are not pure 100% boar bristle but have nylon strands in them. When the description says that it is boar bristle brush it usually is a mix with nylon. As a buyer you need to know that there are pure 100% boar bristle brushes and also mixed boar bristle brushes so that you are aware of what you are buying. The pure boar bristle brushes are usually softer and look denser, whereas the nylon mixed type are harder and have intermittent thicker bristles, which are made of nylon.

Important tips to choosing the right Boar Bristle Brush for your hair

If your hair is normal then you should go in for a pure 100% boar bristle brush, as it will give you the maximum benefit. The pure boar bristles are most effective in spreading out the sebum evenly all along your hair, which in turn will make your hair glossy healthy and beautiful. The way to ensure that you are buying a pure boar bristle brush is to read the description carefully, and make sure that it either says 100% boar bristles or pure boar bristle brush.

If your hair is thick and coarse then the better choice for you will be a boar bristle brush with a mix of nylon strands. The reason being, that pure boar bristles will not have the hardness to penetrate your thick and coarse hair and thus will not be able to reach the scalp from where to evenly distribute the sebum. The nylon mix means that the harder nylon strands will penetrate your hair and let the boar bristles reach your scalp and then distribute the sebum all along your hair strands.

With this information on what is a boar bristle brush, how to choose one, how to use one and what are the benefits, you can now pick out the best boar bristle brushes from the 10 best in India.

1. The list below only features the top bestselling Boar Bristle Brushes, which means you will get the best quality and best value for money.

2. You can be sure of the product as it has been bought and tested by hundreds if not thousands of discerning Indian buyers.

3. The list is updated daily, so only the latest and most popular products are featured.

4. This list is not based on opinions or biases, they are directly connected to the number of sales.

5. When you choose from, you get the perfect balance of quality, value and reliability.

These are a mix of boar bristle brushes for combing hair, for grooming your beard and also shaving boar bristles brushes. Make a choice and get the awesome looks you want.



Woolsy Natural Boar Bristles & Nylon Pins Hair...
84 Reviews
Woolsy Natural Boar Bristles & Nylon Pins Hair...
  • Boar bristle brushes
  • Detangle and stimulate
  • Prevent breakage


Woolsy Boar Bristles & Nylon Pins Hair Brush with...
21 Reviews
Woolsy Boar Bristles & Nylon Pins Hair Brush with...
  • 100% NATURAL BOAR - made of Natural Sheared Boar Bristles and Superior Natural Wood. Mixed with the Nylon...
  • WOOD WIDE-TOOTH COMB- Woolsy brush set includes a Pear Wood detangling Comb. Detangle the hair first. Let...
  • NATURAL CONDITIONER - Boar Bristles are Redistributing the Natural Oils Produced by the scalp to the end...
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: - The bristles are firm enough to massage the scalp and release natural oils through...


UrbanMooch Beard Brush Made of Bamboo & 100% Boar...
7 Reviews
UrbanMooch Beard Brush Made of Bamboo & 100% Boar...
  • 100% Boar Bristles
  • Keep Beard Soft
  • Travel Friendly


Jean Louis David (France) Boar Bristle Blow Drying...
Jean Louis David (France) Boar Bristle Blow Drying...
  • Misc.


Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Brush with Boar...
4 Reviews
Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Brush with Boar...
  • The natural boar bristles gently grip the hair and smooth the cuticle for a straight, glossy and...
  • Thermoceramic coating evenly distributes heat, reduces "hot spots" and quickly sets the style
  • Vented brush allows warm air to directly access the hair
  • The natural bristle shines and smooths as it straightens.
  • Gentle Straightening, Shine & Gloss


Sacred Salts Wooden Double Sided Body Brush With...
83 Reviews
Sacred Salts Wooden Double Sided Body Brush With...
  • Sacred Salts wooden bath brush: natural boar bristles body brush for dry brushing. Benefits: essential...
  • Features: 100 percent natural bore bristles - Sacred Salts body brush is made from 100percent natural...
  • Handle: two brushe in one-natural bristles for dry/wet brushing and massaging nubs for cellulite...
  • Disclaimer: remember to clean the brush with a natural soap and water once a week. Try to keep the wooden...
  • Directions of use: begin brushing by starting at your feet and moving in long sweeping motions toward...


Brushman Round Boar Bristles Hot Curls Brush...
3 Reviews
Brushman Round Boar Bristles Hot Curls Brush...
  • Boar Bristles
  • Reduces Snags
  • Light weight
  • Imported


UrbanMooch 100% Boar Bristle with Beechwood Handle...
1 Reviews
UrbanMooch 100% Boar Bristle with Beechwood Handle...
  • 100% Boar Bristle:- boar bristles regarded as the best and softest material of hair brush
  • Beech Wood Handle:- beech is heavy,strong,has high Impact resistance,clear texture
  • Using with beard wax, beard oil. brush facial hair, improve hair texture and massage scalp, stimulates...
  • the brush works like a softener to distributes natural oils throughout the beard for more volume and...
  • works on different type of hair and beard.


Woolsy Premium Collection Boar Bristles Mixed with...
3 Reviews
Woolsy Premium Collection Boar Bristles Mixed with...
  • LUXURIOUS OVAL LARGE SIZE: This is our Premium Collection Brush which come in a full-size and travel-size...
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This luxurious Boar and Nylon cushion brush works well on all hair types - long,...
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL SILICON CUSHION: The Cushion is vented with an Air Hole so that air can Circulate...
  • NO-MORE FRIZZ: Works with any hair types, Especially those who has hair problems with loss, frizz, &...
  • REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR: Easily Penetrates through normal and thick hair and provides the benefits of Boar...


UrbanMooch Boar Bristle Beard Brush and Sheesham...
2 Reviews
UrbanMooch Boar Bristle Beard Brush and Sheesham...
  • 100% Boar Bristles
  • Bamboo Wooden handle for Beard Brush
  • Shisham Wood Comb

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