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How Auto Clean Chimneys Work –  Understanding Electrical Kitchen Chimneys

How Auto Clean Chimneys Work – Understanding Electrical Kitchen Chimneys

There is no end to the diversity of Indian cooking, whichever part of India we might look at. From the dosas of Tamil Nadu, to the kormas of Lucknow, from the fish delicacies of Bengal to the daal baati churma of Rajasthan, it is quite impossible to list them all. There are over 30 regional cuisines across the country, defined by geography and culture, with small and distinct changes occurring even within the same geographical area. There are some things in common though, and these include our wonderful masalas, the chopping, the grinding, the grilling, the frying and the lovely smells. On the flip side though, we also have the kitchen getting all choked up with smoke, oil and smells that linger on for hours after the meal has been cooked.

This is where the electric chimney takes a bow! Powerful and efficient, it simply draws all the smoke and odors and expels them from the kitchen, leaving behind a fresh and clear kitchen every time. Say goodbye to having a sticky oily film on those surfaces that a tough to get to, and to having to scrub down the kitchen after every meal. To add to the good news, most chimneys are auto clean making them virtually maintenance free. How do these chimneys exactly work? Is there a technical process or is it simply magic?!


How Does a Chimney Work?

On a simplified level, an electric chimney or hood sucks the air into a series of meshes and filters that absorb the heat and oil and grime particles, keeping the kitchen clean. This may either be expelled out of the kitchen or the recycled air blown back into the kitchen.

A chimney duct sucks in the smoke and grime that adheres to either a mesh filter or a baffle filter, and expels the air out of the duct. This requires a hose pipe to be installed and efficiency is compromised by the number of bends in the pipe.  

In a ductless chimney, the air passes through a grease filter that blocks the grease particles and then through charcoal filters that absorb heat, smoke and smells. The cleaned air is then circulated back into the kitchen. Such a chimney has a fan and a motor.

A chimney duct is more powerful and efficient than a ductless chimney.

Which is a better filter to have – a baffle filter, a mesh filter or a charcoal filter?

A baffle filter is best suited to Indian cooking conditions, though it is more expensive than either the mesh filter of the charcoal filter. A baffle filter can function efficiently without cleaning for up to four weeks at a time, while a mesh filter will have to be cleaned every week, and a charcoal filter cannot be washed. This, along with the inherent design, makes the baffle filter the most durable of the filters followed by the mesh filter and then the charcoal filter. All chimneys are noisy, though one with a baffle filter is significantly less than chimneys with either of the other two filters.  Here, the clear winner is the Baffle Filter, if price is not a deciding factor.

Which is the best one for you? On the face of it, an auto clean one seems the obvious choice, but let us have a look at the difference between a manual clean chimney and an auto clean chimney before you make up your mind.

Manual Chimney v/s Auto Clean Chimney

The efficiency of the chimney depends largely on the suction power of the chimney, which in turn is dependent on how clean the filters are. The filter in a manual chimney will have to be taken out at least once a week (more often in case of heavy use of the chimney) ,cleaned and put back.

How to Clean An Auto Clean Chimney -  In an auto clean chimney, all you have to do is press a button heating up the filter so that all the oil and grease heats up and gets liquidized. This then collects in a provided for pan, and it just has to be emptied.

The lifespan of an auto clean chimney is longer than that of a manual chimney as the oil and grime do not adhere to the filter and other internal parts, adversely affecting efficiency. An auto clean chimney is marginally more expensive than a manual chimney initially, but leads to significant savings when efficiency and longevity are considered.   

Here's hoping the above will help you choose from the best auto clean chimneys in India

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Before you decide on which chimney to get for your kitchen, check out the video below on one of the top selling electrical auto clean chimneys in India. 

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