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How To Choose A Microwave Oven In India

How to choose a Microwave Oven in India

How you can select a microwave oven in India

Most modern Indian households have a microwave oven. In India the kitchen has slowly changed from a gadget less one to one that is filled with wonderful and effort reducing appliances and gadgets.

The microwave oven is not really very efficiently utilised in most Indian homes, as the most common use for it is to heat up food from the fridge. A microwave frankly can do so much more.

There are a huge plethora of models to choose from today, and almost all of them can do so much more than heat up food. Here is what a microwave oven can do -  Bake, grill, brown, roast, re-heat, pre-heat and much more. It is actually a conventional oven with many more capabilities. It can help you to prepare an entire meal from starters to main course to the sweet dish, make quick snacks and even help you make exotic delicacies. And the best part is that your kitchen will not heat up and the microwave will handle everything inside it without any gas or fuel.

If you are planning to buy a microwave oven, where are some god tips and guidelines for choosing the best one for yourself.

What is your budget

You may already have a price range in mind, but typically you will be able to buy a microwave within the price range of twenty five thousand and forty five thousand. The budget can stretch up from the early twenties according to the features you want, the size of the oven and other bells and whistles.

What to think about before choosing a microwave oven

Capacity of the microwave oven - This is quite straightforward to figure out. You need to buy a microwave according to the number of people in your household. A typical microwave oven will cater to a family of four. If you need to get one for more people just move up to the next size or capacity of the microwave.

How do you plan to use the microwave - If your main objective is to essentially heat food, and defrost it, then a smaller size microwave with the regular features is enough. However if you plan to use it for a variety of cooking including making full meals there, then yo need to look at the size and also the features. If you are planning to bake cakes then you should make sure that your largest cake dish will fit into the microwave oven.

Considering the different types of microwave ovens

Today you get microwave ovens that can also grill. There are microwave ovens that also have a convection oven option. These are great features if you plan to use the microwave for various types of cooking and baking, but if you just need it for reheating, defrosting and an occasional cup of coffee, then go in for a basic regular microwave oven. Just to give you an idea of what all is available now, there are microwave ovens that also let you do steaming.

For getting an idea of what is available we suggest that you have a look at  the best microwave ovens in India.

Microwave ovens have a variety of control panels to choose from

This is a very personal choice and it all depends on what you are comfortable with. The main control panel which is also called the programming panel is important as it tells you all about the options you have and also what the microwave is currently doing.

A big clean panel with a good display is always a plus. The main types of programme panels that are available range from dials to touch panels to digital displays.

Some extras that you can consider

If there is a child in the house then you can think about getting a microwave that as a child safety lock. This is usually in the form of a code that needs to be entered for using the microwave.

As mentioned earlier there are microwave ovens that allow you to steam food. With these additional options available, you also need to look at what all you are planning to do and accordingly choose your microwave oven. There are also newer microwaves coming out that offer healthy cooking options with no oil or less oil.

Now that you have a reasonable idea of what options and features are available, go and check out the best microwave ovens in India here - Top 10 Best Microwave Oven in India.

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