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Lenovo Z2 Plus Vs Xiaomi MI5

Lenovo Z2 Plus vs Xiaomi MI5

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Xiaomi MI5 is considered as one of the best phones the company has ever brought to India.Similarly, Lenovo Z2 plus too is considered to be a good phone although it did not receive the adulation it deserved and the kind of which MI5 garnered during its launch.

Now, coming to the confusion that many smartphone lovers are facing as of now. When 2 phones, from 2 of the biggest smartphone brands in China, are offering almost the same specs considered to be the best in the market, which one should I buy? If we go for an in-depth analysis of this confusion, we can clearly see that it stems out from just one thing; both smartphones having the same processor which is Snapdragon 820 that is as of now considered one of the best smartphone processors in the market.

When MI5 was launched with Snapdragon 820, it surpassed all expectations. Although, today the same processor has slowly and steadily made its way towards becoming redundant after the advent of Snapdragon 821, but exactly one year ago, Snapdragon 820 was a processor which was expected to be exclusively made for the likes of Samsung or HTC.

Now coming to the comparison between MI5 and Z2 plus, both phones run on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and share a full HD display with MI5 having a larger f 5.15-inch screen compared Z2 plus’ 5-inch screen. As mentioned above, both phones have Snapdragon 820 quad core processor but the Lenovo’s Z2 plus is clubbed at 2.15 GHz in comparison to MI5’s 1.3 GHz. On the camera front, if we go by numbers, then MI5’s 16-megapixel rear camera is ahead of Z2 plus’ 13-megapixel camera and the 8-megapixel front camera of Z2 plus’ wins perfectly against MI5’s 4-megapixel front camera. Both the phones have almost the same battery with Lenovo’s Z2 plus having a slightly bigger 3500 mah battery; a surplus of 500 mah over MI5.

Which one to buy

There are 4 major factors that can be considered while deciding which phone to buy:-

Brand value- Lenovo, being a veteran in the field of electronics, definitely has an edge over Xiaomi in terms brand value. Because, for a brand to stay alive in today’s competitive market, it has to prove its credibility and Lenovo has done exactly that since its inception.

RAM & ROM- Although MI5 has only a 3GB/32GB variant in India, Lenovo’s Z2 plus also comes in 4GB/64GB variant.

Success Rate- Xiaomi’s MI5 is an outright winner in terms of success since it became a blockbuster phone in India since its launch whereas Lenovo’s Z2 plus made a quite entry into the Indian market and is just considered as a good mid-range phone.

Pricing- Lenovo’s 4GB/64GB version of Z2 plus comes at a price of Rs. 17999 whereas MI5’s 3GB/32GB variant comes at a price of 22,999. A clear cut difference of Rs 5000.

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