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Micromax Dual 5 Review

Micromax Dual 5 Review

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So finally after a long period of hiatus, Micromax has come up with a phone that is worth discussing. This is not only because the phone which is named as Micromax dual 5 has a double rear camera but also because the features with which it comes loaded with is the best that Micromax has ever provided since its inception.

Since the very beginning itself, Micromax has always believed in aggressive pricing and somehow this same strategy can be termed as a reason for its quick success and also a cause of its downfall. Why so? Well, because Micromax started believing that a phone with decent specs and a more than decent price is the only way to earn the numero uno position in the Indian smartphone market. But such a policy was proved wrong in a big way by Xiaomi and Lenovo who started offering phones with more than decent specs at a decent price. And suddenly, Micromax was pushed down from its dominant position by the Chinese smartphone brands. And thus, Micromax realized that it has to do something different to regain its lost pride in the Indian market. The Dual 5 smartphone is the result of such a realization and the effort that this Indian smartphone brand has put to compete against the rising Xiaomi and Lenovo.

Although it might sound a bit odd but seeing the price which rupees 24999 and the specs, it seems that Micromax has adopted an approach that can be termed as an amalgamation of somewhat to that of Oneplus and Xiaomi. A high price to create an elite identity and impeccable specs to enhance the brand value. That’s what, Micromax Dual 5 is all about.


A great all-metal built is what Micromax dual 5 comes with. The metal body of the phone is something that we have never seen in any Micromax phone before or for that matter in any of the phones from the Indian smartphone brands. The overall design of the phone reflects total class and ultimate elegance


The new Micromax dual 5 has a 5.5 inch 1080p Super AMOLED display along with a 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3. The colors on the display are vibrant and bright to the point of perfection.


With a Snapdragon 652 processor and 4 GB RAM, the Micromax Dual 5 is fast enough to impress you with great internet and gaming experience.


And here come the ultimate USP based on which Micromax Dual 5 seeks to conquer the hearts and minds of Indian smartphone users. The phone has a dual 13 mp rear camera out of which one camera which is accompanied by a dual-tone flash and an F1.8 lens, clicks normal color photos and the other captures monochrome images. The images from both the cameras combine to increase the level of light and detail in the image and also reduce noise. The front camera is also 13 mp one and is expected to capture good selfies with better clarity. All the cameras use Sony-made image sensors.


apart from the above features, Micromax Dual 5 has a fingerprint sensor, IR blaster, dual profile support, and 3200mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0, which charges it in 45 minutes.


It would be better to wait for some time and gather reviews about this phone and only then go ahead to buy it. Because just by adding another 5000 rupees you get to lay your hands on the marvelous Oneplus 3T.

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