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Micromax- Yesterday And Today

Micromax- Yesterday and Today

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Micromax- Yesterday and Today

Micromax entered the world of smartphone at a time when big brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Blackberry and Apple ruled the minds & hearts of smartphone lovers in India. With Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador, Micromax was able to draw a lot of attention towards itself. Slowly and steadily, with its canvas series smartphones, Micromax was able to provide phones with high-class specs and that too at an unimaginable price.

Things only got better from here for Micromax when they signed Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman as its brand ambassador; a feat that only went on to raise Micromax’s status to new heights. And when in 2015, Micromax launched its elite wing of smartphone called Yu, most of the smartphone pundits ascertained that soon Micromax will dethrone Samsung from its no.1 position in the Indian smartphone market and will then spread its wings on a global level.

But things took a turn for the worse for India’s biggest smartphone brand. According to the recent IDC reports, Micromax is no longer holding the position of being amongst the top 5 smartphone vendors in India. It is really disheartening for all those people who were expecting Micromax to be the face of Indian smartphone brands. With Samsung still leading at No.1 position, the remaining of the 4 positions have taken over by Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo and Vivo.

Now the question is, why did Micromax suddenly had to face such a situation today where it has to fight for its survival in the Indian smartphone market. Well, personally speaking, this was always written on the cards and the hoopla surrounding Micromax was never going to last too long. Why do I say so? Well, let’s see then.

Pathetic after-sales service

As a top Indian smartphone brand, Micromax never really paid any heed towards improving its after-sales service. Although, buying its affordable smartphones were a delight for everyone but whenever the need to visit a service center came, people were left dejected and disappointed leading to many of them started parting ways from Micromax and switching to Chinese smartphone brands who provided better after-sales services compared to Micromax.

Improper expenditure

When for the first time, Hugh Jackman was seen endorsing the Micromax smartphones, many including me felt that instead of incurring so much cost in buying the services of a top-class Hollywood superstar, Micromax should have rather spent that money on building its after-sales service department on a pan India basis. For example, Xiaomi never tried its hand in hiring any Bollywood celebrity to endorse its smartphones in India. It rather went on to build exclusive service centers across India.

Too much of Hoopla

In the beginning, Micromax kept its strategy right by offering decent enough smartphones at a more than decent price without much hullabaloo. But with its Yu smartphone brand, it started showing off itself as some extraordinary smartphone brand. For example, writing a tagline like ‘the world’s most powerful smartphone’ for Yu Yutopia was never really seen as a good idea since Yu Yutopia was just another good phone and not something as projected by Micromax. This way, Micromax lost its credibility amongst its loyal customers.

Beaten by unexpected competition

Today, when Chinese smartphone brands like OnePlus, Lenovo, Xiaomi or for that matter even LeEco are bringing smartphones with best of the best specs to the Indian market, Micromax is nowhere to be seen competing against these brands. This clearly shows Micromax’s inability to adapt itself against such massive unexpected competition.

Although, it would be too early to write off Micromax, but the biggest challenge that lies ahead for the brand is is to stand up against the Chinese smartphone brands that have flooded Indian market with each one of them having their unique identity. For Micromax to survive this battle, it has to fix its loopholes as soon as possible and come out again or else it would soon become a history for all of us.

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