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Moto G5 Plus Review

Moto G5 Plus Review

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Even after innumerable smartphone brands conquered the Indian market, Motorola is still considered to be the pioneer of mobile phones in India. After all, who can forget those flip Razr Motorola phones that stood as the status quo for anyone who owned it.

But then, Motorola did face a period of stagnation where brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG were at the peak of their success. This period lasted for some years and then Motorola came back with a bang by launching the very successful Moto G. With impeccable specs and a decent price, Moto G played a pivotal role in reviving Motorola’s brand value in the Indian market in a very big way. People again started recognizing Motorola as an elite smartphone brand that manufactures good phones.

After this, Motorola started manufacturing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of Moto G phones with a view to encash the popularity of the 1st generation Moto G phone. Although moderately successful, the spark was missing in all these phones and they did not receive the kind of adulation like their predecessor. But this did not deter Motorola from launching its 5th generation Moto G phone.

Launched in two variants by the name of Moto G5 plus, Motorola, this time has taken much care to ensure that the phone is an outright success in the Indian market since, after the unforgettable Moto M, there was a lot of pressure on this elite smartphone brand to deliver in accordance with the expectations of the Indian smartphone users.

Talking about the build quality, Moto G5 plus comes with a full metal body and looks glossy and all shiny. The metal build adds quite a bit of elegance to the phone and makes it look beautiful in your hands.

Unexpectedly, Motorola this time has done an Apple with its new Moto G phone by giving it a much smaller and compact 5.2 inch Full HD screen with Gorilla Glass 3. The colors on the screen are quite vibrant and accurate giving your eyeballs a great viewing experience.

On the camera front, Moto G5 plus comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera that uses a Sony-made image sensor. The photos from the rear camera look good & promising and have excellent color representation even in low light conditions. Although it would be too early to declare, but Moto G5’s rear camera can be said to be amongst the best phones falling under its price bracket. On the front, there is a 5-megapixel front camera that takes good enough selfies.

Coming to the processor, Moto G5 plus houses an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz and with 4 GB of RAM, it will give you the best of the best gaming and internet surfing experience that would be devoid of any lag. Although Motorola could have done better by bundling its new Moto G phone with a Snapdragon 650 or 652 processor, but then Snapdragon 625 is a kind of processor which have never attracted any complaint and is still considered to be amongst the best smartphone processors.

In terms of battery, Moto G5 plus comes with a moderate 3000 mah battery and can still be considered a decent one since the screen size of the new Moto G5 is 5.2 inch only.


Motorola, with its new Moto G phone, has played its cards well. But only time will tell whether this phone sustains itself against the upcoming phones of Xiaomi and Samsung.

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