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Moto Mods transform all Moto Z phones into amazing interchangeable devices - zoom cameras, projectors, high volume speakers, huge battery packs… one Moto Z many awesome Moto Mods!

Moto Mods are Moto Z snap-on modifications that are now available in India turn the phones into powerful alternative devices from high powered JBL speakers, to amazing talk-time extra battery packs to zoom cameras from Hasselblad and much more.


As the world is moving towards modular devices, Moto Z takes a very interesting step forward with Moto Mods. These snap-on modifications which are now available in India, actually transform Moto Z phones into enhanced devices. They will turn the phones into high quality and high powered speaker phones with the JBL Sound Boost Moto Mod and much much more.


Let us take a close look at these revolutionary Moto Mods now available in India through Amazon.


What are Moto Mods and how do Moto Mods work

Moto Mods are snap-on modifications for Moto Z smartphones that add on enhancements to the smartphones, transforming them into empowered smartphones plus additional features. The best part of the Moto Mods is that they are snap-on, which means you can keep transforming your phone into different devices and then interchange them and reuse them, making it one Moto Z but many devices.

The Moto Mods essentially work through very strong magnets. These magnets just snap the Moto Mod to the back of the Moto Z smartphone. You do not need to clip anything on, open or close or adjust anything, nor do you have to remove the battery, just position the Moto Mod next to the back of the Moto Z smartphone and the magnets will do the rest. They will snap on the Moto Mod on to the back of the Moto Z smartphone, and connect to the smartphone through 16 golden contact points on the back of the phone.

Once you snap-on the Moto Mod, a few taps on the screen of your Moto Z later, the enhanced modification is ready to use. It is that easy and simple. There are Moto Mods that are actual smartphone enhancements and ones that are only style enhancements. The style enhancements that are called Moto Mod Style Shells only snap-on with the magnets and there is no connection through the contact points. They change the look of the smartphone in many exciting ways that we will discuss soon.

When you attach a smartphone feature enhancement based Moto Mod then the 16 golden contacts come into play, and you need to tap a few buttons on the screen of your smartphone and the Moto Mods are ready to use. Another advantage of the Moto Mods is that it does not block or use anything from the original smartphone, and leaves all ports, including the USB port free.

The Different kinds of Moto Mods available now in India

There are several kinds of Moto Mods available now, but this selection is just the beginning, and many new ones are in the pipeline. The line of Moto Mods is going to keep increasing and becoming better.

Moto Mod Style Shell

The Style Shells are covers for the Moto Z, which are snap-on. These aren’t just ordinary covers, but come in a variety of options including wood, leather and nylon finishes. The Style Shells haven’t all yet been revealed but soon we will get to see a much wider variety. Changing the look of your smartphone has never been easier or cooler. With the Moto Mods available on Amazon India, you can check out the Style Shell Moto Mods here.

Moto Mod Hasselblad True Zoom

This is a really a killer Moto Mod because it turns your Moto Z into an ultra high quality camera with 10 X optical zoom. And the best part is that your Moto Z will continue to look cooler than ever. Have a look at the awesome style of the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod.

A 10 X optical zoom means that it can zoom in without any loss in image quality, as it isn’t a digital zoom that is there in usual smartphones, but a pure optical zoom and that too from one of the most expensive and exclusive camera brands in the world. Of course after you reach the 10 X optical zoom limit you can go in for further digital zoom too. The True Zoom will have f/3.5-f/6.5 aperture and the video capture will go up to 1080 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second.

Getting down to the specifications, the Moto Mod Hasselblad True Zoom has a sensor with an incredible 12 million pixels, the ISO value can go up to 3200. To enhance actual photography and also enable better still shots, there is in-built optical image stabilization. Another interesting difference with other smartphone cameras is that it will allow you to save the image in the raw format. Also like good regular cameras it will allow you to adjust all the variables, from shutter speed, manual focus, f-stop, ISO to white balance and exposure. It also features a superior Xenon flash which produces images with more natural light. This Xenon flash delivers brighter and sharper images, even in low light. All in all the Moto Mod Hasselblad True Zoom is a delicious piece of modification that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

The Moto Mod Hasselbald True Zoom is very much there for sale online in India. You can check out the Moto Mod Hasselblad True Zoom here.

Moto Mod JBL SoundBoost

This is a Moto Z modification, that will blow your mind, if you like music. The Moto Mod JBL SoundBoost is a snap-on modification that turns your smartphone into a portable hi-fi system. And that too a super stylish one. The amazing thing is that the JBL SoungBoost makes the Moto Z look much cooler.

This JBL Moto Mod adds a stereo loudspeaker to your Moto Z, and converts it into a high quality stereo system. The JBL SoundBoost is essentially two speakers, that amplify the sound from your Moto Z. It also has a built in 1000 mAh battery and completely replaces portable speakers. The Moto Mod JBL SoundBoost makes the phone look quite awesome and it also has an orange bronze stand that makes the speakers give out the sound in the right direction. This is a really cool modification that will have you grooving to music anywhere and anytime.

With how much people love listening to music, this Moto Mod is sure to be a hit with all the youngsters across India. You can check out the Moto Mod JBL SoundBoost here.

Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector

Are you an on-the-move kind of person? Do you travel, meet clients, make presentations? Or do you just like to see things larger than life wherever you are? The Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector transforms your smartphone into a high quality projector. All you need is a surface, and you have your show on in seconds.

The Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector enables you to project images, presentations or videos of up to a size of 70 inches on to any surface. It enables you to project the visual at any angle, however you cannot make the projection too large as the resolution is limited to 480 pixels. It also has a built-in loudspeaker, so you can show a video to several people, and they will be able to hear the sound. The Insta-Share Projector is a pic projector that can be very useful if you need to show things to an audience on the fly. Just choose a wall or any surface and open up the Insta-Share Projector and go.

This is how the Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector will work:

If you think this will help you in your work, or at play, just head over here to check out the Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector.

Moto Mod Power Packs

The Power Packs modification essentially almost doubles your smartphone’s battery capacity. Available in India, these Moto Mods are quite useful. The Power Packs snap-on a 2,200 mAh battery while making your Moto Z look even better than it originally does. This Moto Mod beats taking along a power bank any day. There are several models of the Moto Mod Power Packs, and each one will give you an incredibly boosted talk time and stand by time.

You can check out the Moto Mod Power Packs here.

Moto Mods coming in the near future

This current array of Moto Mods is only what has been launched now, and a whole lot more is planned for the future, including the Adventure Mod.

The Moto Mod Adventure will make you Moto Z a high quality underwater camera and smartphone. This snap-on modification is aimed at making your Moto Z completely waterproof and giving you the power to take underwater photographs.

It almost sounds like a GoPro, but of course we can’t say what the specification are going to be now. The Moto Mod Adventure will make your Moto Z a high action smartphone and camera. You can take it to the beach, while swimming, while hiking, anywhere and it will weather the weather and also work underwater.

Moto Mods unlimited

The best part about Moto Mods is that they are going to be available to developers to play with. There is an entire Moto Mod Developer Program that will enable developers to experiment with the Moto mods and come up with literally anything at all. Imagine an open market for Moto Mods where thousands of variations are available. That is a very real possibility with the Moto Mods Developer Program.

All Moto Mods available anywhere in the world are now also available in India, so go get your Moto Mods here.

Moto Mods are definitely worth checking out

Modular smartphones are already here, but the idea of having a Moto Z working perfectly on its own and then transforming into something way more with the Mot Mods is quite exciting. You should go and have a look at the Mot Mods right away and see for yourself if you want one for your Moto Z.

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