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Nokia 3310 Review

Nokia 3310 Review

Finally, one of the pioneers of India's mobile revolution, Nokia, has made a comeback into the Indian market after a long hiatus with a revived version of its vintage mobile phone Nokia 3310 with a price tag of around 3200. Now, that's what I call a smart strategy from this giant mobile phone brand to add another feather to its overall marketing game plan and make the product more visible to a large number of consumers.

Talking about Nokia's comeback, we need to realize the fact that this Finnish brand used to be totally different from its counterparts since the smartphones it manufactured by the name of Lumia ran purely on windows operating system and not Android. But now, as Nokia has made a decision to use the all popular android operating system for its new smartphones, it has also made sure that its much-hyped comeback is not diluted by the Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and others that acquire almost 49 percent share of the Indian mobile market.

So, to distinguish itself from its to-be counterparts in India, Nokia devised a totally new marketing strategy to sell its old 3310 model with some modifications. This strategy will pave the way for Nokia to make a loud noise in India about its re-arrival and thereafter bring newer products to the market including high-value smartphones. All in all, this strategy of Nokia to resell the revived version of its 3310 model must be appreciated in terms of innovative marketing at its best whereby it is not relied on online sales and creating hype through social media.

The Nokia 3310 is amongst the top 10 best basic mobile phones in India, and will remain there for a long time.

Now coming to the specs of Nokia 3310, what is worth discussing is the fact that it now comes with a fully colored screen. The other specs of the phone are as follows:-


Available in red, yellow, blue, and dark gray, the overall built quality of the Nokia 3310 is as simple as it was before.


Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels


The rear came in Nokia 3310 is is 2-megapixel which in terms of the price and the nostalgic value of the phone is an ok-ok affair.


With a 12mah battery, Nokia 3310 will give you the unlimited convenience to surf the 2G internet, hear mp3 songs, listen to FM Radio, click photos and also chat for a longer period of time without worrying about the battery dying out.


Apart from the other above features, Nokia 3310 has an alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, LED torch, unit converter, calculator, video player, music player, an FM radio, a WAP browser, and some basic games. Moreover, the phone runs on Series 30 operating system and has an internal memory of 16 MB that can be extended up to 32 GB via an SD card.


Nokia 3310 is the best feature phone as of now in the Indian market and for those looking for a nice feature phone should not hesitate for even a moment before buying it.

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