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Nokia In India – Part Of The Mobile Revolution In India

Nokia in India – part of the mobile revolution in India

If there is one smartphone brand that can proudly consider itself as the one amongst the pioneer of smartphone brands in India other than Motorola and Samsung, it is definitely Nokia. A household name in early 2000, Nokia was a smartphone brand that made its entry into purely on the basis of its cell phones compared to Samsung that only made its foray into mobile sector after gaining massive success for its TVs, Refrigerators, and ACs.

What makes Nokia special is the fact that it never resorted to marketing gimmicks in order to catch the attention of its consumers but rather climbed the ladder of success step-by-step. At a point of time when there were no social media, mobile brands were successful purely on the basis of the quality of their smartphones, and Nokia can be termed as the champion of manufacturing good phones and earning the trust of consumers and because of which, at one time it became the undisputed leader of the mobile market in India.

But something that is well begun is always half done and this famous truly signifies Nokia’s inability to adapt itself to the changing dynamics of the mobile phone resulting in its total collapse. But other than Nokia’s rigid behavior in this ever-changing world, two more factors can be held responsible for this Finnish giant’s sudden demise which is namely Android and Xiaomi, the apple of China.

As Android became one of the most-used operating systems for mobile phones, it was able to please its consumers because of the huge features it brought with itself that included multitasking facility, access to numerous apps on play store and cost-effectiveness. Secondly, Xiaomi was an ultimate dent into the efforts of Nokia to revive itself, as the Chinese brand soon became the first love of every Indian smartphone user.

Talking about Nokia’s journey in India, the story can be perfectly divided into just 3 parts:-

Feature phones

The feature phones of Nokia was the key that opened the door for the Finnish mobile brand to India. Loaded with basic and necessary ingredients that fulfilled the identity of a mobile phone at that point of time, Nokia’s feature phone were an instant and sure shot hit amongst the Indian consumers.

Asha series

The Asha series phones from Nokia, were althouigh popular in the beginning, but slowly and steadily its popularity waned after facing fierce competetion from Android phones.

Lumia Series

The Lumia series phones with windows operating system was an effort Nokia made towards increasing its popularity ahead of Android phones without losing its elite identity. From Lumia 620 to 720 and 920, some of the Lumia really became a rage amongst youngstars and those people who believed that a smartphone can be their status quo

But after Microsoft took over the Lumia phones, slowly and steadily it lost its touch and popularity amongst the Indian smartphone users leading to its complete demise.

What Next?

Nokia will be back soon with its Nokia 3, 5, and 6 models along with its old feature phone 3310 being revived through a new built and a colored screen. Only time will tell, that weather Nokia’s comeback will be as good as Motorola or not.

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