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Non Marking Shoes – Complete Guide, How To Recognize And Best Non Marking Shoes

Non marking shoes – Complete guide, how to recognize and best non marking shoes

What are non marking shoes

Non marking shoes as the name implies are shoes that do not leave marks or damage the surface you are walking on. These shoes usually have soles made from a softer material, so that they do not make a mark by scraping or grazing the surface you walk, run or play on. The common description is ‘non marking shoes do not scuff the surface’. Scuff means to make a mark or damage by scraping or abrasion on a surface.

These shoes are especially useful in places like indoor stadiums with special flooring, squash courts, badminton courts, some tennis courts, wood floors, tiled floors, other courts, special playing areas, boats, halls, gymnasiums, dance floors and even homes with floors that could get marked by hard soled shoes.

A shoe whose sole is hard and has deep furrows, is likely to cause marks on floors and even damage them if the floor is wooden or has special tiles. These shoes with hard and stiff soles are the reason that marks get left on floors, scuff marks, black lines, scrape marks and even minor damage.

It is good sports and social etiquette to wear non marking shoes when you know you are going to an area where the floor might get damaged with a hard and stiff soiled shoe. You wouldn’t want your friend’s home to get marks because of your shoes or the floor of a gymnasium or stadium to get scraped and visibly marked.

How to identify non marking shoes

Today, when you go to buy pair of shoes in a store in India, some of the shopkeepers may not have heard about non marking shoes. They may try to sell you a pair that they believe is non marking but it is better to be sure. There are very simple tests to find out if a shoe is a non marking shoe or not. We will tell you about that in this article.

However if you are buying a pair of shoes online and you want  no  marking shoes then you will have to depend on the specifications and descriptions of the manufacturer. Fortunately now, non marking shoes are specifically sold online and you can find a very big selection in online stores like Amazon India and Flipkart.

However, just going by the description may not be enough, so you can still check for a few things to ensure that the online shoe you are buying is a non marking kind.

How to buy non marking shoes online

The first thing to check is whether the title of the shoe says non-marking or non-mark. If it says that, you can be pretty much sure that the shoe will be as described.

Next check the material of the outsole. It is important to look for the material of the outsole and not just the sole, as that may also mean the inner sole. Look for shoes that have outsoles made from one of the following types of material - Gum Rubber, Phylon Crepe Rubber or Soft Rubber. Non marking shoes are made from a slightly different rubber compound than regular shoes that may mark surfaces.

Most badminton shoes will be non marking shoes. In indoor stadiums and badminton courts, you are not allowed to play while wearing shoes that may mark the floor and spoil it, so badminton shoes are normally non marking.

How to physically check whether or not your shoe is non marking

There are a couple of very simple things that you can do.

The first thing to do is to press the sole of the shoe with your finger. If it is soft and gets pressed then it should be a non marking shoe. If it is stiff and hard then it is not a non marking shoe.

The second test is the shoe rub on floor test. Just wear the shoe and rub it against the floor. Cause a substantial amount of abrasion and then check the floor closely for any scuff marks. If you will see some lines, usually black in color and or some abrasion marks, then it isn’t a non-marking shoe.


The third is the paper test. Keep a fresh white paper on the ground and then rub the shoe on the sheet in such a way that it causes abrasion and pressure but does not tear the paper. If there is a black mark on the paper then it is a marking shoe. However some soft sole shoes with black soles may leave a black mark, but this is generally a reliable test for finding out which is a non marking shoe and which isn’t. There is another thing that you should do with the paper. Take the shoe and draw a line on the paper with the edge of the heel and look at the paper. If it leaves a black mark then it is not a non-marking shoe.

Best non marking shoes in India

If you are looking for India's best non marking shoes then have a look at this list of the top 20 best non marking shoes in India. You will find a large selection of non marking shoes ranging from badminton shoes to basketball shoes and regular non marking shoes too. The best badminton shoes are also all non marking, so that is a good place to have a look at them.

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