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One Plus 3T Review

One Plus 3T Review

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It was at a point of time when Xiaomi and Asus had already created ripples in the Indian market with its new smartphones when a brand named Oneplus made its grand entry. In spite of the popularity and the space that Xiaomi earned in India in 2014, Oneplus was able to market itself as a brand that meant for only the elites. As a smartphone company that belonged from China, the battle to create a unique identity was always difficult for Oneplus, more so, because it only intended to launch phones above 20,000 rupees, which it has followed till now. Thus, from the very beginning itself, Oneplus made it a point for itself to not fall under the categories of Xiaomi or Asus.

After a legal tussle with Micromax over Cyanogen operating system, Oneplus finally launched its first phone in India in 2014, which was named as Oneplus One. The biggest USP of the phone at that point of time was its processor Snapdragon 801, which was considered the best processor in 2014. Apart from that, the build quality and high-class features of the phone also drew a lot of appreciation from smartphone pundits and it instantly became a hit amongst smartphone lovers who were looking for a high-quality phone.

Today, after more than 2 years since it set its foot in India, Oneplus is a brand that is considered at par with Apple and Samsung. In fact, some smartphone experts have even gone to the extent of advising buyers to consider the new Oneplus 3T ahead of phones like iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy 7s. Why so? Because Oneplus’ new phone with the kind impeccable features is an ultimate steal deal at a price of 29999 rupees. What is also worth mentioning and something that deserves a thunderous applause for Oneplus is its marketing policy due to which it climbed the ladder of success so quickly in India. Even Oppo tried the same strategy to launch a bit costly phones and place itself as an elite brand, but till it has not gained much success unlike Oneplus.

Now coming to Oneplus 3T, the phone is something which can easily be considered as one amongst the best phones in the Indian market presently. Let’s get down to review this gem of a phone.


Oneplus 3T comes with an all metal build and looks really stunning and elegant as far as its design is concerned. What makes the phones aesthetics more brilliant is careful engineering involved in giving the phone a premium look with space-grade aluminum alloy.


With a 1080p Full HD screen along with a PPI of 401 and a Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4, the display of Oneplus 3T can easily be termed as the best of all the phone currently available in the market in this price range.


A Snapdragon 821, Adreno 530 and 6 GB RAM. Such an extensive amalgamation will easily transform any phone into a power-horse and Oneplus 3T with these features is a phone that will not give you a great gaming experience but also an overall greater smartphone experience.


Oneplus 3T comes with a 16 mp rear camera that uses Sony’s IMX 298 Sensor and a 16 mp front snapper too that has Samsung’s 3P8SP Sensor. Do I need to say anything more?


Although Oneplus 3T has a moderate 3400 mah non-removable battery, but with its new Dash Charge Technology the phone will last a full day with just a half hour charge.


Other than the above features, Oneplus 3T comes with a fingerprint scanner and runs on stock Android Marshmallow 6.0 along with skin Oxygen OS.


Just go for it without settling for anything else.

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