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Oppo F3 Plus Review

Oppo F3 Plus Review

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Oppo’s entry into the Indian market was a quiet one, unlike Xiaomi that made a lot of noise as it launched itself in one of the World’s fastest growing economy. Moreover, Oppo signed Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor as its brand ambassador, which at that point of time looked very odd since brands like Asus, Xiaomi and Oneplus simply depended on their phones to market themselves. But after some time, as the pricing of several Oppo phones were revealed, which was actually quite high compared to that of its other contemporaries, it was realized that Oppo is just trying to market itself as an elite smartphone brand like Oneplus and while doing it is actually churning out the money for its brand ambassadors from the consumer. What also went against Oppo was its identity of being a smartphone brand from China and somehow people were not able to digest its pricing strategy.

but as times have passed by, it is seen that Oppo is still following the same pricing strategy which is not really helping its sales to grow even after it signed Deepika Padukone, another Bollywood superstar to endorse its phones. The recent launch of Oppo’s new F3 plus reflects its rigid attitude against joining the likes of Xiaomi or Asus.

Launched at a price of rupees 30,990, Oppo F3 plus may look promising in papers or in advertisements, but in the long run, the phone would really struggle to gain a considerable market space for itself. Why do I say so? Well, let’s check out then.


Oppo F3 plus comes with a full metal built which feels quite sturdy. The phone looks quite elegant with rounded edges making it easy to hold. In spite of the fact that this phone has a metal built, it never really slips out of the hand, thus making daily usage an easy affair. The touch response is good enough with a Gorilla Glass 5 protecting the display.


With a monstrous 6-inch 1080p display, Oppo F3 plus definitely falls on the heavier side and somehow it would be futile to try and use the phone with one hand. As far as the display quality is concerned, the colors look quite sharp and vibrant on the screen.


With a Snapdragon 653 processor along with 4 GB of RAM, the F3 plus is fast enough to give you a nice gaming experience. Although, at this price range a Snapdragon 820 or 821 is usually expected, but then the processor Oppo has provided is not a bad one.


The Oppo F3 Plus packs a non-removable 4000mAh battery which is expected to last a full day on just one charge, although it would be advisable to carry the charger or a power bank if one has the provision or space for the same.


Marketed as a selfie-centric smartphone, Oppo f3 plus comes with a 16 mp front snapper that produces some really cool and clear selfies along with another 8 mp snapper to capture group selfies. On the back is the rear camera worth 16 mp along with Sony’s IMX398 image sensor, a customized 6.4 mm sensor unit and a large f/1.7 aperture, that produces decent photos.


Apart from the above features, OppoF3 plus comes with a fingerprint sensor, 64 GB internal storage and Volte support for Jio.


Only for loyal Oppo Fans. Others can easily go ahead for One Plus 3T without even thinking twice.

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