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Paintings Online – Best Paintings To Buy Online – Complete Buying Guide By Style, Material, Price, Subject, Size

Paintings Online – Best paintings to buy online – Complete Buying Guide by style, material, price, subject, size

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If you want to buy paintings or art work online in India, this is the best place to start

Buying paintings or art is never easy, there are too many factors to consider. Starting from the size of the painting to the style to the material to the price. each one of these aspects can fill in books of information, but that will not be helpful for you.

What will be best for you is a concise but clear walk-through in buying the painting that will best fulfill your artistic, monetary and practical requirements.

Let us begin by stating that this is not the place to buy expensive original paintings by famous artists. To do that you need to go to an actual physical gallery of repute, take advise from the curator or gallery owner and make an informed choice. You also have the option to buy original high value paintings online, but then you need to be very thorough with knowledge about artists, painting styles and other factors.

If you want to buy high value original art by well known artists then our recommendation is to first meet a good art consultant. There are many art consultants in India who are quite good and also willing to guide buyers of all budget ranges.

You can start off by searching for an art consultant in the city you live in. Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai will have many such consultants and galleries.

If you want to buy a painting for your home and you have a modest budget then you can follow along and figure out what will be best for you. By modest budget we mean ranging from 2,500 to 85,000. This is the kind of budget you can have to buy a nice painting online from a reliable and trusted online store.

Before we figure out what kind of a painting you should buy it is important to know before hand where it is that we will buy the paintings from. Our two main online stores for buying paintings and art are Amazon India and Flipkart. Both of these online giants have a surprisingly large range of art and paintings listed for sale. The greatest advantage will be that everything will be in black and white, and you can return the painting within a certain number of days of receiving it, if you are not satisfied by the quality craftsmanship or finish, or if the painting arrived damaged.

This great safety net that an Amazon or Flipkart provides is very important, as there are many unscrupulous online sellers who will cheat you, and offer no option of refund or return.

Now that you know where you will be buying the painting or art work from, let us get on to the actual process of choosing a painting.

The first thing that you need to decide is your budget. It will be easier to make a choice if we create slabs of prices for your choose from.

We have broken down your budget in price ranges, so that it become easier for you to make a choice.

Typical Budget Ranges in India for buying paintings online:

Budget Slab

Price​ Range


Rs. 2,500 to 5,000


Rs. 5,000 to 10,000


Rs. 10,000 to 20,000


Rs. 20,000 to 40​​​​,000


Rs. 40,000 to 75,000


Rs. 75,000 to 1,00,000

So which budget range will you go in for?

No matter what price range you are looking at you will get every kind of material, size and style that you are looking for.

What we have done here in this page is worked very hard to create different combinations of budgets with the three other parameters of size, material and style, and created carefully curated collections that you can choose from.

The collections, which are given below are updated regularly and selected by art professionals who are either painters themselves or have experience in selling art to Indian buyers.

We have also put together daily updated lists of the bestselling paintings in India. You can have a look at these lists that cover a wide range of parameters.

(This page is work in progress, so bookmark it and come back in a few days time to see the complete guide)

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