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Philips BDP2190 Review – Best Philips Blu Ray Player India

Philips BDP2190 Review – Best Philips Blu Ray Player India

This highly sought after and bestselling Philips Blu Ray Player, the Philips BDP2190 has many great features.

  • It offers DVD video upscaling right up to 1080p. This is through HDMI and achieves near-HD quality.
  • A unique feature is the ability to shift subtitles for wide screen viewing, which eliminates the problem of missing subtitles in some cases.
  • Of course the Philips BDP2190 offers Full HD 1080p for viewing that is as good as reality, and images that are incredibly sharp.
  • It also has the DivX playback option and is DivX Plus HD certified to deliver high definition visual quality and playback option.
You can check it out along with the Top 10 Best Blu Ray Players in India here!
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