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Redmi 3S Prime Review

Redmi 3S Prime review

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The best thing about Xiaomi is that it has read the sentiments of the Indian smartphone lovers very well and does offer smartphones that suit the needs of every consumer.

Unlike Motorola, who lost its way after launching Moto E as a good budget smartphone and was not able to capitalize on the success the phone achieved, Xiaomi on the other hand, has always been innovative and responsive enough to the Indian market to manufacture phones that had their own unique identity.

Carrying forward its legacy of making good phones, Xiaomi recently launched the 3rd generation of its Redmi phone. The phone comes in 2 versions. One with a cheaper price tag of Rs 6999 having a RAM & ROM combination of 2GB/16GB and the one with a slightly higher price tag of Rs 8999 comes with a combination of 3GB/32GB RAM & ROM respectively.

To give you a better understanding of the superiority of the new Redmi 3 phone, I would be talking about the Redmi 3S Prime.


With Redmi 3S Prime, Xiaomi has gone from high-quality plastic to a full metal body. Going by the metal design of the phone, it can easily be concluded that Redmi 3S Prime is the small brother of Xiaomi’s most successful phone till date in India which is Redmi Note 3. Moreover, with a fingerprint scanner this time, Redmi 3S Prime has actually surpassed many expectations of many people.


A 720p HD display measuring just 5 inches might sound like an old deal but at a price of Rs. 8999 along with other better specs, it definitely is a good upgrade that Redmi 3S Prime gets compared to its predecessor. Moreover, before writing off the smartphone’s small screen, we should also realize that there is still a large base of consumers who want a good phone but with a smaller screen so that it fits into their hand easily. Apple realized this need and came up with iPhone SE. Xiaomi too did the same thing with Mi5.


Although, it might sound exciting that compared to its predecessor, Redmi 3S Prime has an upgraded front and back camera with 13 MP and 5 MP respectively, but the truth is that the quality of the photos from both the cameras shows just a little improvement compared to Redmi 2. But then, we must also remember that Redmi 2 gave decent pictures if we compare it with other budget smartphones of its time and an upgrade means it is still better than any other smartphone in the same price bracket.


This is where Xiaomi played the game very well and has almost won it. With a huge 4100 mah battery and that too for 5 inch HD display, Redmi 3S prime will last longer than a day in any kind of heavy usage.


From snapdragon 400 to 410 and now 430, Xiaomi has maintained its unique identity of using upgraded Qualcomm processor even for its budget phones. Snapdragon 430, being an octa-core processor and clubbed at 1.4 GHz is bound to give you a lag-free smartphone usage. With Adreno 505 GPU, the overall gaming experience is better than any budget smartphone. Although, I did notice some stutter and frame drops while playing heavy games but that can easily be ignored considering the fact that it does not affect the overall gameplay. Internet surfing also is quite smooth.

Android version

The Redmi 3S Prime runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow-based MIUI 7 out-of-the-box.

Final Verdict

With a price of Rs 8999, Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime will easily find itself amongst the best budget smartphones in India.

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