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The Rise And Rise Of Xiaomi

The Rise and Rise of Xiaomi

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When Xiaomi made its entry to the Indian smartphone market, Moto E was a smartphone that was selling like hot cakes as many of the smartphone lovers in India considered it to be the ultimate budget smartphone. Micromax was also at its peak with its canvas series smartphones becoming more and more popular amongst the budget smartphone users.

But Xiaomi just pushed the bar for budget smartphones to an extra mile with its Mi3 phone. Launched at a staggering price of 13999, Mi3 proved to be an unimaginable opportunity for smartphone lovers in India who always wanted to own a phone which is cheap, powerful and long-lasting.

The question that arises in the minds of everyone including me is that why did Micromax’s elite smartphone wing Yu, who tried similar tactics like Xiaomi, never really made a mark in the Indian smartphone market? And why is it so that even after lots of Chinese smartphone brands flooding the Indian market after Xiaomi with equally good phones was never really able to dethrone it from the position it had occupied in the heart and mind of Indian smartphone lovers?

Although, there are many reasons for such a phenomenal success that Xiaomi has achieved today but after a lot of analysis & research, I have been able to churn out 5 prime reasons for the same.

Snapdragon Processor

When Indian smartphone makers were providing cheap smartphones with Mediatek processors, Xiaomi offered a phone like Mi3 with Snapdragon 801 which was considered as the most powerful processor of 2014. Not only that, the phones that followed Mi3 like Redmi 2, Redmi Note 2, Mi5, all had popular Snapdragon processors of its time. This went on to establish Xiaomi as a smartphone brand that is both powerful and cheap.

After-sales service

This is where Xiaomi was able to take a giant leap ahead of its Indian counterparts. Immediately after launching itself, it announced the opening up of 100 service centers with 2 of them being Xiaomi exclusive. At the end of the day, to earn a loyal customer base, after-sales service matters the most.


Being a home-grown online shopping portal, Flipkart is very close to Indian customers and many people prefer it to shop online over Snapdeal and American giant Amazon. By tying up with Flipkart, Xiaomi was able to target the right and a large customer base thereby gaining a quintessential pie of the Indian smartphone market.

Delivering on the expectations

Unlike Micromax, Xiaomi with Mi5 was able to fulfill the expectations of many smartphone lovers who were looking for a mid-range phone without creating any unnecessary hoopla.

Hugo Barra

Who can forget this man after all? He has been the soul of Xiaomi and the brain behind its triumphant success in India. From going to every launch event and personally unveiling the phones, Hugo Barra became the face of Xiaomi in India whose Google background convinced the Indian smartphone lovers about the greatness of the Xiaomi. To say the least, he has been the true ambassador of Xiaomi in India.

Today, Xiaomi after 3 years of its launch in India, stands as the No. 2 smartphone brand in India with an unparallel stature.If Xiaomi continues to climb the ladder at such a pace, then the day is not far when it will become India’s numero uno smartphone brand.

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