Top 10 Best 4g Dongles India – best dongle for internet in India

best dongle for internet in india best 4g dongles top 10 india

Top 10 Best 4G Dongles in India - stay connected to the Internet with ease

best dongle india

Best Dongle for Internet in India - Top 10 4G Dongles in India

The best 4G Dongles in India is a list of the best selling dongle in India. These dongles are reliable and trustworthy because thousands and thousands of them have been bought already. People are coming back to buy them again and again because they deliver the goods. They perform well, are high quality and work for Indian conditions.

There are many patches of bad connectivity everywhere in India, and it is these top 10 dongles in India that have performed best under all conditions. If you want to get into the nitty-gritties of how to actually look at the specifications and choose the suitable 4G dongle then read the guide under the list.

However, we feel that choosing one from the list of the Top 10 Dongles will serve you well. Check the price, check the general specifications and whether your  needs are met or not and go for it.

Of course, as always when you choose from Top 10 in India, you get the perfect balance of quality, value and reliability.

You can also read the Dongle Buying Guide here.

Go ahead, choose what the world trusts.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Huawei E8372 Unlocked 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Dongle (White)
Huawei - Electronics
₹ 3,199 - 16% ₹ 2,699
SaleBestseller No. 2
JioFi M2S 150Mbps Wireless 4G Portable Data and Voice Device
LYF - Electronics
₹ 999 - 5% ₹ 949
SaleBestseller No. 3
Airtel 4G Hotspot – E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device (White)
Huawei - Electronics
₹ 3,250 - 69% ₹ 999
SaleBestseller No. 4
iBall 21.0 MP-58 Wi-Fi ready Airway Data Card (White)
iBall - Electronics
₹ 1,349 - 46% ₹ 729
Bestseller No. 6
Huawei E3372 4G LTE Dongle (White)
Huawei Technologies Co. LTD - Electronics
₹ 2,797
SaleBestseller No. 9
Reliance Jio Wi-Fi M2 Wireless Data Card
JIO - Electronics
₹ 2,499 - 52% ₹ 1,199
SaleBestseller No. 10
Huawei data card E8231
Huawei - Electronics
₹ 1,999 - 5% ₹ 1,890

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Choose the best 4G Dongle in India – 4G Dongle buying guide and Top 10 best in India

best 4g dongle india

Today, everyone has a 4G dongle in India. It is the de facto dongle for laptops in India’s big cities, and these dongles are flying off the shelves, especially the digital shelves of the likes of Amazon and Flipkart.

If you cannot access a wi-fi internet connection, you need a 4G dongle right away. In this article, we will look at the important considerations when choosing a new 4G dongle.

There are many brands competing to deliver the best 4G dongle to you, but it is always good to have a look at the top 10 best selling dongles, as you may find your best dongle from amongst them. Although many brands claim their dongles to be the best, you need to check on some important factors before making a choice.

4G Internet

Although it's a completely personal choice to whether get a dongle that supports 3G or 4G internet, the fact is that 4G internet is the latest trend which is fast & reliable and much beneficial in the long run. So, always go for a dongle that supports 4G internet.

MicroSD memory card support

A Dongle that supports MicroSD memory card, gives you the convenience of having your own network storage and thus plays a pertinent role during the time of internet crisis.

Support for all kind of SIM cards

There are many good 4G dongles available in the market that supports just sim card from just one network provider. This, in a way, creates a very difficult situation and leaves us no option except to buy a new Dongle whenever we wish to switch to a new network operator. Thus, it is very wise and necessary to for only those Dongles that support sim cards from multiple network operators. Although such a thing was not really necessary to be considered a year ago, today the story is completely different after the advent of Jio that has resulted in all major telecom operators bringing out new & exciting data plans every month in order to compete against each other.

best 4g dongle in india

WiFi hotspot

Wifi hotspot plays a very important part in our life whenever there is a situation where we want to connect multiple devices to the internet. For example, if you and your family have gone for a picnic and there comes a time when everyone wants to surf the internet, then it is only through WiFi hotspot that such a thing can be possible. Thus, it is always better to buy a Dongle that has WiFi hotspot facility that allows you to connect your Dongle to any USB power source like a car charger, or portable power bank and surf internet seamlessly.


Always and always go for a Dongle from the best brands available in the market since it is one of those few things in our life which we keep, hoping that would support us during difficult times when there will no internet around.

Best download speeds

Whatever price it may take, but always choose a Dongle that has the best download speed. After all your main objective is to able to complete your important tasks through the Internet in the shortest time possible. Start your search by looking at the Top 10 Best 4G Dongles in India featured above.
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