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Top 10 Best Anti Virus In India – Up To The Minute Ranking Antivirus

Top 10 Best Anti Virus in India – Up to the minute ranking antivirus

Without a good paid anti virus you risk losing much much more than what you spend in buying the anti virus software

best anti virus in india kaspersky norton quick heal for pc laptop

Why risk everything in your computer for an amount as low as a thousand rupees?

That is correct, if your computer is not protected by a good anti virus software, you risk losing a lot. That includes access to your computer's files and your most important passwords. Imagine that someone gets access to your computer and can control everything in it.

That can be truly disastrous.

Have you heard of identity theft?

In this situation a hacker takes control of your email, bank accounts, credit cards and anything that identify's you. You are left with nothing, and the path to recovering your identity is not easy.

Though the more common problems arise from viruses that try to delete your hard drive, run malware through your computer or use it as a base for malicious activities.

Risking all of this for a few hundred rupees just doesn't make sense. Everyone I know uses a paid anti virus software, and many of them have suffered the consequences of not protecting their computer properly.

Yes, you can say it is all created by the anti virus companies themselves to boost their own sales, but whatever the truth may be, you need to keep your computer and your sensitive data and passwords well protected.

Why you should never use cracked anti virus software

All of us have tried to download and use cracked anti virus software. When we manage to do it for free, it gives us great satisfaction. But we do huge harm by doing this. There are two reasons:

First, cracked software always has a catch - either some malware, malicious activity or some deep-seated problem with the software.

Two, it is never updated and does not have the necessary protection.

Cracked anti virus can give a lot of satisfaction and cause an incredible amount of harm.

Which anti virus do I use?

Well I have used Norton Anti Virus for some time, but now I have shifted to Quick Heal. At first it was because a trusted IT guy in my previous office had recommended it very highly, but after using it for some time, I began to like it myself. It does everything very intuitively and protects your computer in every way.  Best of all, it is not filled with options and choices and all, but gives you the best stuff in a simple setting. Also its PC Tune-up option is pretty cool, that completely refreshes the computer, deletes junk, and speeds up the computer.

Quick Heal is my recommendation, but you should go with what you like. For that I suggest you take a good look at the Top 10 Best Anti Virus in India shown below and make a choice.

✓✓✓ Top 10 Best Anti-Virus in India

Here are the best anti virus in India in a daily updated list that features the best and latest anti virus deals.

Just check out the options below and make a choice and protect your laptops and PCs. Go save your digital and real lives with a good anti virus software.

SaleIndia's No. 1
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 - 1 PC, 1 Year (CD)
Kaspersky - CD-ROM
₹ 599 - 47% ₹ 319
SaleIndia's No. 2
Kaspersky Total Security - 1 User, 1 Year (CD)
Kaspersky - CD-ROM
₹ 1,995 - 60% ₹ 793
SaleIndia's No. 3
Quick Heal Total Security Latest Version - 2 PCs, 3 Years (DVD)
Quick Heal - DVD-ROM
₹ 4,299 - 41% ₹ 2,539
SaleIndia's No. 4
SaleIndia's No. 5
Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version - 2 PCs, 3 Years (DVD)
Quick Heal - DVD-ROM
₹ 2,199 - 44% ₹ 1,230
SaleIndia's No. 6
SaleIndia's No. 7
K7 Total Security - 1 PC, 1 Year(CD)
₹ 1,299 - 63% ₹ 478
SaleIndia's No. 8
Quick Heal Total Security Latest Version - 1 PC, 1 Year (DVD)
Quick Heal - DVD-ROM
₹ 1,949 - 41% ₹ 1,149
SaleIndia's No. 9
Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version - 1 PC, 1 Year (CD/DVD)
Quick Heal - DVD-ROM
₹ 999 - 58% ₹ 420
SaleIndia's No. 10

Last update on May 23, 2019 / Affiliate links / Images from Product Advertising API

The headaches of choosing an anti-virus for your computer or laptop


If you are a non-techie then choosing the right anti-virus is a huge pain. If you are like everyone, you will go through the free ones, get a badly infected computer, then go through the paid ones and always feel deeply dissatisfied.

Here is how my journey went. First I picked up one of the cracked paid ones. That means a paid anti-virus that has been cracked by a hacker and made free to use.

I learnt the hard way that all cracked software and so called nulled software and apps are actually a trap to get foolish people into worse trouble than they were in before. As expected the cracked anti-virus made my computer crash, then act weird and finally I had to format it.

That was the end of my journey with cracked anti-virus software. By the way another big problem with such cracked software is that some of them are infected with really horrid malware that can steal all your data, including passwords and such. So, if you are a non-techie, semi-techie and self-proclaimed techie, stay away from cracked software. Use a cracked software only if you have cracked it yourself. Ha, that rules out almost everyone reading this article.

My next step was to carefully and patiently download a free anti-virus software. You can think of names like Avast and a couple of others which fall into this category. Once Avast was properly installed in my computer I felt such relief. It didn’t last very long as the computer became extremely slow and even started to do odd things. I gave up Avast in a few weeks time.

Now it was time to search for a paid anti-virus software. The real battle had begun. You see every paid anti-virus software looks great. The packaging is fabulous, rich colours, amazing graphics and fancy terms and names. I wanted to buy all of them, and of course the omnipresent Norton was always in the wish list.

Then it was the exciting time where I looked at every possible ranking list for Anti-virus. Most seemed to be very surface reviews saying the same old thing as the other reviews. A few of them were very detailed and frankly I didn’t have the patience to go through and understand it all. At the end it came to what you saw the most. And that was Norton. Norton was everywhere, in lists, in ads, in website reviews, everywhere. And that won out at this stage.

I bought Norton by reluctantly paying online, and excitedly put it into the computer. It had everything and more than everything. As I started to explore it, every few minutes a new pop-up would appear saying that I can protect this or that and also have more protection and can do this as well as that. After a while I became quite unhappy with all the stuff that Norton was throwing at me.

I stayed with Norton for some time, and my computer seemed to be working fine.

Then I got a laptop with McAfee anti-virus in it. It worked great as it was pre-installed. However after some time, it became slow and unwieldy. I don’t know for what reason but it did become quite slow. McAfee would updated quite often and I felt safe. Then my laptop started to crash, and I deiced to move to Bit Defender.

My experience with Bit Defender has been good no doubt, but I didn’t continue after one year, when it was time for renewal.

I got a double computer deal for Quick Heal and installed it. It worked very well, and I really liked its PC Tuner feature. You click the PC Tuner button and it does the entire jing-bang lot work of deleting temporary files, extra data, cleaning the registry and finally defragmentation on restart.

I liked Quick Heal, though it does not feature in many top 10 anti-virus rankings. I guess the reason it doesn’t feature is that it is not an international brand, it is homegrown, and Indian company. However, for once I preferred an Indian software company over bigger global brands. Also the price is quite reasonable.

So, if you don’t know much about how the anti-virus software works, then you should go on a small personal journey of anti-virus software of your own. However my biggest advice is do not try any cracked or nulled anti-virus.

Once you have seen, experienced and felt beaten by everything, try Quick Heal. That’s it, hope your experiences with anti-virus are better than mine, and you find the right one faster then I did.

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