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Top 10 Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers in India 2018

Bose Bluetooth Speakers Spotlight – Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers

Bose Bluetooth Speakers are globally known for their sound quality, innovative technology and high fidelity. Bose Bluetooth Speakers are designed for portability and the very highest standards of sound quality.


Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers

One of the most popular and well-loved speakers amongst the wide range of Bose Bluetooth Speakers, is the Bose Soundlink Color Speaker.

The Bose Soundlink Color Speakers play your favourite music from your Bluetooth device of choice, be it a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop, in clear, full and loud audio. And the best part is that you can take it along anywhere you go.

Five Vibrant Colours

To match your style, these compact yet powerful Bluetooth speakers come in a range of vibrant colours, as the name Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers suggests. They are available in five colors, Red, Blue, Mint, Black and White.

Robust and Portable, with Lifelike Sound

These speakers are small, robust, sturdy and easy to use. They have been carefully designed to deliver full, lifelike sound while being lightweight and portable. Though the SoundLink Color Speakers are small in size, they deliver a great listening experience. Proprietary Bose technologies, and a unique shape and design enhances the listening experience, and delivers clear, well-balanced, full-range sound.


These speakers connect through Bluetooth technology with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth device, and belt out 8 hours of music on a single full charge. These speakers run on rechargeable li-ion batteries, and can be easily plugged in using the provided wall charger. They get fully charged in about three hours. There is also the option of charging from any USB port using the provided USB cable, but this may take a little longer than when charging with the wall charger.

Crafted to suit your active, busy and mobile lifestyle, these speakers are made of sturdy and durable materials and are lightweight, weighing just 570 grams. Their rounded and compact shape facilitates an easy fit into any bag or backpack.

30 feet of perfect connectivity

The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers have a range of 30 feet, which means you can enjoy your music even if your Bluetooth device is placed in another room. This distance of 30 feet can be affected by walls and other obstructing material, or due to interference by other Wi-Fi or wireless devices.

While pairing with your Bluetooth device, the Soundlink speakers will facilitate the process with voice prompts. Also the Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers remember the last 8 Bluetooth devices it has been paired with, making reconnecting extremely easy.

Control With Touch

The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers have been designed for ease of use, and feature a clean and intuitive interface with power, volume and source buttons. The other controls happen through your Bluetooth device.


Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers Specifications

Speaker Dimensions: 5.3″ H x 5.0″ W x 2.1″ D
Speaker Weight: 570 grams
Cord Length: 59.1″
Wireless Range: 30 ft
Battery Life: 8 hrs
3.5 mm auxiliary input
Micro-USB port

What’s in the Box
Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker
Wall charger

Check out the Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speakers here.


Go ahead and check out the Top 10 Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers in India 2018

1. The list below only features the top bestselling Bose Bluetooth Speakers, which means you will get the best quality and best value for money

2. You can be sure of the product as it has been bought and tested by hundreds if not thousands of discerning Indian buyers

3. The list is updated daily, so only the latest and most popular Bose Bluetooth Speakers are featured

4. This list is not based on opinions or biases, they are directly connected to the number of sales

5. When you choose from theTop 10 in India, you get the perfect balance of quality, value and reliability

Go ahead, choose what the world trusts.

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
Bose SoundLink Revolve Charging Cradle (Black)
Bose Corporation - Electronics
₹ 2,700
Bestseller No. 4
Bose SoundLink Color II 752195-0400 Bluetooth Speakers (Coral Red)
Bose Corporation - Electronics
₹ 11,500
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System (Black)
BOSE - Electronics
₹ 17,500
Bestseller No. 7

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