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Top 10 Best Core I7 Laptops In India 2018

Top 10 Best Core i7 Laptops in India 2018

Best Core i7 Laptops in India - Latest bestsellers and more

Updated on November 17, 2018

If you want to buy a god laptop, then go in for a Intel Core i7 processor laptop. You will get everything that you wanted. If you decide to save money and go for a lower version, then you will get something decent, but not great.

What is needed is speed, performance and all the power needed to run the many thing that you run on your laptop. The Core i7 is your baby if you want a fast, smooth and high powered laptop. Don't look at the cost, look at the increased performance, results and happiness.

Most Powerful Intel Processor

Intel’s most powerful processor to date is the Core i9. It has incredible speed, processing power and performance,a and its price is also very high. It is useful if you are into high end video editing, 3D modelling and simulation etc. If you want a laptop that can handle everything you throw at it with ease and let you play the best resolution games with ease as well as do high end graphics and video editing and rendering and even in 4K resolution, then the Intel Core i7 is ideal for you.

Quadcore and Hexacore Core i7 Processors

Millions of laptops worldwide are using the Core i7 processor and they are as good as desktops in their performance. There are some variations in the Intel Core i7 processor which might confuse you when faced with a choice. However, the simple way to decide which Core i7 processor to choose is by means of knowing how many core they have, whether 4 or 6. The 4 core i7 processors are called quadcore, and the 6 core are called hexacore. You can also look at the cache memory of either 8MB or 9 MB. The hexacore i7 have 9 MB cache memory.

Choosing the right processor

A simple way to decide between them is – if you are looking for a laptop for playing really heavy games and also to render video with very high 4K and 8K resolution, then go in for the hexacore i7 processor; if you want a very powerful laptop that will be able to do a lot of things simultaneously (heavy multi-tasking) and also play top games occasionally, the quadcore i7 processor is for you.

Choosing the right Core i7 Laptop

When it comes to choosing the right Core i7 laptop, then we feel you should go by the bestsellers. You can choose to read a lot of detailed reviews and check other people’s experiences, but eventually sales are the proof you need. If a Core i7 laptop is selling much more than another one, then obviously its performance is better. Why else will people come back again and again and buy it.

Top 10 Best Core i7 Laptops in India

This list of Core i7 laptops features the latest bestsellers in India. These are the top 10 best selling Core i7 Laptops in India currently. These 10 laptops represent India’s best quality at the best price. If you like one of these laptops, then click through to Amazon and read up the reviews. You will get a pretty good idea about the performance through the verified buyer feedback. Try to read some of the newest reviews, and try to avoid reviews from non-verified buyers. You should be able to choose a very good laptop for yourself in this way.

Also, this Top 10 list gets updated daily, so only the latest trending laptops will feature.

SaleIndia's No. 2
SaleIndia's No. 6

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Other laptop options you can explore

If you are willing to explore a bit, then there are many other laptops that you can choose from.

To start with have a look at India's best Linux Laptops. You can then have a look at India's 10 best Core i5 laptops. If you are looking for a particular brand you can check out the Top 10 Asus laptops in India.  Another interesting approach will be to look at the top best selling laptops in the Amazon Great Indian Festival

How to buy a good laptop in India – Laptop buying tips.

Perhaps the first consideration for buying a laptop is the budget. Whether installment facility is available or not is quite relevant. Maintenance arrangement such as annual maintenance contract facility should also be thought of.

One important factor is the weight. It will be more convenient if your laptop is light and less bulky. Regarding the software, speed needs to be looked into. You should think of your needs including those of word processing, music, games etc. Whether you need Pentium Processor or not should be considered. As regards operating systems, most models will be good for Microsoft Windows. Whether other systems can also be run may be checked.

Other important factors include the memory (RAM) capacity and the screen size. It is always advisable to have a large enough size screen, say, a 14 inch screen. Also think of matters such as luminosity, daylight brightness etc. If you have problems of power cuts, longer lasting batteries may be preferable.

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