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Top 10 Best Kindle In India – Reviews Of Kindle Oasis, Paperwhite And Voyage

Top 10 Best Kindle in India – Reviews of Kindle Oasis, Paperwhite and Voyage

Best Amazon Kindle in India - Which Kindle is best for you, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage or Kindle Oasis

Kindle from Amazon India, has had four models now, the basic Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis. The newest addition to these models is the new ultra-luxury model, the Kindle Oasis, and this range comprises everything one can ask for in e-book readers.


Kindle in India

In India, as it is all over the world, the basic Kindle is the cheapest. In a major break from the previous basic Kindle model, the new basic Kindle has a touchscreen. The mid-range model is the Kindle Paperwhite, which is the most popular and offers a great display with a lit screen whose brightness can be adjusted. One of the top end models is the Kindle Voyage which comes with some extra bells and whistles like the ambient light sensor. And recently Kindle launched the Kindle Oasis, which is in a luxurious new league of its own.

Though it took a while but book readers in India are turning into Kindle readers very fast. If you like books there is no way that you don’t know about the Kindle. Whether you are buying a Kindle for the first time or are planning to upgrade from your current model, this post will be very helpful for you as it compares all four models and clearly tells you the pros and cons of each.

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We are sure that you have seen some of the Kindle ads that run on TV now-a-days, from the deep voiced narration of ‘we are the readers’ to the ‘traveler who brings smiles to children in a remote place”. They make Kindle out to be quite a fabulous thing, and we believe that it is actually a fabulous device. As a matter of fact we have been using Kindles for over four years now. That, however, doesn’t mean that we have stopped buying and reading normal physical books. We still regularly go out and get ourselves hold and feel actual paper printed books, but the Kindle is like a close friend who goes everywhere with us.

The new updated Kindle

In a recent development Amazon updated the interfaces on all three Kindle models, and of course the luxurious new Oasis was introduced with these and many more enhanced features. As expected all the enhancements have made the Kindle experience much more enjoyable and intuitive. The Kindle Paperwhite with e-ink is supposed to give you a feel of reading from actual paper, and after several years of using it, we can confidently say that it does exactly that. With the new updated interface, Amazon has created a new font that makes it appear even more like a book. The font has been specifically designed for the Kindle to make it have a more book like feel. The Kindle has something known as a typesetting engine that controls the font and book page display on the Kindle, and that has been enhanced too, to give a more book-like experience. Other enhancements are a more streamlined interface which puts more focus on the controls that we use most often, and it has become even easier to share books and excerpts from books on social media. Kindle Paperwhite has a sharper screen now, and of course the new better font.

A feature that Kindle already offers for some time in the United States, Family Library, is coming soon to Kindle in India. The Family Library is a really useful feature that lets you share your eBooks with your family. Kindle Family Library lets you join two accounts together, so you can share and read the books from each others Kindles. Really cool, considering it will allow you to add up to four accounts of children, to the two adult accounts that are paired up. This feature is in-built in the new Kindles that have been launched, but will only be functional once Amazon activates Family Library in India. As per the Amazon India website the Kindle Family Library is going to be here soon.

The choice of books that you can download or read on your Kindle, is only from the Amazon store. However the awesome bit is that the Amazon store probably has the world’s largest selection of books, magazines and journals. And it has the best collection of books. Which means that you will get all the books you need and some more. The cost of eBooks in the Amazon store is also reasonable and always considerably lower than that of the paperback editions.

Amazon is committed to keep the prices of eBooks the lowest amongst all e-book stores in India, and checks prices every day to ensure this. The current Amazon bookstore has over 1.5 million titles priced at less than Rs. 299 and over 500,000 titles priced below Rs. 99. There are also over 800,000 books which are Kindle exlcusives, that you won’t find anywhere else, including bestsellers from authors like P. B. Kolleri, Sri Vishwanath and Phil Rickman.

Kindle Review – Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Oasis

Today, you have four choices of Amazon Kindles – the basic Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis. So lets’ get down to reviewing and comparing the four models of Kindle.

Best Kindle to buy from Amazon – Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis

The new Kindle base model

The Kindle base model costs Rs. 5,999, and is the updated Kindle. That means it will have the enhanced interface, the new book-like font and other enhancements that the new upgrade has brought in. In essence it has a 6 inch glare-free touchscreen display and operates through wi-fi. The touch-screen is a new feature for the base model, as all previous base models at this price point only had physical buttons for interaction and navigation, and no touchscreen. However, the screen resolution of the base model is lower than that of the other three models, at 167 pixels per inch.

Kindle india kindle price cheapest kindle kindle basic kindle base kindle model kindle low-end

This base Kindle has a 1 GHz processor which is a considerable upgrade if you are using a kindle that is few years old, and it translates into effortless handling of turning pages, navigating and browsing. The previous base Kindle model had 2GB of storage space, the new base Kindle has 4 GB of storage. This 4 GB storage means you have more than enough space to store thousands of books and some more. The battery life is more than sufficient, and as stated by Amazon, it will last up to four weeks with half an hour of reading a day. Overall a great budget model to start your Kindle journey with, though the Kindle Paperwhite is still the favourite.

To check out or buy the basic Kindle, click here!

The new Kindle Paperwhite

The new Kindle Paperwhite is not very different from the previous model, and is essentially the 2015 model. It offers a lit display whose brightness can be adjusted as per your needs. This means that you can read in the night with the lights switched off, and without disturbing your spouse, which is a pretty important feature, as all married couples will know.

The new Kindle Paperwhite has a higher resolution screen at 300 pixel per inch, which is like reading a real physical book. The Kindle Paperwhite wi-fi model costs Rs. 8,999 and the wi-fi plus FREE 3G model costs Rs. 11,999. What is the big deal about having FREE 3G and spending an extra Rs. 3,000 you say? Well it means that you will never need any kind of Internet to use your Kindle Paperwhite. With the FREE 3G that is available all over the world, you don’t need to look for a wi-fi network nor find a wi-fi hotspot to download books or browse for new titles. The 3G is always on and COMPLETELY FREE. That is quite an advantage, especially since it is completely free for life.

kindle paperwhite india kindle amazon paperwhite paperwhite price india kindle best paperwhite review paperwhite to buy amazon india

As with all the Kindle models the Kindle Paperwhite has a six inch screen, which is the ideal size for reading. The increased 300 pixels per inch resolution has made the text crisp and beautiful just like a real book. The new font developed especially for Kindle, which incidentally is called Bookerly, also improves the experience a notch. The battery life, again as stated by Amazon is six weeks on a full charge when reading half an hour a day at brightness level of 10. We feel that at its price, this is the best Kindle model to buy, unless you are a seasoned book reader and you want to go for the top end models, like the Kindle Oasis. The new Kindle Paperwhite has everything you need at a price that really good value for money.

To check out or buy the Kindle Paperwhite, click here!

The Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage has been knocked out off from the top-end model spot, which it had been occupying for some time, by the new Kindle Oasis. Nevertheless, it is still a great Kindle model. The wi-fi only model costs Rs. 16,499 and the wi-fi plus FREE 3G model costs Rs. 20,499. So what does the Kindle Voyage have that the Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t? Well two things mainly, adaptive screen light and Page Press sensors which allow you to turn the page by pressing the edge of the Kindle Voyage. Also, the Kindle Voyage is thinner and lighter than the Paperwhite, making it much easier and more intuitive to hold and read like a real book. Since it is lighter, holding it with one hand is also easier, more so because it is lighter than a typical paperback book. On the Kindle Voyage you have the option of turning the pages by using the touchscreen or by squeezing the new ‘Page Press’ buttons on the side.

Kindle voyage india kindle voyage price india kindle amazon india kindle voyage wi-fi 3G

The Kindle Voyage has 4GB of storage like the Paperwhite and battery life of six weeks on a full charge with half an hour of reading and brightness set at 10. The ambient light sensor is a really useful feature and the screen brightness now automatically adjusts according to the ambient light. If you are one of those people who read books in the day and the night with equal frequency, then the Kindle Voyage will be a boon, with no need to ever adjust the screen brightness, due to the new ambient light sensor.

To check out or buy the Kindle Voyage, click here!

The Kindle Oasis

Occupying the top-end model position is the newly launched Kindle Oasis. The Kindle Oasis is truly the first luxurious fully loaded Kindle, or for that matter eBook reader in the market today. This new model delivering an ultra-luxurious reading experience comes with a pretty high price tag. The wi-fi only Kindle Oasis is priced at Rs. 23,999 and the wi-fi plus FREE 3G version is priced at Rs. 27,999.

Kindle India Kindle Oasis Kindle Amazon India

What do you get for this price? Well quite a lot actually. The Oasis is an ergonomically redesigned Kindle which tapers to an incredibly thin 0.13 inches on one side. It is about 30% lighter than other Kindle models making it seem almost weightless without its leather cover. It comes with a leather-fronted case that also holds an extra battery pack. While the Kindle Oasis on its own has the same battery life as the Voyage and the Paperwhite of about six week, the additional battery inside the leather case increases its battery life to two months. So effectively you may need to charge your Kindle Oasis only once in two months.

In case you were wondering, the included leather-fronted case is a magnetic snap-on one. Without the magnetic snap-on case the Kindle Oasis is just 131 grams. The ergonomic design of the Kindle Oasis means it tapers to paper thinness on one side and on the other side from where you will grip it, it has an ergonomic hand grip design that enables you to hold it with the center of gravity of the device in the middle of your palm. That means you can hold it with one hand and read it comfortably for much longer. To make it easier to hold with one hand and to turn the pages, the Oasis has special page turning buttons that can be pressed intuitively with your thumb. Also if you want to shift to the other hand, the screen realigns itself thanks to its orientation sensor.

To check out or buy the Kindle Oasis, click here!

Which Kindle from Amazon India should I buy?

Our choice is the Kindle Paperwhite wi-fi plus 3G version, as it seems to offer the maximum for the price point, and has everything that one may need to thoroughly enjoy reading an e-book, or rather thousands of e-Books.

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The new Kindle base model is a good choice if you are buying your very first e-reader, but even in that case we would recommend that you spend a little more and go for the Paperwhite wi-fi only version.

The Kindle Voyage seems to be stuck somewhere in between the Paperwhite and Oasis, so you need to make a careful assessment whether its features, of which the ambient light sensor is a unique one, is good value for its price.

The Kindle Oasis is a new level of e-reader altogether, and for those who use their Kindle a lot, this is the best choice. The Kindle Oasis is definitely the best e-reader in the market today and the most expensive, and is a good choice if you are a regular book reader and plan to use your Kindle a lot.

Have a look at or buy one from the full range of Kindle models featured below!

Here are the Top 10 Best Kindle e-readers in India

These kindles are the most popular in India, and have sold the most. They are the top bestsellers and have been the choice of countless buyers.

When you pick a Kindle e-reader from amongst the list of Top 10 Kindles in India you get a great product at a great price. Every kindle is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship.

Get the best quality and best value for money, and as the list is updated every day, only the latest and most popular Kindle models are featured.

You can be sure that when you buy a Kindle from, you will get the highest quality, value and reliability.

Go ahead, buy a Kindle that will change the way you read books forever.

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Which Kindle to buy in India – by a veteran Kindle user

Everybody likes to read, and now with tablets, smartphones and other devices, reading has become even easier. In fact as a society we are reading almost all the time, whether it is surfing the net, checking messages or emails, reading is happening everywhere and all the time. When you want to read articles, posts or want to check out a website then using a smartphone or tablet is just fine, or using your laptop, however when you want to read a book you need something else. Well, a real book is ideal, nothing compares to the actual feel of paper and a book, but the next best to a book is an e-reader.

So many e-readers

Today we have a huge variety of e-readers available and the technology has gone so far ahead that it is almost as good as reading a real book. We can safely call this the era of e-ink for people who are interested in a e-readers. It all began with Sony’s Librié e-book reader, then Amazon came out with the Kindle and changed the game. Even Barnes and Noble came out with the Nook, but the Kindle was going to change everything especially after the launch of Kindle 2. Literally in no time, the Kindle became the leader among e-readers. It was no surprise that the Amazon Kindle is the choice of the biggest number of people when it comes to e-readers. It is a fantastic device using amazing technology and having used it for several years now, I can personally vouch for its amazing performance and ease of reading.

So many Kindles

Initially there was only one Kindle device, now there are several, from the basic Kindle to the Paperwhite to Oasis. If you want to buy a Kindle today then you will have to choose from 4 core models, the basic Kindle e-reader the Kindle Paperwhite the Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis. The prices go up with each model. I have been using the Kindle Paperwhite for a long time and I feel it is at the best juncture of price and performance. If you want to splurge a little, then of course, you can choose the Kindle Voyage or the Kindle Oasis.

Buying your first Kindle - why do you need it at all?

If you are thinking of buying your first Kindle, then you may even ask yourself, why do I really need a Kindle, when I already have a tablet or a laptop or a smartphone?

Well, here are few reasons why you need a Kindle regardless.

First, when you read a book in the Kindle there is nothing to distract you. You won't get any Facebook updates, emails of messages or anything at all. It will be just you and the book, and with e-ink screens it as easy to read a Kindle in direct sunlight, as it is to read a real paper book. In fact, you can read on the Kindle, not just in direct sunlight but also in total darkness, thanks to is gentle inward LED lights feature, which you should know is not available in the base model. That is why I find the Kindle Paperwhite to be at the best juncture of features and price, as it allows you to read in total darkness and in full sunlight.

Secondly, because the Kindle uses the e-ink technology, it is extremely energy efficient. By energy-efficient we don’t mean hours, but weeks. The Kindle once charged will let you read books for weeks at end before the battery charge becomes significantly low. You can take your Kindle with you for a trip and never need to charge it even once. Of course you already know about the Kindle’s immense storage space for literally thousands of books.

Thirdly, I want to share a little known fact about the Kindle. A Kindle will not disturb your sleep even if you read it at night. The reason is that it no matter what device you are using other than a Kindle, whether a tablet or a laptop or smartphone, because of their backlighting technology, they give out blue light. This blue light disturbs your sleep if you read any device that emanates it, just before sleeping. It is a known fact that blue light is a cause of insomnia. The Kindle however, uses inward LED lights and not backlighting, and therefore minimises blue light. So, if you read the Kindle in darkness just before sleeping, it will not affect with your sleep pattern or quality.

Which Kindle to buy in India

Now that you know the advantages of a Kindle e-reader compared to your other devices, it’s time to get into which Kindle model will be best for you. Obviously the price is a factor, so if you have a fixed budget in mind, then you just need to get the best Kindle within that budget. If the choice is between Kindle basic and Kindle Paperwhite, then definitely go in for the Paperwhite. If your budget allows you to choose between a Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite, and you are not really too keen on the bells and whistles, then I will still recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. Reagrding the Paeprwhite, you have a wi-fi only model and a model that offers 3G connectivity. I would any day recommend the 3 G connectivity Kindle as you will have free internet access anywhere across the country. A 3 G Kindle Paperwhite means you have access to free internet and be able to download books no matter where you are in India. As long as your phone can catch a signal, your 3G Kindle Paperwhite can download a book and can access the Kindle Store. This can be a fantastic advantage when you are travelling or going on a holiday.

Kindle basic model, Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis

Let's get into the individual Kindle models now.

When you talk about the basic Kindle it has a great 6 inch screen with 300 DPI resolution, but it does not have LED inward lighting, which means you cannot read it in darkness. If you don't plan to read the Kindle in darkness and your significant other will not mind your keeping the lights on when you read, then you can easily go in for the Kindle basic model. The Kindle Paperwhite allows you to read in total darkness with a soft and gentle glow light that is easy on the eyes and does not let out blue light. This can make a tremendous difference in your life, if your spouse a significant other gets disturbed when you read at night with the lights on.

The Kindle Paperwhite has 300 DPI screen resolution, and four built-in LEDs for the soft easy reading glow, even in complete darkness. This according to us, is the best choice when it comes to price and features.

If you want to buy a Kindle that really has everything you need, then you need to up the budget and move towards either the Voyage or the Oasis. Both of these Kindles are lighter and smaller than Kindle Paperwhite and have a better overall reading experience. How is it better than the Paperwhite, well the movement of the pages, the smoothness of operation, the performance, the experience of reading is elevated in both these models. The oasis is actually tiny in comparison to the other Kindles, and the Kindle Voyage is brilliant at its price point.

The Kindle Oasis is extremely light, and it has a leather cover that contains a battery which allows it to go on for a couple of months on a full charge. You can flip the Kindle Oasis for left or right hand use, and it has 10 LED bulbs for creating an extremely even and gentle inward lighting experience for night time reading in complete darkness.

The Kindle Voyage is almost as good as the Oasis and seems to be the most awesome Kindle if you want the bells and whistles and don’t want to go really overboard on the cost. While the Oasis has 10 LED lights the Voyage has six. It is clearly faster and smoother that the Paperwhite and is a great e-reader overall. However if you have the budget and the desire then the Oasis is absolutely top of the line. It is expensive but it is the best e-reader in the world, and the lightest, smoothest one delivering an amazing reading experience.

Go choose a Kindle for yourself

Now that you know all about the Kindle models available, just head over to the Amazon India store and choose a model that fits your needs. It will take your reading to the next level for sure.

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