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Top 10 Best Mobile Power banks in India 2017 - Definitive Power Banks Guide and Buying Advice

The emergence of mobile power banks has changed our lives and the way we have been using our smartphones.  Being portable, efficient and user-friendly, power banks have today become a part and parcel of our life.

A bit about Power Banks

A power bank is nothing but a convenient and portable way to charge your phone whenever you are out of touch with your charger or can find no socket to fit your charger even if it is with you.

The mechanism of a power bank or its working involves a battery ingrained in a special case along with a circuit that controls the flow of power. When you charge your mobile power bank, electrical energy gets stored in it by virtue of the circuit which then is used to charge your mobile phone.

10 Best & Latest Mobile Power Banks in India - daily UPDATED

This list of mobile power banks features the bestselling mobile power banks in India. It has the latest mobile power banks that have been purchased by the maximum number of Indians. The list is updated every day so that only the latest power banks are featured.

When you choose a mobile power bank from these top 10 best power banks in India, you get the best quality at the best price, and the assurance that each power bank has been tried and tested by  thousands already. Of course, every time you buy from Top 10 in India, you get unmatched quality, reliability and durability.

Go ahead and buy what the world has already chosen.

Top 10 Best Power Banks


Top 10 Best Power Banks

How and when power banks came into being?

The seeds of the mobile power bank were sown in 2001 when the concept of this innovative product was showcased at that year's Consumer Electronic show popularly known as CES. The power bank shown at that point in time had AA batteries and control circuit along with short cycle life and big size. This was largely due to the fact that manufacturing technology of battery was at its nascent stage.

From 2004 onwards, power banks started coming to market for people to own and use them for charging their phones. Companies that took the initiative to bring power banks to market included Huaqi, Aigo, and Anytone.

In 2007, Apple came up with its first iPhone that had a non-removable battery and also that could be replaced. The problem with this battery was that it only powered the iPhone for a meager 4 hours. This could be regarded as the point when slowly and steadily, many OEM companies started seeing the business of power banks as a very profitable one.

From 2012 onwards, as smartphones took the center stage, power banks too became a part and parcel for those using a smartphone.

Two main types of batteries in power banks

There are basically 2 types of batteries that are mostly used in power banks which include:-

1. Lithium-Ion- They are generally cheaper and most extensively used in power banks with lower capacity.

2. Lithium-Polymer- They are the ones that are used for power banks with higher capacity and are considered to be of higher quality.

Mobile Power Banks come with dedicated input sockets which helps you to connect your mobile phone to it for charging. As far as charging of the power bank is concerned, the time taken for it to be fully charged depends on its battery size. A 20,000 mah power bank will take at least 12 to 15 hours compared to the one with a 5000 mah battery which will take a meager 3 hours to be fully charged.Although you can charge your power bank by connecting it to your laptop or PC, the charging speed will be much more if you do the same through a socket.

What decided quality and durability

The durability of a power bank or its quality is basically decided by 2 ways:- 

1. the number of charges or the number of times your power bank can actually charge your phone in a lifetime. Ideally, power banks with 500 charge cycles are considered to be good enough for daily usage.

2. The time limit measured in months or years from the date of purchasing of a power bank. Expensive power banks from established brands usually last up to 18 months or 24 months.

Important Mobile Power Bank Points to consider

There are certain points that are also needed to be considered for a power bank user if he or she wants it to last for a longer period of time. This includes

1. Treatment- Power banks are very delicate electronic products and thus require meticulous usage to last long. Any kind of rough usage meted out to a power bank can actually go on to damage it forever.

2. Storage- It is always necessary to store a power bank in a nice pack or a case whenever you are not using it. This helps the power bank to resist any kind of effects resulting out of dust or temperature.

3. Over-charge- It is very necessary to take care that your power bank is over-charged. Thus, whenever you see your power bank is fully charged, remove it from charging immediately.

4. Source of charging- A power bank should always be charged through a socket only. Using a laptop or PC for the same can actually result in loss of sheen or charging efficiency of your power bank.

Types of Power Banks

Although all power banks look or sound the same, they are actually quite different from each other. The different types of power banks include:-

1. Universal power banks- This power banks come with the special ability to be tailored and adapted according to your requirement and budget.

2. Solar power banks- These power banks use photovoltaic panels to charge your smartphone through solar energy which gets stored into it when you keep it outside under the sun.

3. Traditional power banks- These power banks are basically older-style battery phone case and is almost non-existent in the market.

4. Portable power banks- These power banks come with a capacity that ranges from 2000 mah to 5000 mah which is good enough to charge a smartphone partially or completely only once.

5. Built-in Rechargeable Line Type- This power bank comes with a charger wire that provides the user the convenience of not looking for an adapter.

6. Power banks with LED light- Nowadays, power banks with the convenience of an LED light has become very popular amongst smartphone users as it gives you the convenience of using light whenever and wherever it is needed.

7. Power banks with multiple charging points- Power banks with multiple charging points have become very useful especially for people who use multiple phones at a time.

8. Smart power banks- Although smart power banks are still not available widely around the world, they are actually the future set to define the way we use a power bank especially with its smart abilities like recognizing your mobile devices, identifying the voltage setting of your device, short circuit protection, etc.

9. Sturdy power banks- These type of power banks come with a very strong built quality and are made for rough usage.

Why Own a power bank?

Although the advent of smartphones with huge batteries have somehow made the usefulness of power banks very meager, still, there are multiple reasons for which you should definitely own one which includes:-

After the emergence of Jio that has redefined our lives with the huge amount of 4G data, people have started using their smartphones in a way like never before. From movies to videos and internet surfing to video calling, a smartphone is now like a combined package of entertainment, information, convenience and much more. All these things eat up your smartphone's battery very quickly. Here, a power bank can be of great use if you are one of those who likes to surf the internet and watch movies while traveling.

A power bank with huge battery capacity is also used to charge other devices like your laptop or tablet. Although, we do have the convenience of using power sockets for the same while we are at home or office, the same cannot be said if we are traveling or busy with some work outside.

Power banks are a very useful device that can go on to solve much of our lives' crisis that happens as a result of our smartphone shutting down at crucial moments.

Power Banks are very costly and the best of the best can come at a maximum price of Rs. 5000 to 6000.

Power banks are not very heavy and can be carried very easily to anywhere and at any time.

Thus, power banks have actually changed the way of our life that is lived with a smartphone. Technology has changed our mobile phones from being a mere piece used for calling to a giant package of entertainment and useful features. But these features and entertainment eat up a lot of your smartphone's battery and this is where a power bank comes to play.

Things to decide before buying a power bank

Although there are many power banks from different available in the market, certain factors are needed to be considered before buying one which includes:-

1. Brand- At present, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, Asus, and Intex are sharing the largest pie of the power bank market. The fact is that a power bank is the most vulnerable of all electronic products that can be damaged easily if it falls down or is shaken badly while you are traveling. Thus, it becomes very important for you to buy one from the most renowned brands available in the market since they have been able to establish themselves and create an identity with the sheer power of credibility and quality of their products.

2. Capacity- From 2000 mah to 20,000 mah, Power banks are available with batteries of different capacity for your different needs. Although it sounds very nice to own a power bank with massive battery charging capacity, they come with their own set of flaws like the inconvenience to carry due to massive size or the long time they take to get fully charged. While on the other hand, the power bank with a 2000 or 5000 mah battery might prove to be very costly for you on long journeys in spite of their cheap price or small size.

3. Power output- The kind of power output decides the time needed for your phone to be fully charged. Ideally, a port with 2.1 Ampere output is said to be the best for fast charging of your phone. Apart from fast charging, a port with 2.1 Ampere output also enables you to use your phone while it is charging.

4. Weight- We all love to carry our power banks with us to our, office or while on a holiday. In fact, a power bank has become one of the most important things of the new generation that they would never want to forget. Carrying a power bank while traveling or outside our home helps us to keep our phone charged in any kind of crisis situations. Thus, it becomes very important to consider the weight and size of a power bank before buying it.

5. Outer body strength- We all want our power banks to be durable and strong on the outside. There was a time when mobile phones used to get damaged the moment they fell down even for once. But with time, the body material improved and today your mobile phone can endure any number of falls. Similarly, there are many genuine power banks from established brands that have excellent built quality and lasts longer than your expectations.

Top 10 Best Power Banks in India Detailed Reviews

#1 Xiaomi 20000mAH Power Bank 2

In a way, Xiaomi was the first brand in India that took a unique step of marketing its power bank and is regarded by many in the country as the first company that introduced power banks in their lives. Although, long before Xiaomi's first power bank, there were brands like Intex and Ambrane that sold power banks in India, the kind of marketing and promotional activities Xiaomi used to project its power banks in in the country was simply awe-inspiring. In fact, it was Xiaomi who set up the market in India for power banks that made people realize the importance of such a product and role it plays in enhancing their smartphone experience.

Today, Xiaomi is considered amongst the top 3 players in India for power banks. And why not? After all the first power bank on the list is from this brand by the name of Xiaomi NDY-02-AL 16000 mAh Power Bank.

 Available at a price of rupees 2199, Xiaomi 20000mAH Power Bank 2 comes with a Micro USB battery that has a charge capacity of 20000 mAh and has a beautiful rectangle-shaped body. Having the support for the output port, this power bank has the great quality of charging multiple devices at a time which is quite awesome considering the fact that the current generation is quite obsessed with saving time through smart devices. Driven by the power to charge devices like Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet and even your laptop, the Power Bank has some great additional features like ultra-fast charging Quick Charge 3.0 support, 93 percent conversion rate, and much more.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 20000 mah

Battery Type- Lithium polymer battery

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 2

Input- 5.1V

Output- 3.6A Dual USB Output

Body Material- PC+ABS material

weight (in grams)- 331

Colour- White

Dimensions- 13.6 x 6.8 x 2.4 cm


#2 Lenovo PA10400

Lenovo is a China-based electronic company that has made a name for itself in India. After coming up with a number of excellent smartphones, Lenovo for the first time in 2014 launched its maiden power bank by the name of Lenovo PA10400.

2014 was a revolutionary year in the history of smartphone world when Xiaomi made its entry into the heart and mind of the Indian smartphone lovers not only with smartphones but also with many other accessories like earphones, screen guards and most importantly power banks that were an instant hit. To counter the force of Xiaomi's power banks, Lenovo too came up with its brilliant power bank. Although, since then, the brand has not launched any new power bank in the market, still, this three-year-old power bank carries the brand value of Lenovo on its shoulders even today and that too pretty perfectly.

 Coming to the specifications of Lenovo's power bank, it comes with a rectangular shaped body as is found in almost all the good power banks in the market. With a weight of 240 grams, Lenovo's power bank comes with a Micro USB battery that has a capacity of 10400 mAh. The power bank is pretty capable of charging your Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone and Tablets and supports output ports that makes it eligible to charge multiple devices at a time. Available in white color, this power bank from Lenovo comes with important added features like Swift Charging Capability, Efficient Protection Qualities, Long Dormant Technology, Power light display, soft light and clear display.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 10400 mah

Battery Type- Lithium-ion battery

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 2

Weight (in grams)- 240

Colour- White

Dimensions- 14.1 x 2.2 x 6.4  mm


#3 Intex IT-PB11K

The best thing about Intex's power banks is their credibility and quality and that too at a price that is nowhere near to creating a hole in your pocket. Another significant thing about the power banks from this Indian brand is that they come with different battery capacities that suit the needs of a diverse customer base.

 As far as the specifications of Intex IT-PB11K  power bank is concerned, it comes with a rectangular shaped body that is made of sturdy grade plastic to make it tough and strong. With a weight of 280 grams, this power bank from Intex comes with a Micro USB battery that has a capacity of 11000 mah. Capable of charging your Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone and Tablets, Intex IT-PB11K  power bank has 3 output ports that let you charge multiple devices at a time. Available in White color, the power bank comes with a life cycle of more than 500 times.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 11000 mah

Battery Type- Lithium-ion battery

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 3

Input- DC5V / 2.1A

Output- 5V 1A, 5V2A & 5V 2A

Body Material- Plastic

Weight (in grams)- 250

Colour- White

Dimensions- 14.2 x 2.6 x 6.3


#4 Ambrane P-1310 NA 13000 mAh Power Bank

Nobody in India even knew about a brand called Ambrane before it started churning out some really good and efficient power banks.

Ambrane is basically an Indian brand that has its headquarters in the capital city of Delhi and was founded in the year 2012 with a motto to offer customers with a broad selection of electronic products with great features and at a greater affordable price. They started off their operations by selling Android Based Laptops, Calling Tablets, Non-Calling Tablets, MiFi, Smart TV Sticks, Power Bank, Tablet Keyboards, Speakers, Accessories and much more. But it was their power banks which made them what they are today in the Indian market. It is one of those few Indian brands which has one of its power banks in the top 10 list. The power bank here we are talking about is Ambrane P-1310 NA 13000 mAh Power Bank.

As far as the specifications of the power bank are concerned, it is rectangular in shape and has a weight of 250 grams along with a genuine Samsung/LG/APB li-ion cell with 13000 mAh capacity. With the capability to charge multiple devices at a time, this power bank can be used to charge your smartphones, tablets, music players and smartwatches and has added features that include Overcharge protection, digital display, LED Flashlight, PTC technology, and Overload protection.The price of the power bank is around ₹999.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 13000 mah

Battery Type- Lithium-ion battery

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 2

Input- DC 5 V

Output- 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A

Body Material- ABS Shell Casing

Weight (in grams)- 250

Colour- Black and Gold

Dimensions- 62.1 x 138.1 x 22.2


#5 Romoss MUI-PB52

Well known for its top-ranked products and online sales & distribution channels in more than 80 countries worldwide, Romoss is a Singapore-based provider of charging solutions specializing in power banks, wireless charging products, battery cases, iPhone replacement batteries, adapters, cables, car chargers and more for all mobile devices. In India, its MUI-PB52 power bank has found great acceptance amongst a large base of customer.

 Coming to the specifications of Romoss MUI-PB52 power bank, it can charge two devices at one time and uses Lithium-Ion battery. With a weight of 350 Grams, this rectangularly shaped power bank can charge your Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone and Tablets and has added features like protected from overcharging and voltage overloads, Smart sleep function, Multiple Protection technology, and Four LEDs.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 10000mAh

Battery Type- Lithium-ion battery

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 2

Weight (in grams)- 350

Colour- White

Dimensions- 22 x 9.5 x 1.6


#6 PNY BE-740

Established in 1985, PNY has a business experience of 30 years with its headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey. Offering solutions for a wide variety of Consumer, Commercial and OEM customers worldwide, PNY is available in over 50 countries with 20 company locations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In India, its BE-740 10400 mah power bank has been an instant hit for its quality and efficiency.

The specifications of PNY BE-740 includes 4-lights of LED power indicator that lets you check its battery percentage whenever you want. With a battery capacity of 10400 mah, it can charge a normal mobile phone up to 3 or 4 times. It has a durable metal exterior and has a weight of 236 grams. With a rectangular shaped body and a 3.7 volts lithium-ion battery, PNY BE-740 can charge your Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone and Tablets and has added features like built-in LED torch, Auto power off and a curved shape body which makes it very easy to hold and use.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 10400 mah

Battery Type- lithium-ion

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 1

Input- DC 5V-2.1A

Output- DC 5V-2.1A

Weight (in grams)- 236

Colour- White

Dimensions- 14 x 2.5 x 5.1


#7 Intex IT-PB15k

On the list once again is a power bank from the Indian company Intex and this time it is Intex IT-PB15k.

Being a very efficient power bank, Hako HK10 has a weight of 338 grams and is rectangular in shape. The power bank has a battery capacity of 15000 mAh and an LED indicator that lets you know about its battery capacity while it is charging your smartphone. It can charge your Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone and Tablets and has a Life Cycle Greater than 500 Times.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 15000 mah

Battery Type- Lithium-ion

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 3

Input- 5 V / 2.1 A

Output- 5 V / 1 A

Weight (in grams)- 338

Colour- Black

Dimensions- 13.4 x 7.6 x 2.3


#8 Ambrane P-2080 NA 16000 mAh Power Bank

As a company, Ambrane's growth in the Indian market has gained great momentum since the time it started selling power banks. Today, its power banks can be seen in almost every shop in the market who recommend it to customers as one of the best ones.

 The power bank here we are talking about and which has found a place in this list is Ambrane P-2080 NA. This is a very heavy but handy power bank that can charge a normal smartphone at least 4 times and is very effective when it comes to charging devices like shoot cameras, mp3 players, etc. Being heavy, it has a weight of 472 grams and comes with a battery capacity of 16000 mah. With added advantages like LED indicators, 1 Fast Charging Port and LED Flashlight, the power bank is available in Black color.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 16000 mah

Battery Type- Lithium-ion

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 2

Dimension- 17 x 9.6 x 2 cm

Weight (in grams)- 472 g

Colour- Black


#9 Ambrane P-1122

Once again a power bank from Ambrane finds its place in this list with the name Ambrane P-1122. At a price of 1000 rupees and a battery capacity of 10000 mah, this power bank is a crisis-resistant piece that comes with triple output port competency through which one can charge three devices simultaneously.

Being rectangle-shaped, Ambrane P-1122 can charge your Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone, etc. With a capacity to charge more than one device at the same time along with added features like Indicative LED lights and Bar shape torchlight with 180° rotation, the power bank is available in Brown and White color.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 10000 mah

Battery Type- APB li-ion

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 3

Input- 5V

Output- 5V/2.1

Colour- Brown, and White


Dimension- 15.2 x 8.7 x 2.6 cm

Weight- 331 gms

#10 Syska Power Boost 100

For those having a smartphone with a big battery, a power bank might not be a very important thing but at times it is still wise enough to carry one since we as human beings do not have the power to gauge situations that awaits us in the future.

Here, a power bank with a moderate battery capacity and a cheap price tag is basically considered to be ideal. Syska Power Boost 100 is one such power bank that holds true value when it comes to charging your smartphone in emergency situations.

Syska is an Indian-based mobile company founded in the year 2012 with its headquarters in Pune. Known for LED solutions such as bulbs and tubes, Syska's power banks are also quite credible when it comes to efficiency and durability.

Coming back to Syska Power Boost 100, the best thing about the power bank is that it is compact, lightweight & very efficient. With a weight of 285 gms, the power bank has a battery capacity of 10000 mah and can charge your smartphones, tabs, mini speakers, MP3 Players and other digital devices. With an LED indicator for your convenience, the power bank is available in only white color.

Specifications at a glance

Battery Capacity- 10000 mah

Battery Type- Lithium-ion

Type- Micro USB

Ports- 2

Output- 5V/2.1A

Weight (in grams)- 285

Colour- White

Dimensions- 62x22x141


7 Power Bank tips

Before signing off, here are 7 important facts about power banks that you would love to know:-

A power bank with higher capacity compared to the battery of your smartphone is the best to charge it fully and quickly

A power bank with USB output of more than 16V is capable of charging laptops and not all power banks come with that kind of USB output

Even the best quality power bank can last only up to 1000 cycles depending on the battery cell quality and chemical composition

for a power bank to charge quickly and in few hours needs to have a USB output of more than 5V

To save your smartphone's energy while it is being charged through a power bank is to keep it in flight mode

There are power banks in the market with USB output of more than 5V that can even support bigger devices such as Televisions, picnic coolers, fans and drone batteries.

It is always better not to fully charge your smartphone through a power bank since it can go on to reduce the battery capacity of the power bank.

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Top 10 Best Mobile Power banks in India 2017 – India’s Best Mobile Power banks – You don’t need to look anywhere else. Buy smart, choose from India’s bestselling Mobile Power banks.

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