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Best Orthopedic Mattresses ✓✓✓ In India – Top 10 Best Selling Mattresses And Orthopedic Mattress Buying Guide

Best Orthopedic Mattresses ✓✓✓ in India – Top 10 Best selling mattresses and orthopedic mattress buying guide

Orthopedic Mattress Page Contents

Best Orthopedic Mattresses in India - Top 10 in 2018


Orthopedic mattresses are much more beneficial for the user than an ordinary mattress, as they have been designed to deliver a more restful and comfortable sleeping experience and also to reduce aches and pains by relieving the pressure on the body's stress points. This article features the best orthopaedic mattresses in India as well as a guide on buying these mattresses. The buying guide talks about the different types of orthopedic mattresses and also explains exactly what an orthopedic mattress is.

By reading the information in the orthopedic mattress guide you will able to better choose a good mattress for yourself.

✓✓✓ Top 10 Best Orthopaedic mattresses in India - Daily updated list

1. A good Orthopaedic Mattress can actually reduce back pain.

2. If you select a mattress that is bestseller you will get good quality at a reasonable price.

3. There are several mattress types, like spring, foam, memory foam etc. - choose the type that you really need.

4. These orthopedic mattresses in the list are changed and updated every day, which brings you latest and bestselling mattresses only.

5. With the usual reliability and trust of, you will get a good deal always.​

Go ahead, choose an orthopedic mattresses that the world trusts.

Bestseller No. 1
Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress(72*36*5inch)
Wake-fit - Kitchen & Home
₹ 8,500
Bestseller No. 3
Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress(78*72*6inch)
Wake-fit - Kitchen & Home
₹ 20,583
Bestseller No. 4
Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft(72*36*5inch)
Wake-fit - Kitchen & Home
₹ 6,050
Bestseller No. 5
SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam Mattress (72x60x6 inches)
Sleep Management Pvt. Ltd. - Kitchen & Home
₹ 15,989
Bestseller No. 6
SaleBestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
SaleBestseller No. 10

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How to choose the best orthopaedic mattress in India that fulfills your specific needs

If you want a restful night’s sleep and then want to wake up to an active day then what you definitely need is a good orthopaedic mattress.

Orthopaedic mattresses are designed in such a way that they give firm support and equally distribute the weight of the body so that there is no stress on any one part of the body, say the spine or the buttocks or the shoulder blades. This helps in relieving painful pressure points and enables the person who is using the orthopaedic mattress to maintain a proper posture while sleeping. Orthopaedic mattresses are of a few varieties - such as coil spring, pocket spring and memory foam.

There are also more specialized orthopaedic mattresses like a special natural dust mite resistant orthopaedic mattress for those with allergies and environmental concerns. If you are thinking of buying an orthopaedic mattress, then you will either be replacing an old mattress or going in for a complete set with bed and mattress. If you’re planning to replace a mattress you need to be looking for an orthopaedic mattress that is of the exact size of your existing mattress. If you’re planning to buy a new bed with mattress then you have to consider how much space you have and how much you actually need.

Orthopaedic mattresses are becoming more and more common in homes across the world as they play a significant role in relieving back pain and giving you a good night’s restful sleep. You can buy them online and in furniture stores, department stores and with bedroom specialists. If you’re planning to buy online then a great place to buy is the reputable online stores like Amazon, BestBuy and others.

What exactly is an orthopaedic mattress?

Orthopaedic mattresses are specially designed to benefit the whole body and to provide comfortable and restful sleep so that we wake up fully refreshed without any pains or aches. That means if you sleep on a good orthopaedic mattress you will be able to avoid or at least reduce any morning stiffness. These mattresses are designed with the objective of reducing pressure and stress on the back, neck and the joints, and to give relief to our bodies pressure points. Usually orthopaedic mattresses have springs that have a spring gauge of around 12.5. Going by the different levels of firmness in mattresses 12.5 gauge is the firmest spring. This 12.5 gauge spring mattress is the most durable and has the longest lifespan. Along with the orthopaedic spring mattresses, there are orthopaedic mattresses made from a special memory foam, that does not contain any springs but delivers the same qualities as the spring mattresses.

What are the different types of orthopaedic mattresses?

There are several types of orthopaedic mattresses, each with slightly differing qualities, advantages and disadvantages. One of the main factors determining what mattress you should go in for is the budget and other is any specific health issues or pain issues that need to be addressed by your orthopaedic mattress.


Orthopaedic mattress with coil springs

Orthopaedic mattresses made with coil springs range from firm to very firm and are ideal for those who have back pain that is persistent. Since the mattress provides a pretty rigid surface it helps the body to maintain a good posture while sleeping. The coil spring orthopaedic mattresses are comparatively inexpensive amongst the different varieties of orthopaedic mattresses, and deliver excellent value for money. The coils of this kind of orthopaedic mattress are open sprung which means that the each coil is interconnected with its adjacent coils. This is what enables even distribution of weight when someone sleeps on a coil spring orthopaedic mattress.

Pocket spring orthopaedic mattress

This kind of an orthopaedic mattress has twice the amount of springs as there are in coil spring mattresses. In the pocket spring orthopaedic mattresses, each coil forms an individual pocket. This translates to the mattress responding faster and more appropriately to the movements of your body when you sleep. Each individual spring pocket is well-padded, because of which there is very little chance of actually feeling the springs in the mattress when sleep on it, thereby delivering better comfort. Since each pocket is separate from the other if there are two people on the bed this kind of a mattress is more comfortable as the weight and position of one person will not affect the rest of the mattress. This means that while sleeping if one person is moving around, it will not disturb anyone else who is sleeping on the bed.

Memory foam orthopaedic mattress

All memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic, which is a synthetic material that was first used by NASA in the 1960s. This memory foam mattress takes the shape of the body by responding to heat and pressure. As the name memory foam suggests, when the weight is removed the mattress regains its original shape. The memory foam orthopaedic mattresses can be purchased with different thicknesses, ranging from 2.5 cm to 12 cm. It is recommended that if someone is starting with a memory foam orthopaedic mattress, they should start with a mattress of thickness 5 cm, unless otherwise advised for a specific medical condition. The difference in the thickness of the mattress translates into difference in firmness. The thicker the memory foam layer in the orthopaedic mattress is, the firmer it will be.

A great benefit of memory foam mattresses is that they support the natural sleeping posture of our body and relieve the stress that gets placed on joints and pressure points. These memory foam mattresses enable the spine and neck to stay aligned properly while we sleep. Another advantage of memory foam mattresses is that they feel warmer than other mattresses as the material of the memory foam which is dense acts like a heat insulator.

The memory foam mattresses are most often used in hospitals and clinics as they have a lot of advantages. They distribute the weight evenly and have a soft and supportive structure. They are also commonly used in homes with elderly people. Memory foam mattresses are very beneficial for people who lie on bed or sit on them for longer periods of time. Memory foam mattresses reduce the risk of developing pressure sores as the memory foam distributes the body weight evenly and reacts to the movements of the body. This helps in reducing the risk of developing sores on high-pressure points such as buttocks and shoulder blades.

Organic Orthopaedic Mattress

Organic orthopaedic mattresses are made from a blend of organic wool and cotton, and can be either made from coil springs or pocket springs. Since organic orthopaedic mattresses have wool in them, they contains natural lanolin which repels dust mites. This means that organic orthopaedic mattresses stay dust mite free. Organic orthopaedic mattresses are ideal for those who have dust mite allergies and other allergies. Since these mattresses use a blend of cotton and wool, they are also warmer, as the wool fibers trap the heat. It is advisable to use a mattress protector with organic mattresses as they don’t usually last as long as other mattresses due to the material they are made from.


What are the common mattress sizes for orthopaedic mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses are measured in the regular manner with sizes ranging from single mattress, twin(double) mattress, queen size mattress and King size mattress. Here is a convenient table showing the mattress sizes that will help you to decide what size mattress you need for yourself.

Here is an infographic of the mattress sizes that are accepted in India and other places:


This size chart is representative of the common mattress sizes available in India.

Type of Mattress

Dimensions in mm and inches


1829 mm (72 inches) X 762 mm (30 inches)

1905 mm (75 inches) X 762 mm (30 inches)

1981 mm (78 inches) X 762 mm (30 inches)


1829 mm (72 inches) X 914 mm (36 inches)

1905 mm (75 inches) X 914 mm (36 inches)

1981 mm (78 inches) X 914 mm (36 inches)


1829 mm (72 inches) X 1219 mm (48 inches)

1905 mm (75 inches) X 1219 mm (48 inches)

1981 mm (78 inches) X 1219 mm (48 inches)


1829 mm (72 inches) X 1524 mm (60 inches)

1905 mm (75 inches) X 1524 mm (60 inches)

1981 mm (78 inches) X 1524 mm (60 inches)


1829 mm (72 inches) X 1829 mm (72 inches)

1905 mm (75 inches) X 1829 mm (72 inches)

1981 mm (78 inches) X 1829 mm (72 inches)

Conclusion on best orthopedic mattresses

Top 10 best orthopaedic mattresses in India are all great choices, and you should start by looking at the details of each one of them.

These mattresses are bestsellers and have been purchased by the most number of people. We feel that an orthopaedic mattress is a very good choice and provides firm support, gives comfort to the body and helps us get restful sleep so that we are refreshed and ready to tackle every new day. 

Go ahead and choose a great orthopaedic mattress today from this list of top ranking orthopaedic mattresses in India.

Sleep positions – what is the best sleep position for most benefits and what is the worst?

At first it does not seem to be of any importance but it is only when you start researching about it that you realise that your sleep position can have a pretty big impact on your overall health and wellbeing. I am sure like me, you would also go to bed without even giving your sleep position a second thought. After all sleep is sleep. But that is where I was wrong.

Now after reading about it and talking to some experts I have go to know about the different sleep positions and their impact on your health in the long term.

Another very important thing that I have come to know is just which sleep position is the best and what to avoid. That is what I will try and share with you in this article.

Common questions that arise in many people’s minds are ‘What is the best sleeping posture?’, ‘Which is the right direction for one to sleep in’ and ‘Which side should I turn and sleep on’.

What I have tried to do I give you some answers and suggestions for all of these questions.

We will begin by exploring the main types of sleeping positions, what could be your preferred sleep position and what are the benefits and problems associated with each sleeping position. This will then all lead to the best sleeping position for you and me.

The Fetal Sleep Position

As the name suggest this is the position that a fetus takes inside the womb. You may have seen illustrative images of babies inside the womb, with their legs bent at the knees and pulled towards the body. This is the fetal position. Many people (especially women) sleep in this fetal position. This is supposed to be the commonest sleep position of all.


As the name suggest this is the position that a fetus takes inside the womb. You may have seen illustrative images of babies inside the womb, with their legs bent at the knees and pulled towards the body. This is the fetal position. Many people (especially women) sleep in this fetal position. This is supposed to be the commonest sleep position of all.

Benefits of Fetal Sleep Position

The fetal position is a side sleeping position which makes it more comfortable. This position also reduces the chance of snoring as it aids in keeping the windpipe more open.

Disadvantages of the Fetal Sleep Position

Since the person in the fetal position is curled up, the spine is curved in this position. This curved spine position, can cause pain over a period of time. Another issue may be that for some people, sleeping in this fetal position can strain their hips and knees, unless they use a pillow between their knees.

The Soldier Sleep Position

The name should give you a hint on what this sleep position is like, it is the position of a soldier at attention. Well almost, it is when you sleep on your back with your hands by your side. This is a good sleeping position for the back as you will see below.

Advantages of Soldier Sleep Position

The soldier position is very beneficial for the back and you are actually doing a favour to your back by sleeping in this position. The soldier position keeps the spine and back straight, and your spine is in no way bent or curved. The spine is well supported and no pressure points develop on your back. Another minor advantage is that your face is not wrinkled due to being pressed on to any surface, thus keeping your face free from any friction or wrinkles.

Disadvantages of the Soldier Sleep Position

There are two main issues with this sleep position that may or may not impact you. The first is it induces snoring in people who have this problem. The second is it can cause sleep apnea, which can be a pretty serious problem for some people. The reason why these two problems arise is that when someone sleeps on their back, it can make the tongue collapse back into the airway causing an obstruction. This blocking of the airway causes snoring and sometimes breathlessness by preventing the passage of breath for longer periods of time than normal. You will have noticed this yourself that when you or your partner is snoring, and on waking or being woken up, turn to one side, the snoring stops. Sleeping on the back is so widely known as a cause of snoring that this is one of the first things that doctors recommend when someone comes with a snoring problem.

The Freefall Sleep Position

The freefall position is a stomach sleeping position with the body splayed out. If you jump out of a plane to sky dive, you will launch yourself in this position into the air. Thus in this position you are sleeping on your stomach, hands above our head and with your head on one side. This position is also called stomach sleeping position.

Advantages of Freefall Sleep Position

This is a position in which your snoring might get alleviated. When you are very tired you literally feel like plonking yourself on the bed in the freefall position, but there is no real advantage in this sleep position.

Disadvantages of Freefall Sleep Position

The stomach sleep position or freefall position could be the worst position to sleep in. Since you are sleeping on your stomach, the back is not in its natural position which is slightly curved. Also the head will be pushed to one side, which can strain the neck. The flattening of your spine against its natural curve, can cause lower back pain. A quick tip if you are a stomach sleeper is to place a pillow under your hips so that the natural curve of the spine is somewhat maintained.

The Yearner Sleep Position

This is similar to the fetal position but with the addition of the arms stretched out in front of the body. So in essence you are sleeping on your side and your arms are out in front of you.

Advantages of the Yearner Sleep Position

The advantages are similar to fetal sleeping, meaning that the spine is aligned correctly, and has the right natural curvature, that prevents back pain. This position also reduces snoring as well as the problem of sleep apnea.

Disadvantages of Yearner Sleep Position

The one problem with the yearner sleep position is that with your arms stretched out, you may feel some strain in your shoulders when you wake up. Also in some cases the position can strain the hips and knees of some people. A solution to this could be to keep a pillow in between the knees.

The Starfish Sleep Position

The starfish sleep position is a back sleeping position but the arms are kept near or above the head. This has all the advantages of sleeping on your back and the disadvantages, the only difference being the arms are loosely kept around your head.

Advantages of the Starfish Sleep Position

As with the soldier sleeping position, the starfish sleeping position is good for your back. This sleep position keeps the spine and back straight, thereby preventing it from being bent in an unwanted manner.

Disadvantages of Starfish Sleep Position

Again like the soldier sleep position, the starfish sleep position has two main disadvantages – it can induce snoring and can also cause blockage of the airway passage, thereby causing breathlessness and sleep apnea.  

The Log Sleep Position

This is yet another side sleeping position but with your arms straight by the side of your body. In this position, your arms are stiff and close to your body. It actually looks like a log position. As with all side sleeping positions it has some benefits, especially for the back.

Advantages of the Log Sleep Position

Since this is a side sleeping position it means that your back maintains its proper curvature, that means you will not have any back pain. All it will mean reduced snoring, less chances of sleep apnea and breathlessness.

Disadvantages of the Log Sleep Position

In this position, the arms that are under your body might get strained and also feel pins and needles due to less blood circulation. A slight shift in the arms position might prevent this strain on the arm on the mattress side.

Conclusion – what is the best and worst sleep position for better health

Well the answer is not any single position but the side sleeping positions. If you are a side sleeper it means you will get better and more restful sleep, and chances of back pain, snoring and sleep apnea are reduced. Thus we can say that any one of the side sleeping positions are beneficial for your health.

To get down to the ideal sleeping position we can consider these points:

If you sleep on your left side, this will also help reduce acid reflux and heartburn.

If your arms are not stiff and straight then they will not feel the strain, so loosely placed arms is a better position.

Overall, side sleeping keeps your spine elongated, which prevents back pain and neck pain.

Of course the other advantage is that sleeping on the side means your airways will not get blocked, and that reduces snoring or the problem of sleep apnea.

Side sleeping also reduces pressure on specific parts of the body, thereby giving you more restful sleep.

The least beneficial position however can be pinned on the stomach sleeping position. This position results in lower back pain as the spine is not properly aligned, and with your head to one side it may also cause a neck sprain. If however you are a stomach sleeper then you can keep a pillow under your hips so that the natural curvature of the spine is achieved even when you sleep on your stomach.

No matter what you preferred sleep position is, just keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages and makes small changes to get the most health benefits from your sleep position.


4 great orthopedic mattresses selected by a mattress expert

The best orthopedic mattresses in India as per their sales and their popularity will bring out the most value for money and reliable mattresses. However, an experts opinion on what the best mattresses can also bring up interesting choices.

These mattresses have been judged on several factors. Our mattress expert has considered many mattresses and checked them out on the basis of the support they provide, their material and their warranty.

A good mattress should not be hard, but should give the body the support it needs. The memory foam mattresses give good support but there are negatives like being inflammable and giving out gases. All mattresses are made up of many layers, but what really defines the fell and support of the mattress is the inner core. A mattress that has coils will have more bounce in it. Coil springs will be connected and provide overall bounciness and springiness, a mattress with pocket springs will provide a better experience as individual springs will act by themselves, thus not impacting the entire mattress. Memory foam mattresses have a very firm feel and take the shape of the body as per the weight and the body heat, and do not spring back or bounce back much. Latex mattresses are the most expensive but they have a bit of both spring and memory foam mattresses as, they are firm, and take the shape of the boy yet they bounce back to an extent.

Here are the top four picks of good orthopedic mattresses by our expert.

#1 Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is of a very high quality, and is made of high density foam and memory foam. Its feel is medium soft, so it will give very good support to someone who needs a firmer structure. The fabric of this mattress is a premium quality quilted cotton. It uses the latest technology innovations in the mattress space to provide excellent back support. Since it is memory foam, it takes the shape of the body and in a way engulfs you in comfort.

#2 Dreamzzee Orthcare Memory Foam matress

This premium quality product from Deeamzee is the culmination of their many years of manufacturing experience in this industry. This mattress is designed to provide the perfect support to the body during sleep. It helps the person to adopt the correct posture for sleep which ensures that the spine is in a good position and has all the support it needs, and also effectively redistributes body weight and surface pressure so that every part of the body including pressure points like the back, his and elbows are comfortable and get fully recharged and healed every night.

Since it is made of memory foam, the mattress takes the shape of the person sleeping on it, but it comes back to the original shape when the person wakes up and leaves the bed.

#3 Boston Orthopedic Mattress

This mattress has a dual feature in it, and has one side soft and one side hard, so that the user can choose whatever is more suitable for him or her. The material used is hard foam and soft foam, and it is covered with a premium quality quilted knitted fabric. The depth of the soft cushioning of this mattress is 2 inches. There is a 5 year warranty on this mattress and a 10 day window to return it if it arrives in a damaged or defective state.

#4 Royal Rest Orthopedic Dual Comfort Mattress

This mattress has a firm feel and provides good support to the back. It is made of hard foam and soft foam and is covered in a premium quality quilted knitted fabric. The soft foam cushioning of this mattress is 1 inch in thickness. Available as a twin size mattress, the Royal Rest Orthopedic mattress offers the right balance of hardness and softness to ensure a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. This mattress comes with a 5 year warranty.

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