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Top 10 Best Plywood in India 2019

How to choose the best plywood in India

Plywood is a material that is considered to be the most versatile building material of all and is widely used for both interior and exterior surfaces due to its durability. Being a building material, it involves a lot of research on your part to buy the best quality plywood. Here, I am mentioning certain points that you need to keep in your mind before finally taking a decision on what kind of plywood you should buy.

Commercial or Gurjan Plywood

Commercial and Gurjan are basically the two major types of plywood available in the market. The basic thing that differentiates both the type of plywood is that Gurjan plywood is waterproof whereas commercial plywood is not. Thus, whenever we are buying plywood furniture for bathroom or kitchen, it is better to opt for Gurjan plywood and commercial plywood should be considered for furniture in bedroom or drawing room.

Gaps in plywood

Any kind of plywood that has a lot of gaps are not durable enough to last for a longer period of time since they are lighter and quickly develop cracks which finally results in their breaking. Thus, be very meticulous and refrain from buying plywoods with cracks.

Kind of trees

Termites in furniture is a common thing in every household and the same thing can happen in your plywood furniture. But good quality plywoods are never affected by termites because they are made of trees who are more than 100 years old. The problem with plywood made from younger trees is that they are very tender and become vulnerable to termites. Thus, always and always make sure that you opt for the plywood that is made from trees which are at least more than 70 years old.

Sheets of same wood species

It is always advisable to make sure that the sheets of the plywood which you are buying should be from a common wood species. At times, it so happens that a plywood vendor who wishes to earn some illegal profit would use 2 sheets of good quality wood and the rest from cheap quality wood. This ultimately results in your plywood facing powder falling, infestation and fungal growth.


The best thing to ensure that your plywood is of good quality is to buy it from an established brand and that too from a reputed wholesaler where you will get an opportunity to choose your plywood from a number of options.

ISI mark

Always go for the plywood that comes with the ISI certified mark which is considered as the hallmark of good quality plywood. Moreover, it is also advisable to look for the CML number underneath of ISI mark that would enable you to identify the plywood manufacturer.

Additional points to keep in mind

Some more points that you can look into before buying the best plywood, are to do with certain qualities of the plywood. It would be better if the plywood you choose -

Has a wood face veneer
Has a smooth surface
Is free of thickness variations
Is not hollow
Does not bend
Has appropriate weight and is heavy

With these points in mind, and by starting with the list of Top 10 Best Plywood in India below, you will definitely be able to choose a good plywood brand for your needs.

Good quality plywood can make a big difference, and choosing a bestselling brand ensures that you get a quality product. From the list below, find the plywood whose specifications suit you, and choose a renowned brand.

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