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Top 10 Best Portable AM/FM Radios In India – How To Buy A Portable Radio – Guide And Reviews

Top 10 Best Portable AM/FM Radios in India – how to buy a portable radio – guide and reviews

  • Updated on March 5, 2018
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Top 10 Best Portable AM/FM Radios in India

Updated on September 16, 2019

best am fm radios in india best portable radio review guide-

The best portable radios in India and how to choose a good portable radio for your self.

Let us start with what is a portable radio, or rather what is an AM/FM radio.

So to start from the basics, radio programs are transmitted through radio waves and they are either AM radio programs or FM radio programs. The AM radio wave is a simple form of radio broadcast and the FM is a more complex form. The AM radio frequency ranges from 521 to 1610 kHz. The FM radio frequency ranges from 87 to 108 MHz. Since these comprise of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, they do not need a wire, and can be transmitted through air. These signals which are transmitted through air, are then converted into music or voice or sound through a transmitter. The full form of AM radio is Amplitude Modulation and in FM radio the full form is Frequency Modulation.

Now that you have decided that you want to buy a portable radio let us have a look at the different kinds of portable radios available.

Portable radio types you can buy online today

The Pocket Portable Radio

The pocket portable radios are the smallest radios available, and are very compact and lightweight, and also extremely easy to carry.

The Digital Portable Radio

The digital portable radios are today's enhanced version of older vintage radios. These devices are wireless, their reception of radio signals is strong, they are light and very well designed. It is these digital radios that are most in demand today.

The Vintage Portable Radio – not easily available to buy online

These are the old portable radios that date back to the 60s and 70s. Today you can easily get portable radios with the vintage look, but getting a proper vintage radio might be a little difficult. The original vintage radios were big and bulky and are no longer available today.

Have a look at the 10 best portable AM/FM radios in India today, and you can continue reading the guide below, right after the list.

portable radio india best

Top 10 Best Portable radios in India in 2017

These portable radios are top bestsellers. They are not at all expensive and bring in all the goodness of radio in a compact easily carry-able device.

Since they are the most popular they sit at the right balance of price and quality. Sony is one of the emerging brands in portable radios int he Indian market, though Philips has traditionally been the leader.

These portable radios have been bought by many Indians, and are battle tested. Also this list of the top 10 Best Portable Am Fm radios in India is updated every day to bring you the latest and the best selling.

And you know that when you choose from, you get great quality at a great price.

Go ahead, choose what the world trusts.



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Is a portable radio a useful thing to buy today, when we have so many modern audio devices and mobile devices available

If someone has given you a portable radio or you are thinking of buying one you might wonder is it really worthwhile to have a portable radio when there are so many other modern audio devices available.

The answer is a resounding yes.

That is because all the other modern devices including mobile phones high-end audio devices etc. are made for some very specific purposes. The mobile phone is made for talking and is not really made for radio reception and listening to the radio for longer periods of time. It's battery is small and it will not last out if you listen to the radio all the time. Whereas a modern portable radio is designed in such a way that it's battery will last much longer, in fact you can have rechargeable batteries, that can be changed very easily. This makes the portable radio a great way to listen to radio no matter where you are, what you're doing or how much time you want to listen to it.

Portable radios have no wires they can be taken any place where you get reception, and even in places where the mobile phone does not work, you will be able to listen to the radio. It might give you important news or entertain you with music and other programs. Thus it makes a lot of sense to buy a portable radio, if you like listening to the radio. And along with the radio, today's modern portable radios also have many other functions like alarms and timers etc. 

A portable radio becomes extra useful for people who like to exercise or do some activity with music or radio programs going on in the background. For example someone can go to the gym put on the radio and listen to music while they do their exercising. Another big advantage of a portable radio is that it is very light because it does not require any major circuitry or computer memory like an MP3 player or other devices need.

How to choose the best PORTAble radio – portable radio buying guide India

The first point to consider is the portability of the radio

Different portable radios have been made with different objectives in mind. Some are great radios to have around the house some are great for exercising some are great for traveling or running or sports. Radios which have a handle on top to carry it around is ideal to have around the house, as you can just pick them up and place them anywhere and listen to the. Small compact radios are great for sports, as you can put them in your pocket or just attach them to your belt or armband. They also come with headphones so that only you alone can listen to it if you want to.

What kind of LCD screen does a portable radio have

Most radios have LCD screens but some come without a screen too. An LCD screen makes it very easy to see what channel is playing etc. and if there is a good back light, it becomes even easier to read. We advise you to buy a portable radio with a nice well lit LCD screen.

Does your radio have presets

Having presets is very convenient and most radios come with preset channels some in AM, some in FM and even some weather channels. However you will also find portable radios without presets too. Our advice is to go in for portable radios that have preset stations so that you are ready to listen from the moment you switch on the portable radio.

What kind of a look does your portable radio have

Different portable radios have different kinds of looks. Some have an old retro look, some are metallic, some are funky, some have a vintage look etc.

You have to decide according to your likes and dislikes what kind of a look your radio should have. You can choose from a wide range of looks, be it bright colors or sleek metallic exteriors.

What kind of antenna does your portable radio have

If you are planning to use the portable only inside the city, you don't really need an antenna. However if you intend to travel or go somewhere far, then an antenna will be very useful. A telescopic antenna will be able to catch radio signals even when you are in a far-off place. This is a good feature to have in your radio.

Does your radio have an emergency warning alert

Many radios come with emergency warning alert system. It is completely your choice whether you want it or not. If you think that you might be a situation where you might not have access to any other information source, then having an emergency warning alert system in your portable radio is a very good idea.

The speaker of a portable radio

It is obvious that the sound delivered by a portable radio will depend on the quality and size of the speaker of the portable radio. If you are thinking of getting a personal portable radio then not having speakers is not an issue as you will listen to it through headphones. However, if you would like to listen to it on the speakers, then you should try to have good speakers that deliver decent sound. The ideal is good sound from a small speaker, so that it does not become heavy, yet delivers great sound quality.

The battery life of your portable radio.

What kind of battery life your portable radio has, depends on what all it features. If it is a large speaker with a big LCD screen, then it will require more power. If it is an analog radio without a screen, is small and compact and has no speakers, then it will require very less battery power. You have to make a choice as to what you require in your portable radio and then go with sufficient battery life. You should also consider what kind of batteries are being used, AAA, AA or others, you may even think about whether the battery is rechargeable or not.


Having a good warranty is always a good idea. Make it a point to look at the duration of the warranty and what it covers.

How much do you want to spend on your portable radio

Portable radios have a wide range of prices. You have to decide beforehand whether you want to go for a high-end portable radio, a medium range portable radio or the standard regular model. As they say, 'you get what pay for'. We suggest that you start with a medium priced portable radio, and when you know exactly what you want and prefer in your portable radio, then go in for a more expensive higher-end portable radio.

A good place to start your search for portable radios is the Top 10 best portable radios list in India that is given above.

Go ahead and make a choice from the top 10 best-selling portable radios in India and have a great time listening to the radio. `

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