Top 10 Best Room Heaters and Oil Heaters in India 2017


Top 10 Best Room Heaters and Oil Heaters in India 2017

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Why buy a room heater

When winters come, you need a room heater if you are living in Northern India or in a hilly area. There are many types of room heaters, ranging from convection heaters to infra red heaters to oil filled heaters.

The most common type is the regular room heater that either has a coil that heats up or has a blower to disperse the heat from the heated element.

Room Heater Buying Tip

Just make sure that you buy the right kind of room heater as per your room size. The simple rule is that the wattage of the room heater should be 10 times the size of your room in square feet. Thus a 100 square feet room needs a room heater whose wattage is 100 X 10 = 1000 watts. Also go in for a heater that haws auto power cut off when the required temperature has been reached. This is a good safety feature and also ensures that overheating doesn't happen.

Room Heater Safety Tip

Since most of the regular room heaters heat the air, it becomes quite dry after a while. You can think about keeping a half mug of water in one corner of the room so that there is a comfortable level of humidity in the room.

Have a look at the Top 10 best oil-filled heaters in India too, as they are a great choice for homes and also consume less electricity.​

✓✓✓ Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India

These room heaters are what the most number of Indian have already chosen and tested. You can go ahead and choose any one of them and you can be sure that you will get a good and robust product that will deliver quality and durability. Choose one of the room heaters here and check out its features and budget. If everything is fine, just go ahead and buy it.

When you choose from Top 10 in India, you get the best always.

Go ahead, choose India's Top 10 Best Room Heaters from the list below!

Top 10 Best Room Heaters

Top 10 Best Room Heaters

Definitive Guide to buying a Room Heater

If you are thinking about buying a room heater, then this is the best place to find a good room heater for your needs. This definitive guide to room heaters has been created with the Indian consumer in mind and takes you step by step towards the goal of finding the room heater that is best for your home or office. Though India is by and large a warm nation, winters can get quite cold in the Northern parts of India and in fact in any lace that is at a height. Whether the Himalayan foothills or the Western Ghats. With a room heater in the house you can be sure that the bitter cold of winters or an especially cold evening will not bother you. In India a wide variety of types and brands of room heaters are available to buy online and in most markets.

The basic principal in room heaters is that they have a heat source which generates heat through electricity, and then this heat is spread out into the surrounding areas to give warmth to people who are nearby or within that room. With the increase in demand, manufacturers have come out with better and better room heaters that are energy efficient and sleek, and most importantly affordable. With each passing year the room heaters are also becoming more compact and lightweight.

This guide will help you to select the best room heater from the multiple options available, such that it meets your needs and uses the best technology while delivering optimal performance. With a plethora of types, designs and manufacturers, it is important to get your essential requirements in place so that you get to the best room heater within your budget.

Main types of room heaters - by heating method

We cannot divide the type of room heaters by a single parameter, but it makes sense to look at them on the basis of two parameters - heating method and type of room heater.

Let us look at heating method. The heating method of a room heater is independent of the type of room heater it is. You may have several types of room heaters using the same heating method but one type of room heater can have only one heating method.  Let us first look at the main heating methods that are found in room heaters today.

There are essentially three methods of generating heat in room heaters, by Convection, Conduction and Radiant.

Heating through Convection

In a Convection heater, there is a heating coil or panel. A fan inside the heater then blows air towards the heating coil or panel, and this hot air heats up the surrounding area. This kind of heating requires a blower to blow the hot air and circulate it.

Heating through Conduction

In the conduction method of heating, electricity passes through a heating coil that heats up, glows red and starts to give out heat. This is the coil heater, which was once upon a time the most common heater in Indian homes. The heat of the red hot coils then slowly spreads around and heats up the room.

Heating through radiant process

In Radiant heaters, infrared technology is used. Through infrared rays, the heat is transferred to different surfaces around, be it our skin or clothing or any other surface. In this type of a heater, the heat stops as soon as the heater is switched off. The air does not become warm like in the other two types.

Main types of room heaters - by model

The type and variety of heaters available in the market is mind boggling but we can classify them into eight different kinds. These different kinds of heaters may be using the same heating method but their process, technology and components will differ. Let us have a look at the different kinds of heaters available to buy online today.

Fan Heaters

These heaters have a fan that blows air over a heated coil or panel, and this warm air is blow outwards into the area. This warm air then heats up the room and makes it warm. This kind of heater cannot be kept on for a very long time as it will dry up the air and is also considered unsafe to keep on all night.

Oil-filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters have fins filled with oil, and an electrical element heats up this oil, which then dissipates the heat all around. These are very safe and warm the room without making the air dry or creating any kind of allergic or other discomfort.

Quartz Heaters

These type of heaters use infrared heating, and heat up solid objects and material that is in the path of the quartz heater. That means, the quartz heater will not warm the air around but only people and things that are in front of it.

Halogen Heaters

In this kind of a heater, the regular heating coil is replaced by a halogen coil. This kind of a halogen bulb heater uses less energy than conventional heaters and is even found in oscillating models which spread the heat around.

Radiant Heaters

These kind of heaters use infra-red technology to radiate heat. The infra-red heater does not heat the air around but it heats any slid surface that is facing it like human skin, furniture etc. No part of this heater become hot to the touch and it is relatively safer than regular blowers.

PTC Heaters

These heaters use ceramic chips as the heating source. When electricity passes through these ceramic chips, they heat up very rapidly and emanate heat. Also these ceramic chips reach a plateau at a pre-defined temperature and do not get any hotter, making the PTC heater a safe and energy efficient heater.

Convector Heaters

The heat convector type of heaters have heating coils inside them that heat up any air that comes in contact with them. This warm air rises and is replaced by cold air, and in this continuous cycle they heat up the entire room evenly.

Best Oil Heaters in India - Buying Guide and Top 10 Oil Heaters

Guide to buy the best room heaters in India

As winter is approaching and the temperatures are coming down we begin to bring out our heaters from different corners of the house. While they are working most of the time, sometimes they need to be repaired. However every heater has a lifespan and beyond a certain point even if you repair it, the room heater will not give you good service.

And that is when you will decide to buy a new room heater. Of course you may be buying an extra heater or a heater specially for this winter. Frankly, no one wants to feel the bitter cold of winters. In most Indian homes, the most common heater is the standard room heater either with heating coils or a blower. If you want greater comfort and don't really want the hassles that come with a coil heater or a blower then of course you can go in for an oil-filled heater. The oil room heaters are more expensive but they are definitely worth every rupee (we’ll come to that later).

Buying a room heater is especially important when you're living in Northern India or at the foothills, because temperatures can really go very low in the middle of winters. If you are the kind who feels very cold then a room heater is an absolute must, and with small children or the elderly at home, again you must have good room heaters. Let us look at what all options you have when you are buying a room heater in India today.​

There are many different types of room heaters you can buy online in India, from stores like Amazon and Flipkart. A huge advantage is the option to return a product within 30 days of buying it, which I know for a fact Amazon offers with a written in stone guarantee.

Since a room heater from a well-known brand will rarely turn out to be a problem, it makes a lot of sense to buy one online. Not only will you get a lower price there is also the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home and getting it delivered right at your doorstep. Having said that, there is some value in actually going to a shop and checking out the heaters yourself. If you have a good idea what kind of heater you want for your home, then go right ahead and buy from a good online store.

The Convection Heater

The convection heaters are the regular heaters that most of us buy and already have in our homes. They are good heaters that are designed to warm up rooms efficiently. These usually have heating coils and also come with the option of air blowers to disperse the heat. The convection heaters work by heating the air around it.

When you turn a convection heater on, the electricity heats up the coils or wires or ceramic elements in the heater, which in turn heat the air around it. They take a little time to become properly warm but are quite efficient and even after you switch them off, the warm air will remain in the room for some time. These do not cost too much and are a good option for most houses.

The Infrared Heaters​

These heaters are different from the convection heaters because they use infrared technology to create heat. This technology enables these radiant heaters to heat up an area very fast, however as soon as they are switched off the heat dissipates almost immediately, unlike convection and oil heaters. The basic principle of radiant heaters is that when electricity runs through a quartz tube, the resulting heat is directly transferred to the people near the radiant heater as well as objects near it. That is why radiant heaters are better for warming smaller areas.​

Oil-filled Heaters​

These are by far the best heaters that you can buy. Not because they heat fast or more, but because they can heat large areas and safely stay on for long periods of time. They are very safe and do not have any hot component that can cause an accident with kids or pets. The basic principle of oil filled heaters is that the heater has several flat hollow metal fins (ranging from 6 to 12 usually), which are filled with oil which are heated up and then radiate the heat all around. Essentially the heating element is surrounded by oil, which gets heated up and then that heat warms the surrounding area. Our recommendation is to go in for an oil filled heater. They have many advantages including low electricity consumption. 

How to choose the heater that is best for your room size

To find out how much area a heater will heat effectively, you need to find out the wattage of the heater. For example a 1000 watt room heater will be able to warm up a 100 sq. ft. room. This is the thumb rule for determining what room heater you need for your room. Just divide the wattage of the heater by 10 to get the square feet area that it will heat.​

So all you need to do is find out what the square foot area of your room is and multiply it by 10. The number you get is what the approximate wattage of the room heater should be. So a 250 sq. ft. room will need a room heater which is (250 X 10 =) 2500 watts. ​

Basic features that you need to check for in room heaters​

Wattage of the room heater

How much area a room heater will effectively heat depends on its wattage. The thumb room is, wattage divided by 10 is the area in square feet that the heater will cover.​

Power cord​

You will invariably move your heater around, sometimes closer to one part of the room or some person, and sometimes further away when it gets too hot. For this to be possible you need a long power cord. So make sure the power cord of the heater is long enough for your needs.​

Auto switch off​

It is very important for your heater to switch off when it reaches the set temperature. This is done through a thermostat, so you should get a heater that has a thermostat to cut off the power. If it does not, then it can cause overheating and other problems. Therefore you must take a heater that has auto switch off.​

Best room heater for homes with children in them​

You should choose an oil heater and definitely avoid infrared heaters as the heated part gets red hot.​

Best heater for a small room or one person​

You should go in for an infrared heater.​

Best heater for low electricity consumption​

Buy an oil filled heater, as they consume the least electricity and are also very safe and effective.​

Best room heater for bigger rooms​

Definitely go in for an oil filled room heater.​

Best room heater for avoiding dryness, allergy and asthma problems​

The oil filled heater is the best and only option when you want to avoid all these situations.​

Now that you have a good idea about what is the best heater for your needs, go and find yourself something great from the Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India.​

10 Reasons to choose Oil Filled Heaters

Here are 10 Reasons why the Electric Oil Heater is a great choice this winter – why Oil Heaters for rooms are great for Indian winters

There are many reasons why the oil heater is the best choice for your room this winters. It works quietly, efficiently and gently, suffusing the entire room with a comfortable warmth.​

Oil Heaters consume less electricity and have low wattage​

The oil heaters use less electricity and generate the maximum heat. They are low-wattage and quiet and efficient in their heating. They are safe as they are low wattage and do not build up a huge electricity bill.​

Oil heaters are absolutely safe and do not generate Carbon Monoxide like fuel burning heaters​

The electric oil heater has nothing burning or becoming red hot, it only heats oil which slowly emanates its heat into the surrounding area. Thus oil heaters are much safer and better than other heaters.​

Oil heaters work silently and on the principal of heat convection​

The convection method of heating is a natural transfer of heat that does not require and fan or other moving parts;. The oil inside the fins of the oil heater get heated and heat up the surrounding areas gently. Thus it is silent and effective.​

Oil heater can stay on for many hours without any problem or excess heating​

Conventional heaters need to be switched off after a while or else the room may become very stuffy or it may get uncomfortable to breathe as the air becomes very dry. Oil heater on the other hand can be kept on continuously for many hours without any problems, any overheating or drying of the air. In fact the oil heater keep working for several hours even after you switch them off, simply because the heated oil inside the fins stays heated for a long time. This makes oil heater very safe and effective for bed rooms and to safely stay warm while sleeping.​

Oil Heaters are a fantastic option if anyone in the house has allergy problems​

If you have an allergy or are asthmatic, then conventional heaters that heat up the room and make the air dry, move the air around causing allergens to emerge, can be a big problem. That is when an oil heater becomes an essential alternative. Oil heaters do not cause any problems for people with allergies or asthma. Oil heaters use natural convection and air flow to heat up the surrounding areas.​

Oil Heaters are very easy to move around​

All oil heaters have wheels to move them around. They are very easy to wheel from one room to another, and can be used anywhere inside the house with ease. ​

If there are kids in the house it is much safer to buy an oil heater​

Since oil heaters do not really become too hot to the touch, even if a child accidentally touches the fins, they will not get injured. A regular heater with red hot coils or a blower or ceramic heaters can be extremely dangerous with kids around the house. So if there are kids in the house who are active, then you should definitely choose an oil heater.​

If you have pets in the house, an oil heater is a must​

Since the exteriors of the oil heaters do not become too hot, they are actually pet friendly. They are a much better and safer choice for homes where there are pets.​

Last but not the least, oil heaters have absolutely no maintenance cost​

Oil heaters do not need any kind of maintenance since the mechanism is very simple, and there are no moving parts as such. This makes them very durable and long lasting, without needing any maintenance or repairs. This not only save money but saves you from a lot of hassles too.​

UPDATE - New Flat Panel Oil Heaters are very thin and occupy very little space​

This is a new technology that is just about coming into India, but is already popular abroad. The flat panel oil heaters use a different technology that makes them very thin and much smaller than the current oil heaters for rooms. They are not only space saving and thin, they are also not expensive and cost about the same as the normal oil heaters. You can check out a flat panel heater here - OPTIMUS H-Micathermic Flat-panel Heater.​

Go ahead and choose a great oil heater from the Top 10 best oil heaters in India featured below.​

The oil heaters featured below are top bestsellers in India. That means more Indians have bought these oil filled heaters than any others. That says a lot. It means that each one of these oil heaters has stood the test of quality and reliability.  ​

Since they have been bought and tested by hundreds if not thousands of discerning Indian buyers, and they are updated every day, you will get the most popular and the latest only. 

And finally as always, choosing from Top 10 in India means you get a great balance of quality, value and reliability.

Go ahead, choose the oil heaters that most Indian trust. 

Top 10 Best Oil Heaters in India

Top 10 Best Oil Heaters

Best oil heaters india

Top 10 Best Oil Heaters

Still trying to decide on a room heater this winter?

Here are the top 10 best selling room heaters this winter, by brand. Go ahead and choose the one best suited for you and your family.

Top 10 Best Bajaj Room Heaters

A trusted name in the field of household appliances, given below are the best room heaters from Bajaj Electricals

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Bajaj Room Heater

Top 10 Best Usha Room Heaters

A household name for nearly a century, presenting room heaters from the brand you can trust.

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Usha Room Heater

Top 10 Best Orpat Room Heaters

The brand believes strongly in excellence through innovation and this is reflected in the room heaters from Orpat as well. 

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Orpat Room Heater

Top 10 Best Morphy Richards Room Heaters

A leader in home appliances worldwide, Morphy Richards believes in smart ideas for your home; also reflecting in their best selling room heaters.

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Morphy Richards Room Heater

Top 10 Best Havells Room Heaters

Havells is characterised by a strong global presence and world class quality, which is evident in their room heaters. 

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Havells Room Heater

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