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Top 10 Best Roti Makers in India in 2017

Updated December 13, 2018


How to choose the best Roti Maker in India

Why buy a roti maker

In India, especially in Northern India, the roti is a part of every major meal. Be it lunch, dinner or even a breakfast or a snack, the roti figures prominently. Most Indian housewives are expert roti makers, but in some households, due to the pressures of modern day living both husband and wife are working. In this scenario and with modern conveniences coming, in a roti maker is a fabulous kitchen appliance to have.

The roti maker, which is also called a chapatti maker, will make your rotis for you automatically with you only needing to make the dough balls. By the way there are great atta dough makers too, which you can check out to completely automate the process of making rotis and kneading the dough.

If you are hard pressed for time, or your rotis just don’t come out right, we suggest that stop sweating it for rotis and just buy a roti maker. If you are living alone or are a student who has to cook for himself or herself, then too a roti maker is a very huge convenience. They are not at all expensive and will completely remove the hassle of making those perfect rotis that everyone will love.

So here is a guide on how to choose the best roti maker in India, that is best suited to your needs and also how to care for your chapati maker after you buy one.

Good Roti Maker brands

A good starting point is to know what are the better brands in roti makers in India. There many brands of roti makers but the ones that are well known are Prestige, Bajaj, Philips, Jaipan, Annapurna and a few others.

Some of the brands like Prestige, Bajaj and Philips are household brand names in India, and the other two are quite well established in the roti maker space. When you buy a roti or chapatti maker online, you get a much better deal than when you go and buy it from a physical store. So our suggestion is to order one online. The best way to buy it is to read a few reviews and of course go in for a well known brand.

What exactly does the roti maker do

The roti maker is a simple kitchen appliance but a very useful one. The roti maker makes chapattis for you, with you only needing to make a dough ball and placing it into the roti maker.

The process is to first get the roti maker pre-heated to the required temperature, there is generally an indicator light to tell you when the roti maker is ready to use. Once the roti maker is ready for use, just make a nice round dough ball and place it in the center of the plate. Then press down the top of the roti maker with the handles provided. You need to close the roti maker’s clasp after pressing down. The round dough ball is now flattened into a round thin shape.

Now just open the roti maker and in an open state finish making the roti. All you need to do is flip it over a few times so that both sides get cooked evenly.

What to consider while choosing a chapati or roti maker

There are few things you need to look at to get a good roti maker.

Non-stick surface

The cooking surface of the roti maker should be non-stick so that you can make rotis without oil. Not all roti makers have non-stick surfaces, so look into the specifications and ensure that the roti maker is non-stick.

Material of the roti maker

The material of the roti maker is important as it will make a difference in how well the roti gets made. It is generally accepted that the aluminuim roti makes are better as the heat is evenly distributed with aluminium. Now the new roti makers are made of Teflon coated non-stick aluminium, which is considered to be one of the best materials for roti makers.

The rest of the body of the chapatti maker should also be made of strong and durable material, ideally stainless steel.

Handles of the roti maker

The handles of the roti maker are important as you will be using them a lot when making rotis and chapatis or khakras. The handles need to be heat proof so that you are never inconvenienced by the heat of the appliance and there is no danger of injury due to heat. Most roti makers have heat proof handles that are strong and durable.

Indicator lights on the roti maker

It is quite important to have indicator lights on the roti maker as the roti maker has to be pre-heated to use. In most roti and chapati makers there is an indicator light that usually goes off when the roti maker is ready to use. Make sure the roti maker you buy has these indicator lights.

Heat cut-off mechanism

Another point to consider is that your chapatti or roti maker needs to have a heat cut-off mechanism. There should be a maximum temperature cut-off point beyond which the roti maker switches off., as there is a danger of overheating, burning the chapati or even fire if it does not have a heat cut-off mechanism. All modern and good quality roti makers have this feature, but it is a good idea to check for it anyway.

Electrical shock proof body

This is an important point, as we need to absolutely safe when making rotis with a roti maker. The body of the roti maker should be 100% electrical shock proof. This is something that should be clearly indicated in the specifications of the roti maker, and with most good brands and models it is clearly mentioned too.

Griddle size of the roti maker

The minimum size of the griddle for making regular sized rotis should be 8 inches, but 10 inches is also a good option to choose. The roti makers are perfectly useful for making paranthas too, so choose your griddle size keeping in mind that you may make rotis and paranthas on them. Usually a roti maker presses the dough balls after closing the pressing handle to a thickness of 10 mm, which is ideal for making thin and fluffy chapatis.

Top 10 Best Roti Makers in India

This list of top 10 roti makers features only the bestsellers in India. These roti makers are the most popular and also offer the best quality at the best price. Since the list is updated every day, you do not get outdated models, but the latest ones that are selling the most. This makes them an ideal choice to bring home today.

Go ahead and choose a roti maker from the list of India’s Top 10 roti or chapatti makers below.

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