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Vivo Y55 S Review

Vivo Y55 S Review

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As a Chinese smartphone brand, Vivo has never tried to emulate its counterparts like Xiaomi or Coolpad in hyping itself through flash sales or its phone getting out of stock within a few minutes of the sale. Rather, it has adopted a tried and tested method of marketing its phones through Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Singh. But still, somehow Vivo is not able to gain a decent ground in the Indian smartphone market, unlike China where it has toppled a giant smartphone brand like Apple from its numero uno position.

Considering the fact that Vivo is a relatively new entrant to the already overflooded Indian smartphone market, it has still followed its own strategy of climbing the ladder of success. Many of its phones that had launched in the past have not really been able to gain enough popularity. Even its last phone Vivo V5 that has a monstrous 20-megapixel front camera, was not able to garner much popularity in spite of the fact that it was endorsed exclusively by Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh.

After a much-needed break, Vivo recently came up with a new phone called Vivo Y55s. Launched at a price of rupees 12490, Vivo’s new phone seems to be just like any other normal smartphone that is currently available in the market. So, let’s discuss its specs.


Vivo’s Y55s comes with a normal metal body. The look and feel of the phone are decent enough to justify the price at which it is available. Moreover, the phone in spite of its metal built is not slippery thereby making itself easy to use with one hand.


Vivo Y55s comes with a 5.2-inch display but unfortunately with a resolution of 1280×720. It is disappointing to see that at such a price, Vivo’s new phone does not have a Full HD display whereas even at a price of 9000 to 10,000 rupees there are many smartphones in the market that comes with the 1080p display. The color representation on the screen is decent enough to give a good viewing experience along with a 2.5D Glass and Eye Protection Mode.


The processor of Vivo’s Y55s is the quad-core Snapdragon 430 clocked at 1.4 GHz. The processor too doesn’t seem to justify the price tag since there are many phones in the market falling under the same price bracket who are providing smartphones with a better and stronger. But again, the overall gaming and internet experience would not be that bad considering the fact that it is a Snapdragon processor and there is 3 GB RAM.


As usual Vivo Y55s comes with a 13 mp front camera and a 5 mp front snapper. The camera includes many features that include Ultra HD, Normal, Face Beauty, Videos, Night, Panorama, HDR, PPT, Pro and has a smart screen flash. The photos from the both the cameras can at best be termed as decent.


The battery of 2750 mah in Vivo’s Y55s might not turn out to be enough for the phone to last a full long day on a single charge and thus it would be advisable to either limit the usage to a moderate level or carry the charger.


Other than the above features, Vivo Y55s comes with a 16GB internal memory and runs on Android Marshmallow


Better to avoid this one and opt for Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4

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