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Which Is Better IFB Or LG Washing Machine Front Loading

Which is better IFB or LG Washing Machine Front Loading

LG is a Korean company, and IFB is an Indian company. Though we would always recommend that as Indians we should buy Indian, but in this case, we think you should go in for LG.

As a consumer you need some things from a washing machine and the company that makes it, for your experience to be good and for a longer stint with the particular model of washing machine. A washing machine is a reasonably expensive investment and you want to buy one that will last you several years. 

Unfortunately IFB started out very well, but its service and replacement parts availability has been a little questionable of late. The after sales experience with IFB is not very god, as per the feedback of a lot of customers. That is why we feel that if you are choosing between an LG Front Loading Washing and an IFB Front Loading Washing machine, your choice should be LG.

Even Samsung is a good option today.

We hope this article has helped you to make a decision between the two washing machines you are considering to buy.

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