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Yamaha YHT 2910 Review – Full Money’s Worth For Indian Music Lovers!

Yamaha YHT 2910 review – full money’s worth for Indian music lovers!

If you are looking for a high quality 5.1 channel home theater system, then the Yamaha YHT 2910 will be a very good choice. It delivers a great audio experience with enhanced 5 speaker cinematic surround sound effects. The reviews of the Yamaha YHT 2910 are all talking about its excellent audio experience. The bigness of the sound is good, but there are home theater systems around that deliver more sound bigness. However, for a high quality sound that will deliver full surround sound and more at home, it is excellent.


We compared it with a few other home theater systems and found that it won out on several factors. To begin with, it has four HDMI inputs, which means that you can connect four input devices to it. It obviously has an HDMI out to go into your TV.

The other advantage of the Yamaha YHT 2910 is its ease of set up and speaker settings. You can literally take it out of the box, place the speakers as per the instructions and get a cinematic surround sound happening in minutes.

The YHT 2910 is a hassle free home theater system that delivers quickly and solidly. There is only one complaint that arises amongst users and that is to do with its sensitivity to power fluctuations. The Yamaha YHT 2910 has been given an in-built voltage fluctuation protection that switches it off if it detects power increase or decrease beyond a certain limit. This has been done to protect the home theater system and frankly we believe that it is a very good protection mechanism to have. However, some people who want to run it on UPS or during power problems see it as a challenge. For us this is one of the advantages of the Yamaha YHT 2910, and it is a great to have the home theater system protecting itself like this.


The YHT 2910 has a very good front panel display, that makes it easy to understand what is going in, what mode it is on, what input is being used etc. The Automatic Room Calibration feature is especially useful to set it up without any hassle at all.

Though new Yamaha home theater systems have been launched this is still an excellent buy. If your budget is on the lower to middle range, this is a very good choice. The Yamaha YHT 2910 is definite and big upgrade from regular home theater systems and music systems. We also recommend that you have a look at India's best high end home theater systems.
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